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subst. pl. ro ir dom . . . .x. olcha (.i. ēna)., Ériu ii 4.15 (olchu YBL, n-olchua Eg.); apparently a vessel of some kind (for liquids?); `acc. pl. of a fem. ā-stem *olach or a c-stem *ola, gen. *olach', Stokes p. 12 . The v.l. olchua suggests a compd. of ól (or oll?)+cúa `cup, bowl'.


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Forms: olchenae, archena

adv. compd. of ol `beyond' and cene `without it' = `besides', see Ped. ii 197. O.Ir. olchenae, -chene (olchaene, Sg. 27a7 , -chena 111b5 ). In Mid.Ir. gradually replaced by archena. Used after a subst. (generally one preceded by cach or a plural), or the pron. cách, when one or more individuals of the same class have been already mentioned particularly, in the senses the others, the rest (= Lat. ceteri); besides, in addition; in general.

sainred n-eulais leu isin dān . . . sech cách fodglein olchene beyond all others who learn it, Ml. 37b12 . adfét a scéla do Choin Culaind ┐ do chach olchena to all the rest, SC 20. absque Corinto uel i ccach lucc imbet Cristidi olchene in all other places in which there are Christians, Wb. 7d1 . Temair Luachra ┐ Temair Bregha ┐ cach Temair olcena dofil i nEire, Dinds. 50 ( RC xv 444 x ). ro iccais clamu ┐ dallu ┐ cech n-aincess olchena, PH 1358. co ndeochatar mudhaigh . . . lasind canoin o.¤ (the pslams) were lost with the rest of the canon, Hib. Min. 7.211 . im Chonchobar ┐ imón rigraid olchenae, FB 44 ( LU 8579 ). is Euseph duchoid i nEgipt ┐ maicc Iacoib olchene the other sons of Jacob, Ml. 84c9 . atgládastar Concobar co nUltaib olchena, FB 5. cor pianad he ni bud ulli oldait a braithre olcena, PH 6648. cenn cridi ┐ alaaili réta olchena and other things besides, Sg. 111b5 . is la Aasab in psalm ┐ alaili psailim olcena this psalm and other psalms as well, Hib. Min. 5.153 . is lour dā preceptóir i n-aeclis no thríi descipuil olchene et foglimthidi two teachers or three: disciples in addi- tion and students, Wb. 13a9 . cach primgeinit .i. . . . cach fermac . . . ┐ cach fermil dno olcena every male animal as well, Laws iii 38.11 . fir Erenn uili . . . iter eclais ┐ tuaith ┐ aos gacho dána olchena in general, ZCP viii 111.24 . mirbuli meic Dé do chur i lleth Belzebúb ┐ for nefni o. attributing . . . to B. and making nought of them generally, PH 6436. co toirset firu Erenn o.¤ don fleid, MR 22.8 .

In contrast to previous members of a sentence: sellach dosli leth-fiachu ni tairdelbai, ni goin, dogni gnimu o.¤ `a looker- on . . . who does not . . . but does all the other acts', Laws i 242.1 .

Rarely beginning a sentence: olcena atsuiter cuir bel `in like manner (? moreover, also) are fixed contracts by word of mouth', Laws i 52.3 .


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Forms: Olchobhur

(? ól + -c(h)obur (cf. accobar), Ériu xix 115 ). npr. o,m. Olchobar rí Caisil, LL 25b24 = Trip. 520.28 . Olchobhur, AU 795. mac Olcobair, 801 . olc[h]obar .i. ol-acobar .i. acobur lais ol (i.e. one fond of drink?), Corm. Y 1040 , cf. 1009 ; similarly O'Cl. (olcobhar). See follg.


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n (cf. Ólchobar, ólchobrach) fondness for drink : is col i ndálaib in domain . . . ólchobra cen choirm , Tec. Corm. § 11.11 (olcobra, eolcobhra, olchobar v.l.); 'fondness for drink without ale … is a crime in the gatherings of the world' Ériu xix 115 .


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adj o,ā. given to carousing nírba ó.¤ cen choirm `do not give banquets (or, perhaps, be no ale-bibber)', Tec. Corm. § 11.6 (olcobra, heolcobhra, holchormach v.l.).


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Forms: Olacon, Olchon

npr. m. (compd. of `hound') g s. Olacon in Ogham inscriptions, Ped. i 5. g s. Olchon, Fél. 132.14 , cf. LL 349a55 .


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n (olc) wickedness : atá an mhēid-sin d'olcmhuireacht iondaind Carswell2 1472 .


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adj (olc) wicked : ar na daoinibh olcmhora easumhla Carswell2 978 .

? olcoicthe

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Forms: olcaigthe, olcaigid

ind gabsat . . . 'na neol olcoichthe [arracht] | for sleib Conmaicne Connacht, LL 10b8 (of the landing of the Tuatha D.D.) = 'na nēll olcoicti arracht `as a cloud of great fighting spectres', Leb. Gab. i 156.3 (taking as < oll-cocad) = na neil ollchoicthe arracht the clouds full of great spectre-battles, ZCP xiv 174.7 . The gloss in Leb. Gab gives: tangator . . . do dhénamh coccaidh nertmair in ollcoigid. The rhyme: Con- maicne suggests the reading olcaigthe, part. of *olcaigid or g s. of olcugud.

? olcpetta

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n [m.] noco facadar inti olcpetta cuccu, BB 445b5 = noco faccatar in Cicroipecda Cyclops, Mer. Uil 32. The read- ing of BB seems due to misunderstanding and may represent a compd. olc+petta; see Mer. Uil. Gloss.


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m. vn. of olcaigid (< olc). Making bad, worsening : (in intrans. sense) growing bad, deteriorating . ní thic do pecad duine a corbad-si no a holcugud (i.e. the sacramental element is not corrupted nor impaired by human sinfulness), LB 257b59 = Todd Lect. vi 26.11 . ro gab torad tercugad, ro gab talam olcugadh, ZCP vii 309.11 .