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adj superl. of óc q.v.

oar, (? óar)

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n (probably a ghostword, JCS ii 244 ) a voice, cry? oar .i. guth no gairm, Corm. p. 33. Corm. Y 1004. O'Cl. See 3 ór.


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n a river see ab and aba. ? inis Leimin . . . ata ar in muir . . . ┐ in Tracia ob ri hob ria `Thrace opposite', TTebe 1836 (leg. or ri hor?). Calder quotes: òb `a creek' (Norse origin), MacBain, Etym. Dict. of the Gaelic Lang.


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n f. IGT Dec. § 3.7 . See opad.


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x see opar.

1 obann

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n name of a cattle-disease ? is iat na galair tecmaisech, maolgarb . . . ┐ bedhgach ┐ obann ┐ idu, H. 3.18 p. 446a ( O'C. 1098 ). peisti no bolg no o.¤ , ib. 166 ( O'C. 302 ).

2 obann

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adj. see opunn.


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n vain-glory : i n-obar, Wb. 27a9 . See uabar.


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x see opad, -aid.


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x see obid.

obel, obil

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n (Lat. obelus) an obelus, a sign shaped like a dagger or spit, used to indicate spurious readings in MSS. Orig. masc.: in tan foruirim obell ┐ astric foir when he put obelus and asterisk upon it, Ml. 2a6 (of the LXX version of the Psalms). Later treated as fem. - st.: nach ní dorormacht Septin . . . dorat Cirine obail fair. Obail didiu .i. uirga iugalans .i. flesc gonus, Hib. Min. 10.339 (= obil, Harl.). fo obail ┐ aistreisc, ib. 336 . ro glinnig na salmu fo obil ┐ astrisc, LU 799 ( ACC § 54 Comm. ). tintud Septin . . . rocertaig Duid . . . fo obil is fo aistreisc, ZCP iii 22.15 , Éigse iii 223 . oibil id est uirgo iualans (leg. virga iugulans) H. 3.18 p. 562 ( O'C. 1469 ).