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adj o,ā. given to carousing nírba ó.¤ cen choirm `do not give banquets (or, perhaps, be no ale-bibber)', Tec. Corm. § 11.6 (olcobra, heolcobhra, holchormach v.l.).


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Forms: Olacon, Olchon

npr. m. (compd. of `hound') g s. Olacon in Ogham inscriptions, Ped. i 5. g s. Olchon, Fél. 132.14 , cf. LL 349a55 .


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n (olc) wickedness : atá an mhēid-sin d'olcmhuireacht iondaind Carswell2 1472 .


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adj (olc) wicked : ar na daoinibh olcmhora easumhla Carswell2 978 .

? olcoicthe

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Forms: olcaigthe, olcaigid

ind gabsat . . . 'na neol olcoichthe [arracht] | for sleib Conmaicne Connacht, LL 10b8 (of the landing of the Tuatha D.D.) = 'na nēll olcoicti arracht `as a cloud of great fighting spectres', Leb. Gab. i 156.3 (taking as < oll-cocad) = na neil ollchoicthe arracht the clouds full of great spectre-battles, ZCP xiv 174.7 . The gloss in Leb. Gab gives: tangator . . . do dhénamh coccaidh nertmair in ollcoigid. The rhyme: Con- maicne suggests the reading olcaigthe, part. of *olcaigid or g s. of olcugud.

? olcpetta

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n [m.] noco facadar inti olcpetta cuccu, BB 445b5 = noco faccatar in Cicroipecda Cyclops, Mer. Uil 32. The read- ing of BB seems due to misunderstanding and may represent a compd. olc+petta; see Mer. Uil. Gloss.


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m. vn. of olcaigid (< olc). Making bad, worsening : (in intrans. sense) growing bad, deteriorating . ní thic do pecad duine a corbad-si no a holcugud (i.e. the sacramental element is not corrupted nor impaired by human sinfulness), LB 257b59 = Todd Lect. vi 26.11 . ro gab torad tercugad, ro gab talam olcugadh, ZCP vii 309.11 .


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x see 3 ol.


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adj io,iā. pertaining to the olive-tree : gl. oleaginus, Sg. 35b9 (artificial formation).


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n [io,n.] (compd. of 1 ol and foirbthe part. of for-ben- `to finish'; formed to represent Lat. plus-quam-perfectum) in gram. the pluperfect tense: d s. i n-olḟoirbthiu, Sg. 151b1 .

? olgne

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ind dafoeth Mane mac B. ┐ Ailill olgne Conchobair chena Fergus, ZCP xiii 374.12 ( B. in Scáil § 10 ).