? nahe

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pron gl. nullum [dierum], Thes. ii 29.38 ( Bcr. 43c1 ).


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x see noe and noí.


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x see 2 náde.


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Forms: nadmaidm, -maim, nadmmaim, naidm, nadma, nadmen, nadmand, naidhm

n, neut. vn. of naiscid; not found in Glosses. d s. do nadmaidm (leg. -maim), Laws iv 60.15 . dag-nadmaim, v 366.13 . nadmmaim, Cóic Con. Fug. 46 § 78. Later naidm. g s. nadma, Laws i 84.28 , iv 210.8 . n a p. nadmen, ZCP xiii 22.12 ; Bürgschaft 30 § 79 ; prob. older form, Thurneysen, ZCP xviii 104. secht nadmand, Laws v 366.1 . teora nadmand , iv 54.6 (as fem.). tri nadmanda, iv 56.25 . naidhm m., IGT Dec. § 41.

As vn. the act of binding (in fig. sense), pledging: is amlaid ro badar som oc naidm a cor ┐ a ndāla, TBC² 2249. naidm inna Boraime ┐ naidm na ggiallne Laghen ` exaction ', AU 720 (maidm MSS. in both cases), cf. FM 717. do naidm Poliuxina ingeni Priaim dó to betroth, TTr.² 1596.

A bond, pledge, contract; a surety who guarantees a contract by means of his honour Stud. Hib. viii 52 : naidhm .i. connradh, O'Cl. naidm níad a champion's pledge, TBC 604. coro gabh naidhm Donnchada ┐ Concobhuir fria reir a n-athar exacted a pledge from D. and C. that they would obey their father, AU 914. Freq. in Laws, see Bürgschaft p. 4 , 33 , 56 fg. : fuil fir saiges naidm `blood of a man who sues contract', Laws v 142.9 . tellach la naidm ┐ raith ┐ fiadnaise `entry with bond and security and witness', 206.4 . ni faid nech na seotu-so cin naidm a taisic `no one lends these articles without security for their restoration', 278.7 . ecoir nadma [persons] incapable of contract, i 84.28 . ate teora nadmand aspa [= espa] naiscaidtear la Feine `three de- fective covenants' (bonds which do not hold), iv 54.6 . atait nadmana naisce ni na torbongat ar ni rochat a nadmann naisce .i. mac beoathar for a athair, ZCP xiii 21 , 28 ( H. 3. 18 p. 19b ). naidm meisce (a contract made by a drunken man), H. 5.15 p. 14b ( O'Don. 1620 ). ni taithmig naidm soscela (a contract made on the Gospels?), H. 4.22 p. 54b ( O'C. 2030 ). naidm nadmann do gradaib flatha ┐ rath do gradhaib feine, H. 3.18 p. 301 ( O'C. 623 ). cs̄, cadeat tri gnima nadma? imcoimet neic a naicdicher arna tormastar ni fair ┐ arna dighaibhthar de, a luighe cen conn, ┐ a saigith cen ailseth 'to hold in mind that for which he is invoked so that nothing be added to or subtracted from it, swearing to it without reservation, and enforcing it without negligence' CIH ii 594.18 , GEIL 171 . áilsed nadma, Críth G. 305 .


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Forms: naidhmeadh

m. vn. of naidmid. naidhmeadh, IGT Decl. § 107.


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Forms: naidm

v i. (denom. from naidm) binds (a contract, etc.), lays an obligation (with FOR of pers.) : is taithmechta ani naidhmther ar nech tre eigin (i.e. a promise extorted by force can be annulled), H. 3.17 c. 430 ( O'Don. 540 ). fonaiscther fair. O ro naidmed fair, LL 126b43 . ra gabsat do láim a denam ┐ bad ḟiadnaisi d'Ḟergus ra naidmthea sain, TBC 2928 = ba i bf. Fergusa ro snadmadh é, St.

Of betrothing: is e ro naidm Muiri óg for scath Íosep (i.e. who made the contract of marriage on Joseph's behalf), LB 145b13 . da mbad dam ra naidmthea in bein, TBC 3523.


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Forms: snaidmebhthar

v g. binds, contracts; of binding in wedlock: naid- mēcar tusa a coraidecht aenmná dó thou wilt be wedded to him, Acall. 7544 = snaidmebhthar, Fr.


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x see aile.


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adj i. (námae) hostile, inimical: naímdemail nad charddemail, TBC 6010. dona slogaib nertmaraib náim- démlaib, Alex. 241. neascóide naimhneamhla (sic), ML 78.26 . dochodur . . . co nemuis niata namdemail, Ann. Conn. 1236 § 8 . Of persons, prob. dangerous or implacable as a foe: Cerna nóisech náimtemail `famous foeman', Met. Dinds. iv 208.90 . fer fergach . . . nemnech naimdemail, CCath. 351 (of Caesar).


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n ā, f. hostility, hostile temper: a nemi ┐ a mbadamlacht, Cog. 52.15 = a naimdemhlacht B.


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n o,m. (námae) hostility, enmity: miscais .i. naimdinus, Laws v 460.34 . ni fhuil báll nach dénand naimdenus fri Dia, PH 7632 , cf. 7510 (náimdenus). fiach naimdenais for fine, H. 3.18 p. 214b ( O'C. 379 ). ar gcur a naimhdeanuis ar gcúl dó, Ephes. ii 15.