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Forms: munchille, -muincille, Muincille

n f. (Lat. *manicella LEIA M-73 , Studia Celtica Upsaliensia ii 214 ) A sleeve: munchille, gl. manica, Ir. Gl. 30. munchille .i. manchail .i. man lámh ┐ cail comēt, Corm. Y 912. léne co leth-muinchille imme with only one sleeve, LB 259b47 = -muincille, RC xxvi 362. inmain Ferór . . . do bí i medón mo muinchille `that could lie within my sleeve', SG 249.40 . As n. l.: cath Muincille , MacCarthy 406.9 .


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Forms: muincillech

adj o, ā. having sleeves, sleeved: muincillech, gl. manicatus, Ir. Gl. 598.


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Forms: muinchomrucc, muim chomruc, muin-, main-

n o, m., acc. to Pokorny, ZCP xvii 197 , a compd. of 3 muin + comrac = a combat waged by unfair or deceitful means: d s. muinchomrucc delb nebaicside cotom- eicniget[h]as, ZCP xvii 197.8 = muim chomruc, LU 10013 , mou imchomrucc H, muin-, main-, other MSS.

1 muinchorach

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Forms: munchobrach

I Adj. o,ā. that wears a collar or necklet (acc. to Meyer, Bruchst. i § 38 < muin-chor `neck-bond, necklet'): a mind marcsluaig munchoraig, IT iii 11 § 15 = Bruchst. i § 38 .

II Subst. o, n. a necklet: muinchorach n-argaid im chec[h]tar n-āi, TBC² 2804 = munchobrach, TBC 4326.

2 muinchorach

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Forms: muncoirche, muinchorach

adj o, ā. legal term of uncertain meaning. ma tir munchoraig .i. is muin do nech frisi-cuirethar cor, H. 3.18 p. 388b ( O'C. 859 ). ? g s f. horba mathar muncoirche .i. in ferann arar meisem corach a main a mathair, `the land to which claim is estimated from the wealth of the mother', Laws iv 46.1 , cf. 44.5 . Cf. orba mathar muinchoirte, H. 3.17 c. 563 - 4 ( O'Don. 785 ) = o.m. murchurthe, 322 ( O'Don. 421 ). arnām- derustar do erriug a mmathar muinchoirchę miairlichę, Anecd. iii 29.3 ; acc. to Meyer, Bruchst. i § 38 , that I may not be injured by the extortions of their deceived and ill-advised mother, a compd. of 3 muin and corach < cor `contract'. Acc. to Studies in Early Irish Law, pp. 151 - 2 , muinchorach is a compd. of moin, main `service', and cor `contract' and the citation from Laws iv 46.1 above is transld. `the land of a woman who has contracted for service'.

Cf. mescoirche.


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(cryptic) see mír.


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Forms: mmuinde

adj io, iā (1 muin) pertaining to the neck: (as neut. subst.) a mmuinde , gl. collarium Sg. 35a6 .

1 muine

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Forms: muiniu, muni, muineda, múine

n io, m., (by Loth, RC xii 206 , xxxvii 315 , equated with W. Mynyw = St. David's, Lat. Menevia, called in Irish Cell Muini). d s. muiniu, Trip. 182.11 . n p. muni, LL 265a25 ( MU 22.22 ). muineda, Laws iii 224.20 . A brake or thicket, generally applied to thorn-brakes or bushes, occas. of groves of trees. múine, gl. rubus, Ir. Gl. 585. atchí in munní for lassad . . . ni loisced in teni in muine, LB 29b12 ( IT i 21.31 ), cf. Lat. Lives 18 ( = L. rubus of Lat. text) and Hy. ii 48. i muiniu draigin, Trip. 182.11 . i mmedón muine draigin, LL 283b40 . i muine dresa, Lism. L. 2607. glascach muine luachra, RC xxv 35 § 10. gráinne buidhe . . . fa bun muine ḟochuinn úir, IGT Dec. ex. 397 = m.¤ ḟochaim, KMMisc. 272 § 27. im m.¤ ṡailech a willow- grove , AU ii 156.21 . Mag nA. fo mess muine `laden with black- berries', Met. Dinds. iii 450.5 . mune i mbi sug slanbech a brake where bees find honey (of a person), Arch. iii 306 § 13. muinedha lán do smeraibh ┐ d'airnedhaib, KMMisc. 317.8 . cnu beo mogail ar muini, Arch. iii 246 § 36. ag fiadhach i muinidhibh nó i gcoilltibh, Keat. ii 2259. Fig. of an armed band: ba uathmar urgránni in muini rúad[d]erg co n-idnu chatha, LL 237a31 ( TTr. 1503 ). cend a muine . . . cend fo m.¤ `head in bush . . . head under bush' (varieties of cryptic Ogham), Auraic. 5810 , 5817 . Of a thicket as affording shelter or secrecy: Hu[i] Néill uile ar cúl Coluim | ni scáth muni it is not the shelter of a brake (i.e. it is no insecure shelter), LL 367 marg. inf. ( Arch. Hib. i 361 ). ar sccáth muine, FM vi 2196.15 . drochben dia imdergad i claidib ┐ munib i ndáil gilla, RC xiii 381.14 . ben ara-dala fer cuice i m.¤ , Laws v 272.8 . merdrech m.¤ `a bush- strumpet ', 176.4 . mac muini a bastard , Triads 152. Laws v 452.16 . mac moíni, LL 287b18 . Hence fig. a protection, shelter: ní ba m.¤ debtha (i.e. a fosterer of strife), Tec. Corm. § 19.20 . baí ina uaimh lattronn ┐ ina mh.¤ meirle, FM vi 2106.21 . Cf. m.¤ a munio .i. daingnighim, Corm. Y 923. Of bushy hair (?): ósa muine móradbal Celtica xiii 9.108 .

In n. l.: Muinæ Buachaele ` Cowherds' Brake ', Thes. ii 239.13 ( Ardm. 17b1 ). Cell Muini St. David's (Menevia): ó Chill Muine a móir-Bretnaib, BNnÉ 223 z . Dauid Cille Muine, 14 § 17 ; 208.3 . Cf. also Liathmuine, Lindmuine.

2 muine

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Forms: muin

n `the lard which lines the intestines of a pig ', O'Curry (quoted in Wind. Wörterb.). cusin tóin .i. coelan na geraine nó muine (gl. cum bucliamine), Gild. Lor. 224. a muine dia ningairtib 'its entrail fat to the nurses (?)' Angus Matheson Essays 120 § 5 . muin `fat adhering to the entrails of an animal', Highl. Soc. Dict.

1 muinech

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adj o, ā. (1 muine) abounding in brakes or scrub ? Áth Mothair muinig, Met. Dinds. iii 308.58 = A. Mothor muinich, LL 199a17 .

2 muinech

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Forms: muinchibh, muincibh, muineach

n o, m., (1 muine) a thorn-brake; thorns (coll.). do éirghe an muineach suas, Matth. xiii 7. muineach, dos, deilge `thorns', Eg. Gl. 484. ? láimh re muinchibh [muincibh v.l.] na mórṡroth ` surface (?)', TD 20.36 ; quoted by P. O'C. as pl. of muineach `a back or hill, a ridge or wave ' ( = coils, convolutions, windings from muince `collar'?). See TD ii 261 (note ad loc.).