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x see imtha and atá.

1 nin

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Forms: nena, ninu

n [o, m.] n p. nena, ZCP xii 295.7 (< H. 3.18 p. 564 ). a p. ninu, LL 186b14 ( RC xxvi 14 § 8 ).

(a) name of the ash-tree: nin .i. uinnius, Auraic. 1173. coscrad sīdhe nin .i. uindis. ar is dī na croind gaei triesa cosgarthar an sīth, 4269 .

(b) name of the letter n in the Ogham alphabet (called after the tree): nin dno is o chrand ro hainmniged .i. o uindsind, Auraic. 1171 ; belonging to the first `aicme' or letter-group and de- noted by five strokes, ib. 976 . dinin dishail .i. sech [ni] nin ni sail acht duir it is neither n nor s but d, 815 , cf. 3653 . cech baile i mbiadh nion re ngort is ngetol sgribthar and, 2896 . anamain eter dā nin inso .i. nin i tossuch in moltai ┐ nin ina deriud, LU 400 (ACC Introd., cf. RC xx 146.3 ; description of the Amra, which begins and ends with the letter n). Aedh Gnaí . . . nin do gait ás goma hAedh Gaí é, Cóir Anm. 162.

(c) a letter of the Ogham alphabet in general: nin .i. liter, ut dicitur: dar ninu Nede, Corm. Y 996 ; for the citation: dar ninu, see RC xxvi 14 § 8 (glossed: dar mo littre, LL) and Auraic. 2793 (dar mo niona). nin ainm coitcheand do gach litir, Auraic. 1561 , cf. 2791 . nin .i. letir nó oghum no fren [= frém?] oghuim, ut est co laidhib co ninaib, O'Dav. 1288. nín .i. dealb nó litir, Lec. Gl. 6. nion .i. litir, O'Cl. Met. Gl. 26.1 . ni uindim aon-nin am chīn (.i. ni faicim aon-litir am lebhar), ZCP v 488 § 4 (B. na filed). contoaim for amnin a nin (.i. luighim fam luighe filed), ib. § 9 (amnin = non-letter?). sin drochnin duit `a bad letter (handwriting)', O'Gr. Cat. 267.15 (scribe's note). pl. nena filed feghthar linn . . . bethe, sail, huath, coll, etc., ZCP xii 295.7 . See also 2 nena.

2 nin

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n (same word as 1 nin?) part of a weaver's loom; fork, forked branch (see Ériu xxxix 152 ): nin .i. ginol garmna dognither do uindsind .i. isin aimsir sidha togaibter garmna, Auraic. 1174 (i.e. it is made of ash wood and looms are set up only in time of peace). bāg ban .i. nin garmna .i. ginol garmna, 5626 . ninach .i. glacach no crechtach no nin gabul (? leg. nin .i. gabul) .i. ginol .i. glac na gabla Fél.2 lix.y (kenning for the letter n). costud sīde .i. nin garmna .i. ni aurgabar acht a síth, Anecd. iii 43.11 , cf. Auraic. 5543 (also a kenning for n). Cf. also Fél.² lxvi (gl. on Mar. 31 ) and O'Gr. Cat. 91.3.

3 nin

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Forms: nena, nionaibh

n m. a wave (poetic): nin-ḟos .i. nin ro gab fos .i. tonn do- dechaid dond fairgi, Corm. Y 961 (explanation of the name Ninus or Nindus applied to a well). nin .i. tond, Lec. Gl. 357 ; 171 M . nion tonn coitchionn (a general name for a wave), Met. Gl. Ff. 59. nion .i. tonn, O'Cl. Auraic. 2791. nāss a nin .i. bās arna tonnaibh, H. 4.22 p. 36b ( O'C. 2018 ). ? g s. Aeblend nena , LL 152b41 = Aeiblenn nena, SG ii 484.8 (`of the wave', 532.23 ) = Eblend ena, Met. Dinds. iv 64.77 (prob. right reading). a s. hi nin glas 'dans la vague bleue' Ad. VC2 ii § 12 , ÉC xxix 358 . d p. tairgsin āirmhe ar nionaibh undertaking to count waves (a fruitless attempt), Sits 1919, v 93 § 33 . See 3 nen which seems a spurious ns. formed from the gs. stem of this word; see 1 nena.

4 nin

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n a cloud? nin .i. nel isin tsenghaidhilg, BB 301a30 (ex- planation of the adj. ninach q.v.; perh. an invention). Cf. nimb.

5 nin?

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n confoghlatar dire itir min ┐ nin ┐ mainbthigi `the "dire"- fine is distributed according to dignity, extent and wealth', Laws iv 378.22 (legal maxim); the word min (= míad?) seems wrongly expanded, perh. also nin .


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o, ā. adj. perh. vaulted, canopied (of the sky); having a roof or top (of gallows), ZCP xxviii 254-55 .

(a) epithet of the sky: nem ninach ` delightful (?)', Fél. Prol. 108 ; in LB glossed .i. gablach (forked?) ( Fél.² p. xxiv ). ninach .i. brecht, ut dixit poeta . . . for neam ninach nélach, Fél.² p. lxvi ( Mar. 31 ), i.e. many-hued, changeful? ar neam nóemdai ninach (.i. taitnemach), ib., i.e. shining? nem ninach .i. neam nēlach cloudy, BB 301a31 (the gl. may be due to association of the two epithets in poetry, see second ex. above). ticfa nel derg teinntide | a túaisciurd nime ninaig, SR 8026.

(b) epithet of gallows: croch nínach Anissi `fork- shaped', Fél. Mar. 31 (glossed .i. glacach, ut dicitur nin garmna .i. ginol .i. ol ginach na garmna, Fél.² p. lxvi ); the MSS. seem to read ninach without accent.

nionach .i. áoibhinn; nionach .i. glacach, reannach nō beannach nō breac, O'Cl. P. O'C. (glosses prob. speculative, Hull, ZCP xxviii 255 ). See also McManus, Ériu xxxix 152 .


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n no co tucad do Fergus é [sc. tír] ina ninech `as a mulct', Laws i 66.28 Comm. Atk. Gloss. suggests inech = enech.


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x see annsa.


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n name of a poetical composition practised by the `doírbard': aisteda na ndaerbhard .i. . . . Nisaidim fri serthiu, IT iii 23.3 = nisaigim sirthu, 65 § 135 . Possibly = ní saigim, the opening words of a poem.


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x .i. crécht, O'Cl. see 3 nes(s).