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n m. the act of renewing: ba bithnuagad renewal; Laws i 12.18 . bithnógod 'continually renewing' Celtica xiii 15.295 . See núaidid.

? núada(i)t

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Forms: nuadhat, N., núadat

n a hand, wrist or arm? iarrigh mhna nuadot .i. cumhdach d'foilgibh bai inna lamhaibh. Idh .i. foilghi no cumdach. Nuadoit .i. lámh, H. 3.18 p. 627 ( O'C. 1378 ) = nuadhat, 650a ( O'C. 1460 ). The citation seems a remini- scence of: iar rig mná Nuadat (name of part of the upper course of the river Boyne), RC xxvi 18 § 35 , cf. Met. Dinds. iii 26.15 and ZCP viii 106.6 , where N. is a proper name; the word núadat (-ait) may have been used in B. na f. in sense given above through the influence of the legend of Núadu Airgetlám, or misunderstanding of the gloss nuadat .i. in ríg, LU 8910 (taken as = in rig).


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Forms: Nodonti, Nodenti, Nuadu, Nuado, Nuada, Nuadha, Nuadat, Nuadhat, Nodtat, Núadhat, Nuadhait, Nuadhat, Nuadhat, Nuadhaid, Nodan, Núadha, Núadhait

npr. m. a name borne by more than one mythical king of Ireland and later by some historic persons. The orig. vowel is ō, cf. the dat. forms Nodonti, Nodenti ( Corp. Inscr. Lat. vii 138 , 140 ).


(a) as d-stem: n s. Nuadu, LL 127a48 , 128a27 . Nuado, 25b13 . Possibly earlier Nuada, AU 780. Nuadha, AU 810 , 811 ; O'Mulc. 665 (one of the three `fáithi fis' of the heathen Irish), and later texts generally. g s. Nuadat, LL 128a26 . Nuadhat, AU 774. Nodtat, Mart. Tall. Feb. 19. a d s. la Nuadait, LL 128a25 . In later Mid. and Mod.Ir. the g s. Núadhat (-ad) continues in use (Nuaghad, BB 32b38 ); also d s. Nuadhait, Keat. i 218.36 (Nuadha v.l.), but: lé Nuadha, ii 2175 . The n s. Nuadhat (-ad) is occas. found, BB 46b37 (g s. Nuadhat, ib. 36 ); g s. Nuadhaid (: cuid), Content. vi 154.

(b) traces of a parallel n-declension occur in early texts: g s. in oratorio Nodan , AU 808 , cf. ath Dísirt Nuadhat, ii 448.5 (prob. same place, see Hog. Onom. s.v. Disert Nodan). d s. ut impletum est i Nodáin [leg. Nódain] locha hUama [sic leg.], Trip. 144.15 , cf. Nuadha locha hUamae episcopus et ancorita abbas Airrd Machae, AU 811.

Núadha, IGT Dec. § 8.9 (declined like elta, n-stem, but d s. do Núadhait ).


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adj heavenly, heaven-sent? an drucht nuaghar heavenly dew (of manna), Hackett xlii 55 (nuadhghair v.l.) = nuaghair, Keat. Poems 1243. Cf. nuaigh `heaven', O'R.

núaide, núide, nuíde

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Forms: núide, nuaidi, nuie, núide, nuaide, nuidhe, nuíde, naoidhe, núide, nuaidi, núidi, nuighe

adj io, iā. (núe, núa+ suff. -de, Ped. ii 28 ) O.Ir. núide, a s f. nuaidi, Ml. 17b5 . Ped. ii 28 refers the form nuie, Wb. 4b29 , 7c7 , to this word. In later Mid.Ir. the de- velopment is twofold: (a) núide, nuaide: nuidhe (: glúine), IGT Dec. ex. 1233 ; (: rúine), 1264 . (b) nuíde > naoidhe (always disyll. in poetry).

In O.Ir. newish, rather new, novel: amal bid nuide, gl. velut novella [seditio], Ml. 18d5 . núide, Sg. 59b14 . a s f. nuaidi, gl. novellam, Ml. 17b5 . d s f. i comairbirt núidi in a new way of life, Wb. 3c16 . Late, recent: (superl.) cid as nuidem tucsat? what is the latest thing they have carried off? LL 252a13 ( TBFr. 388 ), cf. ZCP iv 45.16 .

In later Mid. and Mod.Ir. used indifferently with núa in various senses of that word:

(a) crann nuaidhe nem-arsaidh, BNnÉ 191.7 . dreachnuaidhe `fresh-faced', Content. xxix 33. Baile Lithbhir na learg núidhe `of the bright lawns', TD 11.40 (: uaidhe; naoidhe, nuaidhe v.l.). ár nuaidhe timcheal na Traoi fresh (renewed), 26.34 . dlighthe nuaidhe new laws, 30.7 . nós nuaidhe, A. Ó Dálaigh liii 16. maraidh si go nuaidhe aniogh `remains in freshness', TD 25.31 . tainic go nuaidhe an tan sin i nEirinn had recently come, ITS xvi 12.28 . go nuaidhe anew, again , Content. vi 268.

(b) fearann naíde nua-thoraid ` fresh ', Hy Fiach. 266.6 (: saíre). a bhen náoidhe young , Duan. Finn i 15.11 (: -maoile). a ghnúis naoidhe ` bright ', TD i 28 (: saoile). ar chloinn naoidhe Néill ` vigorous ', 3.48 . sliocht peinne caoile . . . naoidhe, Ériu v 62.8 . As subst. g p. mian na nuighe craving for novelties (change), 23 K 42, 166 z (symptom in illness). ? daur co ndla co núaidib Studi Celtici iv 252 .


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n f. newness, recentness, novelty: ionnus nach fuil i n-uile sheanchus na n-uile chineadh eile acht nuaidheacht (= ut omnis omnium gentium antiquitas sit novitas), Keat. i 44.22 . gurb é M. tug mar nuaideacht doibh e introduced it as a novelty, Rule of Tall. § 43 marg. note . siubhal a núadhaigh- eachd bheatha, Rom. vi 4.


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Forms: nuigter, nuidhed

v i. (núa) makes new; renews: pass. pr. i nuigter dana `in which poems are freshened', RC xxvi 18 § 30 (anuaigighter v.l.); glossed .i. immon foglaim, LL 186b45 ; an leg. i n-uaigtir are joined together, i.e. composed? níor nuaidhsead faltanas they did not renew their enmity, Content. xvi 60. vn. nuidhed cairdisa renewal of friendship, Aen. 1635. Also with non- palatal stem núadad q.v.


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v g. (núaide) renews: mo shíodh go nuaidhighe ar nimh `may she renew my peace', A. Ó Dálaigh xxvi 7. do núidhigh sé an sochar-sa, Dán Dé xviii 33 . Intrans. is renewed: ro nuidhigh a cuma ica fhaicsin sin for Sir B. Sir B.'s sorrow was awakened anew, ZCP iv 384.22 . vn. nos nó dliged do nuaidiged, Marco P. 96.


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x see núallán.

1 núall

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Forms: nuall, nuall, nnúall, núall, nuall, nuaill, nualla, núal, núaill, núaill, nualléigmhi

n o,n. and m. n s. in nuall , Ml. 51c9 , 67b19 ; but: nuall n-ecmacht, Laws v 358.4 ; (with art. ?) a nnúall , Fél. Dec. 28 (by Stokes taken as 3 pl. poss. pron.), cf. an núall-sa, ib. Ep. 163 =a nuall-sa, LB, Laud. g s. in nuaill , Acall. 7280. a p. nualla, LU 2242 ( FA 31 ). g p. núal, LU 9937. For: mo dó núaill `my two cries', ACC 5 ( RC xx 156 ) read with LU 518 : mo donúaill. In Mod.Ir. fem. n s. núaill, Job iv 10 , cf. ac nuall moir, TTebe 3374 (nuallguabha v.l., prob. nuallghuba is right reading), and compd. rathnuaill.

(a) a loud noise in wide sense, whether articulate or in- articulate, harmonious or discordant, sudden or continuous; gen. of noise made by human beings, esp. a concourse of people, but also of natural sounds; in pl. in distributive sense shouts, cries, acclamations, etc. is in nuall dongniat ho ru maith fora naimtea remib, gl. clamor ille militum . . . hostibus fugatis, Ml. 51c9 . nual debtha, Rawl. 106b36 . in nuall dani in sluag im Temair, Cog. 124.27 . nuall ┐ séselbhe na slógh, CCath. 663. nuall na stocc, 3129 . Of joyful sounds: amal guth crot carait nuall (of the heavenly hosts), SR 609. airdric a nnúall suthain . . . cantae . . . in maccáin ó Bethil, Fél. Dec. 28. nuall faelti, LU 2468 ( RC iv 256.4 ). is besad leusom in nuall inna fáilte ho lamaib (consuetudo est in lauda- toriis clamationibus etiam manu plaudere), Ml. 67b19 . sluaigh aingeal . . . go núallaibh múisecdha, BNnÉ 273 z . Of mourn- ing: atchluin Cu Ch. íarum in mbrón . . . `Cisi núal so?' for Cu Ch., LU 10438 (Toch. Emere). ferait . . . nualla trúaga torsecha, SC 31. doronsat nuall ┐ toirrsi, Acall. 3404. nuall .i. gul, O'Cl. Of speech : nuall mbriathar (an outcome of `ira'), ZCP iii 26.31 = Ériu vii 164 x . nuall ┐ immad erlabrai do dénum i n-uair ernaigthe (i.e. loud and verbose prayers), PH 7855. siansa, gáir, núall, éigheamh, Eg. Gl. 537. Of natural sounds: d'énaib . . . oc núall ┐ oc labra mór, RC ix 492.17 ( LU 1835 ). núaill an leomhain roaring , Job iv 10 . nuall dermór toraind, SR 612. co cloisind, núall ri táeb reilcci, fúam na fairrge the voice of the sea thundering outside the churchyard, ZCP v 496 § 4. Eas Ruaid heret aiges núall as long as Assaroe resounds, Ériu iv 150.27 . ard a nuall aiges [in tond] im Choire da Ruad, Anecd. i 12.25 . is bind . . . nuall a sroth, BCC 282.16 .

Common in chevilles, prob. in sense utterance, proclamation, cf. nuall gan ghaoi .i. rádh gan bhréag, O'Cl. nuall cen cleith, SR 2617 , cf. ZCP vi 263 § 7. n.¤ cen lén, SR 6827. n.¤ gan gheis, Lism.L. 1286 = O'Gr. Cat. 625.3 (`a lawful peti- tion'). ba nual co nem, ZCP viii 119.8 . nuall cuimnech, x 347.10 . nuallaib adblib, LL 36b1 . núalaib nél, SR 5805.

In Auraic. 5964 : cend ar nuaill (a species of Ogham in which the names of the letters were transposed) we should perhaps read: c. ara naill one end on the other, see ZCP xvii 302 .

(b) in prosody, name of a class of metrical compositions (including various species of `rathnuaill'): fínít dona nuall- aibh, IT iii 93.3 (end of a section).

Cf. úall.


(a) with noun: ¤cuma state of sorrow and lamenta- tion, Acall. 3988. ¤éigem: pl. nualléigmhi ` outcries ', CCath. 5631. ¤fhoghar, TSh. 6686. ¤gáir, TTebe 1301 . na nuall- gartha doronsat . . . a cainedh Gyi, ZCP vi 85.26 ¤gol (gul): nuallghul (= planctus), TSh. 6430. nuallghol, Keat. Poems 672 , 1427 . Isa. v 29 , lii 5 . ¤grith: nuallgrith na roth (of chariot-wheels), TBC 3311. ¤guba: ferait ind eóin nuallguba dermar, FA 33. co nuallguba ṅdermáir PH 8201. occ lámchomart ┐ occ nualguba, TTr.² 1576. CCath. 2229. doghníd nuallghubha (= ululant), TSh. 4390. pl. nuallguba mora, ZCP x 412.20 . ro fhiadhfraidh créd d’ime uirre asa ndernaigh an nuallghudhadh dermhār sin ZCP xxxiii 129 § 2 . ¤guth: pl. gaire truagha ┐ nuallghotha mora, Lism.L. 3636 . ¤organ: nuallorgan sidhe (of fairy music), Acall. 4620.

(b) with adj., prob. in sense loud, resounding or famed: ¤borr: hua Neit in nirt núallbuirr, LL 169a36 . ¤brethach: Niam Nera Nuallbrethaig of famous judgements (?), Anecd. ii 53.8 . Cf. a nemídh nuaillbreathaighe, IT iii 90.1 . gleo . . . neimnech nualdubach, LL 408a44 = TTr. 2226. tir ilcheolach . . . nuallfhaeiltech, Lism.L. 3858 . ¤gnáth: comérig, a Neri nuallgnaith `rufgewohnter N.' (i.e. of constant fame), ZCP xi 80 § 2 . mo Nére nuallgnaid ` eloquent ', O'Gr. Cat. 143.34 = nuallgnaidhe, 144.32 . grad núalnar náebdind, SR 6026.

2 núall

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n m. a chariot-fighter, champion? nuall (.i. err), Auraic. 5443 (< BB 305b23 ). Cf. follg.