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Forms: nith

v g. wounds, bruises (< 3 nes)? imp. nith, nesaigh, nemhtaisigh [mo phectha], Ir. Litanies 8 n. 14 . Cf. neasaim `I wound', O'R.


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adj. superl. see nesa.

? nesc

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n gabuth nesc .i. gigantes , O'Mulc 604. Stokes takes gabuth as = gábad danger ; for another suggestion see Ériu xi 125.

1 nescóit

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Forms: nescoid, ̅nd̅, ̅nd̅i, neas- cóide

n f. (for suffix cf. oróit, purgóit, etc.) an imposthume or abscess: nescoid, gl. apostema, Ir. Gl. 843. nesscoit .i. ness cnoc ┐ scoit lind, Corm. Y 975 (i.e. a lump or swelling con- taining watery matter). Freq. in med. texts, often in con- tracted form ̅nd̅, pl. ̅nd̅i. is inund nescoid tri Gaidlig ┐ opos- tema tri Laidin, Rosa Ang. 160.4 . nescóid lenna finn , O'Gr. Cat. 181.32 , Éigse iii 223 . cuis na nescoidi, RC xlix 43.8 . in febribus abscessus .i. an tan tigidh nescóidi isna fiabrussaibh, 23 K 42 , p. 55.4 . neascóid iona croicionn, Levit. xiii 18. g s. na neas- cóide , ib. 19 .

Fig. a blemish, disgrace (a boil on the face being a traditional symbol of dishonour): as nescóid ar ghiolla an reachtaire a breith uadha, RC xxix 220.3 . na trí neascóide neimhneacha, ML 78.25 (of fortresses built in the enemy's country).

2 nescóit

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n (B. na filed) traditional history or legend? ar nescoit (.i. ar tṡenchus na nGaoidhel) ní bin a ca[i]l (.i. a coimhét), ZCP v 483 § 3 = ar neasgoid ni bhfionn a chail, iii 378 ; i.e. he has knowledge of the antiquities of the Gaels (of a poet- aster), a sense prob. inferred from the exordium of Corm. Y 975 : nesscoit .i. iss é senchas na nGaoidel (where s. na nG. is not a definition but refers to the tale following).


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Forms: nit, nitu, nead, nid, nnit, neide, néit

n o,m. g s. nit (in n. l.), Trip. 338.8 (< Ardm. 17a2 ). a p. nitu, LHy. i 114 z . nead (declined like `fear'), IGT Dec. § 65. n p. nid, ex. 1491 . Also fem. in later Irish (so given in O'R.; m. and f. , Coneys and Dinneen): d s. i nnit , Anecd. iii 59.22 . g s. na neide , Celt. Rev. x 143.9 (18th cent. MS.).

A nest: net a nido latine , Corm. Y 977. cré nit na fáinnli, O'Gr. Cat. 196.21. an t-éan íochtair neid in the bottom of the nest, Dán Dé xxix 26 . mar chorruighios an t-iolar suas a nead, Deuter. xxxii 11 pl. co ndernsat na heóin a nnitu inna glacaib, LHy. i 114 = Lism.L. 344.25 . is annsna crannaib . . . donít préchain nit, PH 7744. i nnetaibh na n-aquili, CCath. 4151. atáid . . . neid ag enlaithibh, Matth. viii 20. Of animals other than birds: fail neir, net gribe, Corm. Y 968 , cf. IT iii 98 § 161 , Bruchst. i § 133 ; the reading néit of LB ( Corm. p. 31 ) and Laud may be derived from a different version: foll ner neít nett [net B.] gribe, IT iii 49 § 88 , where néit may be g s. (see néit). luathither . . . grib dia ned, Corm. p. 36 z (prúll). in gríb . . . a breith-sium lé ina nead, RC xxiii 422.3 . fearg nathrach ima ned, Aen. 753. lám i nnet nath- rach (prov.), see nathair. ba coll nit nathrach, FM v 1578.7 (of a hazardous attempt).


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Forms: nethis

n wounding, slaughter? nethes .i. guin duine ut est: ni hidnae nethes nemthigetar, Corm. p. 32 s.v. nith = nethess . . . nethes, Corm. Y 974 (where edd. emend the second word to nethis).

? net(t)id

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v (? nét-) slays, destroys? hurts, grieves? [n]i hadha dom anmuin apairt rom-nett, Ériu ii 3.3 (H. 3.18) = romnet, YBL 124b11 ; glossed .i. rommairg (= romm-oirg?). Cf. néit.


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Forms: neutur, neutair, neutair, neutor, neodur

n o,n. (o, m.?) (Lat. neuter) the neuter gender; a neuter word; common in Sg., nearly always written with contraction; the follg. exx. are written in full: neutur, Sg. 66a20 . g s. ind neutair , 201a10 . hilar neutair , 39b16 . As pred. (n p.?): fír neutor na briathra remeperthi, 149b1 (`true neuters are the verbs aforesaid', Thes.). gach neutur lasin laitneoir is deime lasin filid ngaidelach, Corm. Y 449. neudur .i. ni fetur cia cenel, uair nach si nō se, Auraic. 613. int uile gne mascuil ┐ femin ┐ neodair, 1913 . neodur, Laws v 4.5. Comm. As adj.: ainmniugud neodar, ib. 1 .


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adj io, iā. neutral, having neuter gender: it hé inna fír- neuturáldi insin, gl. neutra [verba], Sg. 140a6 . donaib neutur- áldaib, 63b10 (of neuter nouns).


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Forms: neotardai

adj io, iā. having neuter gender: ainm neuturdai, Hib. Min. 9.298 = neotardai, Harl.