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adj io, iā.

(a) modest, bashful: nairidhe, BNnÉ 280 n. 4 (v.l. for nārach). compar. ni roibe neach bud feile nā bad nairide nās in naemog sin, ZCP xii 293.13 .

(b) causing shame, shameful: bá nairidhi leis nā lé lucht na Rómha fein in bidgad ecla ro lín iat he was more ashamed than the people of R. themselves of the panic that filled them, CCath. 1504.


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n f. sense of shame, affronted modesty (late) : marbh Fithír do náirighe, Keat. ii 3946 (quotation) = nárine, LL 295a27 .


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Forms: náiriughadh

v g. puts to shame, makes ashamed : vn. ní chum sibhse do náiriughadh , 1 Cor. iv 14.


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n (dim. of náire) shame, affronted modesty: marb Fithir do nárine, LL 295a27 = do náirine, Acall. 4171 = do nairighe, Keat. ii 3946. See 2 nairne.


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pn f. Armenia (loan-word with prosthetic n) : N.¤ bec, Marco P. 3. Nairmein mhór, ib. 4 .

1 nairne

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Forms: airne

n a night-watch, a vision (? an expedition, adventure or tale of adventure = echtra) : nairne .i. aislinge nó echtra, ut est Airne Fingin maic Luchta, O'Mulc. 837 = ut est nairne Fingin mic L., H. 3.18 p. 637a ( O'C. 1414 ). For the tale entitled Airne Fingein see Anecd. ii 1. Perhaps = airne with prosthetic n; but cf. tainic dia oirchisecht on nairne sin i raibhe ó Ḟind ┐ ó ḟianaib `to rescue him from the night-watch (?)' (? predicament, jeopardy), RC xi 131.70 .

2 nairne

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Forms: náirne, náirine

n modesty, purity? nairne .i. glain, Corm. Y 972 = nairne (no naire) .i. gláine, Corm. p. 32. If a genuine word, perh. = náirne < náirine.

3 nairne

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Forms: nairne, nairne

particle of assent or asseveration, indeed, verily ? nairne [no naire, add. LB] amail bid naire no beth and .i. senberla didiu in naire n-i sin. Is inand ┐ isbertha egin. Is gnathberla eisem tra cidh indiu la hIrmumhain maxime, unde dicitur: In fil ní bas toich duit? Fil eigin, ol intí dia n-incho- marcar .i. nairne, Corm. Y 972 = fhil naire, ol intí . . . .i. fil écin, Corm. p. 32 ; i.e. nairne (? naire) is used, especially in West Munster, in the sense of éicin indeed, in truth . nairne .i. deimhin .i. frithaithbhear bus nairne .i. frithaithbhear bhus deimhin, O'Cl. (where the word is used as pred.). náirne .i. deimhin ` sure, certain, certainty ', P.O'C. náirne adj. `sure, certain', O'R.

4 Nairne

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Forms: Nairne, Nairniu

pn a name of Tara (or of a mound there)? Narne .i. Tema[i]r .i. do anmaim in foraid ro bai inti, O'Mulc. 831 = Nairne, H. 3.18 p. 73a ( O'C. 115 ). Cf. Nairniu (n s.)., L. Ardm. 13a2 ; ad Nairniu Toisciurt, 9a1 ( Thes. ii 266.45 , 261.38 ), which seems a place in Connacht.


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Forms: naisc, nascat, nais, na, nenais, nenais, nenasc, nenasc, nenaisc, ninasc, nenaisg, nenscais, nascair, fora-nascar, nasair, nasar, nastar, nasatar, nasaiter, naisidar, nensitir, nas, nass, nais, nassa, ronnassa, nassa, naidm, naiscea, nasciub, nascestar

v i. Early forms: pres. 3 s. ni naisc , Laws i 86 n. 1 . 3 pl. ni nascat , 186.14 . s-subj. 2 s. pres. ni nais , Laws iv 36.1 . O'Dav. 1505 , cf. 1256 . 3 s. ro na , O'Dav. 1378. fut. (redupl.) 2 s. ro nenais , O'Dav. 1594. 3 s. *nenais, cf. neanais .i. ceanglais, O'Cl. (taken as pret.). pret. 1 s. ro nenasc-sa, LU 9373. 2 s. ro nenaisc, LU 5662 = TBC² 1185 (rectius nenasc). 3 s. nenaisc, Laws iv 346.5 . ninasc, TBC 604 = nenaisg, St. neanaisc no ro neanaisc .i. do cheangail, O'Cl. (with pron. suff.) nenscais, Rawl. 116c29 = Ält. Ir. Dicht. i 17 § 11 (where Meyer emends: nenscus). Pass. pres. s. nascair, Laws i 210.25 . fora-nascar, 194.23 . subj. s. nasair, ii 126 z . ro nasar , ii 122.13 , iv 100.10 . coro nastar , LU 4898 = TBC² 411 , cf. Laws v 370.7 , 378.2 . pl. ro nasatar , i 50 z . ro nasaiter , v 254.2 . ro naisidar , 430.2 . fut. pl. nensitir, ZCP xiii 378.7 ( Baile in Scáil § 18 ). pret. s. ro nas , Laws i 216.24 ; ii 14.28 . Corm. Y 645. ro nass , LU 4894 = ro nais , TBC² 407. ? nassa , ZCP xv 365 § 50. viii 118 § 25 . (pl. ?) ronnassa , Arch. iii 1.10 . part. nassa, TBC 4567. vn. naidm (see also nascad).

Already fairly early in Mid.Ir. commonly treated as a weak vb., stem naisc- or less commonly nasc-: 1 s. pres. subj. ara naiscea , LU 5870 ( TBC² 1401 ). fut. 1 s. rat nasciub , TBC 6054. pret. 3 s. rat nascestar , 3791 .

In general sense binds, makes fast. nas .i. ceangal; ro nasa .i. do ceangladh, O'Cl.

(a) in lit. sense: rat-nascestar mar nasces feith fidu he has clasped thee as woodbine clasps trees, TBC 3791 ; cf. 6054 , RC xiv 408 § 19 (rot-naisc). ro nascadh [in sín] ima bragait, ZCP xi 65.4 . in cruit ara nenaisc [in Dagdae] na ceola had bound (i.e. silenced) the melodies, RC xii 108 § 163 . In sense makes captive: nenaisc iathu fer Fēne `er legte in Bande', Ält. Ir. Dicht. ii 28 (< Laws iv 346 ). nenaisc niathu Alinde, Met. Dinds. ii 82.36 (see note): the sense in both exx. may possibly be secured, made firm or safe .

(b) more often as fig. & legal term binds, exacts a pledge (promise, obligation, payment), with acc. of thing and FOR of pers.; in Laws often glossed by fonaisc, cf. O'Dav. 1256 , 1378 . See Bürgschaft 83. ni nais uma nā hairgead nā hōr acht for māl, Laws iv 36.1 (only a chief is to be bound to pay in copper, silver or gold). ni nais etach for nach nocht thou shalt not bind a naked person to pay in clothes, ib. 3 , cf. O'Dav. 1505. do fiur adbaill de na-ro nastar tasicc fair `upon whom repayment cannot be imposed,' Laws v 370.7 . ro nenasc-sa foraib . . . .vii. cét talland argait I bound them to pay, LU 9373. ced nāro nais [ro nass, LU, sic leg.] do ḟoesam-su forsna maccu? why were the lads not bound (made promise) to protect thee? TBC² 407. nenaisc dag- eraic a mucc foraibh, Ir. Texts i 3 § 9 = coros-naisc eraicc, LB 62b52 . naiscset a coma fair they made him promise to grant their boon, PH 896. ro naisced orm airfided dom thigerna anocht, RC xxiv 60 § 19. naiscis inti Ruadhan forna demhnu triall rempu, BNnÉ 319.7 . tugsad dó an uile umhlacht dar naisg orra san chonnradh all the obedience he had exacted from them, Content. xvi 161. do naiscius air . . . techtairi do chur chugam, ITS xix 104.5 . ro naisgetar ar inchuibh in Coimdhe fair cen anadh a nEirinn (sic leg.), RC xlvi 232.4 . Cf. do naiscetar sin a briathar fair . . . im chomall dōib na brethi bound him under a promise, ZCP xiv 149.8 . With acc. only: ro nasctis giallu cáich, LL 146a43 = fonensaitis, ZCP xii 379.16 . ro naisc Tuathal in bórama, LL 23b40 . nenaisc a dín he bound [Senán] to protect him, ZCP iii 222.7 . Secures (by pledge, etc.), makes sure (a bond, contract, promise) : atait secht nadmand nascar la Feine, Laws v 364.12 . ni nascar dilsi for mac ┐ a raith a thing the ownership of which is secured by `mac' and `raith' sureties, 314.19 ; cf. 292.16 , 430.2 . in cor amra ro nenaisc .i. comruc re hēnfer, TBC² 1185. fiadnaisi .i. fiadae ro nass in cor, O'Mulc. 499 , cf. Corm. Y 645. da naisc ar mummi . . . ar cró cotaig bound our blood-covenant, TBC 4134. imon ccodach . . . ro nenaisg Nel fri macaibh Israel the covenant which N. made with . . ., Leb. Gab. i 200.12 . With acc. of guarantees: tar sárugad . . . na ndūl ro naisc-sium forro, MR 4.2 = FDG 1.9 (i.e. violation of an oath taken on the elements). Cf. nassa fīr na ndūla de the `fir' of the elements was pledged thereto (?), ZCP viii 118 § 25 = násad, LU 9814 ( RC vi 165.31 ). With obj. omitted: naisc-siu . . . for deiss rig is ruirech (= take the right hand of kings . . . as security), TBC 3069. Rarely with acc. of pers. who becomes surety: ollam ard . . . naisci[d], ni nascar `he binds, he is not bound', Laws iv 358.14 . naisc Carpre mín Manand take C. as your security, TBC 3090. a Dail Cais . . . rob-nais Banba co mblaid may B. bind you (to defend her), Cog. 56.2 (poem).

(c) betroths; unites in wedlock: ro chendaig [Míliuc] cumail corus-naisc do Patraic hi (= voluit ancillam illi adiungere), Lat. Lives 59.15 = LB 25b36 . ni hí ro naiscedh dō acht a siur, Todd Nenn. 178.4 . sochaidhe diár naisged Fionnabhoir, ZCP x 290.5 . ros-naisg i llanumnus do A., BB 424b22 . part. ba nassa dam-sa ind ingen, TBC 4567. See also ? nassaid Celtica xi 169 .


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v (nascaigid) g. binds, secures, contracts (a bond, etc.): teora nadmand naiscaidtear, Laws iv 54.6 . tri dond nadm[and] naiscaidter, 60.9 ; perh. intended for naisciter. ni ní nech [leg. nach] breth . . . nad fri apstal n-uasal nascaider no judge- ment is valid that is not secured (guaranteed) by a noble apostle, LL 179a21 ( Corm. p. 44 = n-astaigther, Corm. Y 1224 ).