2 oile

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adj other see aile.

1 óilech, (? oílech)

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n m. (óil) gill (of a fish): oilech piscium , gl. branchos, Thes. i 2.1 . gaibid a oílech (of a salmon), TBFr. 210 ( LL 250a30 ) = geolbach, ZCP iv 40.5 .

2 óilech

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adj o,ā. (óil) having cheeks ; in compd.: Modhgaeth Mor- óilech, ar bad mora a óile, Coir Anm. 4 (etym. gl. on the sobriquet Mórólach).


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adj io,iā. (ailemain)

(a) nourishing, promoting growth : claochluighidh an aimsir . . . ionnus go mbí oileamhanta, Corp. Astron. 134 y .

(b) reared, brought up; in compd.: duine droch-oilunta ill-nurtured , ZCP vi 285.3 (phonetic spelling).


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x see ailemnach ( Contrib. p. v ).


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v i. nourishes, rears : ro coimpredh, ro geinedh, ro hoilemhnaigedh in naem-ōgh, Fl. Earls 110.20 ; ib. 26 .


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x and derivv. see ailén ( Contrib. 39 ).


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v nourishes see ailid.


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x and derivv. see ailithir ( Contrib. 39 ).


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adj o,ā. abounding in (fond of) mead? Fraech an aignid oilmeadaig `of the even-balanced nature', Met. Dinds. iii 360.62 . a cath Omna (? omna) oilmeadaig, 362.102 (from same poem in Lec.); leg. ac Áth Omna `at the fort of O., great at mead', see v 138 .


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adj. slippery? epithet of a serpent: nathair o.¤ (oilmer Eg.) anindech ` slimy ', TTebe 1426 ( = lubricus, Theb. iv 95 ). Cf. ola.