? nosad, nósad

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n m. talam ba nua nosad do ní bu do reic ruidilsi .i. ba nua a nos i talum do aisic do, H. 3.17 c. 463 - 4 ( O'Don. 623 ). Cf. nosadh ` liking, approving ', O'R.


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o, ā. (1 and 2 nós) adj. meaning variously

(a) customary and hence according to precedent, in good form, of good be- haviour (disposition),etc. , and

(b) notable, remarkable ; it is not easy always to decide between the senses.

nosmar gairther in gairm rig in due form (?), Fen. 228.4 . an dáil budh nósmar ag Día `pleasing to God' (?), BNnÉ 142.60 . do ráidh lena cloinn go nósmar ` courteously ', 138.50 . superl. mac righ is nosmuire ┐ is gnimaichi do bi do Breifnechaibh `best dis- posed and most accomplished', AU ii 446.9 . O Ruairc ri nos- mar nemtlaith ` reputable ', MacCarthy 434 § 2 ( BB 51a43 ). tucadar cath neimhnech nósmhar . . . da chéile `heroic', Ériu v 190.499 . h. Conchobair do imtecht co beoda nosmair isna Tuathaib, Ann. Conn. 1330 § 3. dā deil . . . niamad nos- mar . . . forru, BB 241b53 . is nósmhar na srólltuir ar ghréis doghnídh (of a lady's embroidery), Keat. Poems 103. róimh nósmhar `famous pile' (of a ruined mansion), KMMisc. 50.23 = Measgra Dánta 57.34 . ar leic nosmair Naile `famous flagstone', Misc. Hag. Hib. 111 § 35. tug siad ar dhu[i]blēid nósmhar fashionable, modish Celtica iv 110 § 14 .


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adj io, iā. remarkable; famed? in Nosta, Acall. 267 n. (name of a horse = Coscrach, text). ? besa nesa besa treisi | is amra in t-én ┐ a adbha | cáithigh a nabha (= a n-adbha?) nosta | in t-én nocha caitheann ba, H. 3.17 c. 433 ( O'Don. 540 ) (verse quoted in a legal text).

not, nod

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Forms: nota, nod

n ā,f. (Lat. nota)

(a) a mark or sign, esp. one used in writing: nod a nota .i. si(n)gnum .i. failsiugud neich . . . not uaille .i. comartha uaille, Corm. Y 979. not inchoisc, Sg. 3b17 (gl. nota elementi given as definition of littera). pl. na nota áram, gl. numerorum figurae, 6b21 . nochan fuil uath conid litir acht ata conid not tinfidh h is not a letter but a mark of aspiration, Auraic. 3561 , cf. 1231 (nod), 768 (noit).

(b) later a sign of contraction in writing, a scribal compen- dium: cá méd nod is cóir annsa scribneoracht? Ní annsa: a trí: nod elaidhnech ┐ n.¤ lethach ┐ n.¤ nádúrdha, O'Gr. Cat. 91.13 (the three compendia given are illustrated resp. by DNS = dominus, DS = deus or dominus, P = pater): cf. 114.28 . nod `an abbreviation', O'Brien. Hence in fig. sense: ní beag nod dá chur i suim a hint is enough, Content. xxvii 4. ní beag nod dá chur i gcéill, Dánta Grádha xxx 10 . aicme . . . nár aisig dham nod do chomhall cineáltais who gave not the least answer, Hackett vii 6 . Nod leat, used like Lat. notâ bene (but prob. subst., not verb) in scientific and other writings: nod leat gu n-éxamlaigther na leigheasa note, bear in mind , O'Gr. Cat. 176.29. nod leat gur badh e Niall,etc., Rel. Celt. ii 300.18 .

(c) writing in general: naoimhe a nod 'the holiness of its writings' Celtica x 183 § 5 .


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Forms: notaitir, notad, nod

v ā. (Lat. notare) marks, denotes: pass. pr. pl. notaitir, gl. notantur [litteris], Sg. 28a11 . vn. berar hé co hescob na cathrach dia notad `to be censured', Fél. 46.2 . Cf. nod leat, possibly imp. of this vb. (see not).


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Forms: notire

n io,m. (Lat. notarius) a professional scribe: notire, Wb. 27d16 . notairi Grigair nuim, YBL 165b38 . noiteir coitchenn o udaras Imper notary general (= notarius publicus), AU iii 16.2 .


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Forms: notaireacht

n f. the profession of a scribe (or notary): notaireacht, Auraic. 5798 (in list of callings or occupations). See noiteoracht.


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Forms: Notal, Nattal, Natal

nod a nota . . . unde dicitur notal .i. not uaille .i. comartha uaille hé, Corm. Y 979. Perhaps npr. m.; cf. Notal (= Lat. Natalis, name of a Roman pilgrim), Ir. Lit. 60.2 ; Nattal, Gorm. July 31 = Natal, Mart. Don. July 31.


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n (Lat. nothus < Greek νόθος) loan, loanword: tre-nothath gl. exilis etiam a Graeco ἐξίτηλος factum 'by loan, by loaning' Sg. 56 b 3 , Ériu xxxvi 187 . níbbu machdath betis grecdi ┐ nothath foraib linni ┐ dano it latindi amal sodain ut dixit prius: in latinis uerbis placuit f ... usque facio 'it was no wonder that they were Greek since we call them loan-words' Sg. 6 a 9 , Ériu xxxvi 188 . ? causa noth- (leg. nothath) gl. n expellitur a Grecis in -ων desinentibus cum in Latinam transeunt formam Ériu xxxvi 187 , but see A Dictionary of Old Breton ii 529 .


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x pl. see 2 nó.

? notlach

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adj o, ā. ciasu file file neit .i. cia suí file in fili as Nede, no in file notlach, LL 186b11 , cf. RC xxvi 14 § 5.