2 násad

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n death; putting to death (cf. nás)? nasadh .i. bās, ut est a comrag Fir Dia ┐ Conculaind togbus Fer Dia a sciath suas d'anacal uachta[i]r a chuirp ger bi in copair iar iar [sic] nasadh though it was help after wounding to death (i.e. that came too late), H. 3.18 p. 534 ( O'C. 1282 ). nas .i. bās ut est nasadh Beoain Mellain, ib. p. 416 ( O'C. 965 ); quotation from Fél. Oct. 26 , see 1 násad. Cf. also LU 9814 quoted under 1 násad.


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adj o, ā. famous, memorable ? Druim Lis . . . mennut násadach namat, LL 369 m. inf. = Arch. Hib. i 364.35 (the sense of násad `gathering-place' may be here implied). ainm hui nassadaig Neil (.i. ainm hui erdarcaig N.), Rawl. 106b25 . ainm húi nassadaigh Neill .i. clu Coluim Cille, Three Ir. Gloss. 137 (< H. 3.18 ).

1 nasc

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n o,m. (cf. naiscid)

(a) a fastening, tie, spancel, ring , etc., in wide sense: nasc quasi nex ōnnī as nexo .i. imnaiscim, Corm. Y 980. nasc aue, 54 . nasc mná nāre Étair `chain', Met. Dinds. iii 104.28 = id n-óir, ib. 22 . nasc `ring' (agricultural imple- ment), Auraic. 5725 (Ogham tírda). connacatar . . . na liasa ┐ na machadhu ┐ na nascu (essentials in farming), Lism.L. 1908 . tricha bó . . . co nascaib créduma, LL 295b27 = RC xiii 41 x (`tethers'). n.¤ níad a chain or collar worn by an ap- proved champion, Corm. 978. nascc niadh . . . nasc druad, nasc deo[g]buire, Nero A vii f. 1486 ( O'Don. 2216 ). nasc niadh (equivalent of knighthood in chivalry), Keat. ii 6268 ; expld. as `slabhra' chain, 6269 . nasg niad . . . ba bēs i nErinn in tan sin gach niadh . . . nasc di ōr deilighthi ima braghait i comurtha laochdachta, LL 393b20 . In late poetry used fig. of a chief, as compd.: nascnia Conallach, E. O'Rahilly xxvi 38 (1911) = naisg-niadh, Gwynn Cat. 257.

(b) legal term, a bond, obligation ; a general term for every method of legal binding, Cóic Con. Fug. p. 79. athgabail nadma donadbat nasce (i.e. a contract to which there are no bonds), Laws i 214.23 , see Bürgschaft 60.35 .

? 2 nasc

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n a deer (?): treseth nasc | trenasc iach 'a deer (?) three times a hawk (?), a salmon three times a deer (?)' Ériu xxi 130 . fiadh gl. nasc 129 (NLI MS G1 38 v 6) .


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m. (vn. formation from naiscid) the act of binding ; in fig. sense of binding to a combat, challenging: Fer rogain fri nascad niad .i. fri galu trenfer, Dinds. 35 ( RC xv 421.19 ). ? air tá amal nascath n-ampracht 'for such a marriage is like contracting hurt' Peritia ix 108 § 4 .

1 nascaire

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Forms: nascaire

n io,m.

a maker of `nascs', chain- or ring-maker: pl. nascaire ┐ cairemain `fetterers' (?), Laws v 106.17 . rinnaire ┐ nascaire `ring-makers', Petrie, Ant. of Tara 209.3 (< YBL 418a , plan).

2 nascaire

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n leg. term, a contract-binder, one who goes security: naiscaire nodonaisc Peritia v 87 § 7 (a) . is a suidhe bit nadmand (.i. nascairidha) 86 § 5 . a fonaidm for nascaire, Cóic Con. Fug. 18 § 9. gabur naidm nascairi do gra[d]aib flatha re aichne na conaire fuigill as dliged the guaranty of a `n.' is taken from the ruling classes, 46 § 78 . mac nascairi (highest form of security), 71 § 37 , see 2 mac. do nadhmunnaib ┐ do nascuirib, Laws i 270.34 Comm. nasgaire .i. urradh, O'Cl.


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n ā,f. the calling or function of a `nascaire' i.e.

(a) of a chain- or ring-maker: nascaire .i. doniad in nascairecht, Laws v 106.19 Comm.

(b) in legal sense, suretyship: nasgaire .i. duine teit a nas- gairecht ┐ a rathiges ┐ a n-itires, Cóic Con. Fug. 32 § 29. a gabail don nascuire curo taisbénunn a nascairecht `until he proves his contract-binding', Laws i 216.25 Comm. in ti is ecoir do gabail i naidm nascairecht, 86.9 Comm. (leg. nas- cairechta?). in fuil ferus fer oc indsaige a nascairechta, v 148. 16 Comm.


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v binds see naiscid.


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x see naiscigid.


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Forms: nascar

n (< nasc-cor?; see also ÉC xiii 423 ) binding (legally)? a bond, contract? dligid naidm nascur, Anecd. iii 14.2 = nascar, LL 345d13 . Or take as pres. sg. pass. of naiscid 'the one who goes surety is entitled to that which is bound' BFF § 3.10 .