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Forms: muclaige

n (compd. of muc?) some kind of (aquatic or burrow- ing?) animal? fothond .i. m.¤ iarsindi bis fo thuind amail in cerndubhan, Corm. Y 662 (perhaps g s.). Meyer, Bruchst. i § 157 , suggests reading muclaige = pig-lair . ? For *mucclaide pig-rooting Studi Celtici iv 238 .


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n (g s f.?) in phrase: flaith m.¤ (a certain grade of chief- tain), Laws iv 322.13 (acc. to O'Curry `a man whose mother was the daughter of a sencleithe, and consequently of inferior degree', 323 n. 1 ; the same explanation is given of mac mucsaide, see mucsaid).


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Forms: múchna, mucnae, mmúcnai, múcni, múchni, múcni, múcna

adj io, iā. also múchna (form due to influence of múch?). The sense in O.Ir. appears to be austere, strict, stern , passing into that of crossgrained, surly, hard to deal with , later gloomy, moody . mucnae, gl. austera [severitas], Ml. 109a3 . pl. inna mmúcnai .i. inna imneda (gl. austera neut. pl.), 95c5 . múcni (gl. austera), Thes. i 486.35 ( Tur. 38 ). arndib múcnae . . . a n-étach ┐ a mbiad (= austeram vitam praedicantium), 489.29 ( Tur. 71 ). múchni (leg. múcni), gl. protervi, Wb. 30c10 (= head- strong?). muchna ainm do ghruaim gan ghean, Met. Gl. 25 § 22 . mucna .i. gruaim, O'Cl. Muiredach muchna .i. M. gruamdai, BB 253a20 . mucna cach mog, Tec. Corm. § 13.16 (` morose, truculent ', Meyer Gloss.). gnúsi na ndemna mucna, PH 4324. Of animals: muc .i. mucna a haigned, ar ni geib a munad o neoch stubborn, refractory (?), Corm. Y 903. borb . . . mucna matnamail (of a hound), TBC 1011. Of places, etc. gloomy, dismal: i nglennaib dubaib . . . muchna muichnig . . . ichtaraig ifirn, FA 30 LB ( IT i 191.28 ). hi tégdais . . . muchna mallachtnach (of Hell), PH 8299. co clóthib nemi muchnai marbthaig, 8304 . i n-aidhchi . . . marbthaigh mucna iffirn, BNnÉ 99 § 9 , cf. Lism. L. 3642. dirae mucnai, O'Mulc. 207. As subst. pl. ? mortlaid . . . i mbiat múcna in tṡlúaig, ZCP xiii 381.27 .


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n [i,m.] (múcna) a surly or cantankerous person? mucnaid cach borbchraideach, Arch. iii 230.140 .


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n (g s.?) some kind of landmark . bla m.¤ `a stock mark', Laws iv 142.10 (= mucnaide H. 3.18 p. 13 , O'C. 33 ). bla mucnai .i. crich son íncoiscí cet bona crann no cuaille i talam no dibill muilind no seantraigead [leg. -droichead?] fo tuind, ib. 26 ( H. 3.18 p. 14 ), i.e. a territory delimited by 100 tree- trunks or stakes set in the earth or the ruins of a mill or an old bridge (?).


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Forms: múcnataid, mucnatad

n d, m., austerity, sternness, harshness: huan múcnataid , gl. austeritate, Ml. 127b13 . g s. in mucnatad , gl. truculentiae, 33d15 . mucnato i fail firindi harshness in place of justice (?), ZCP iii 450.5 .


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Forms: mucóir, -óra

n [o, m.] some species of berry or haw . crand mucor, gl. cornus, Ir. Gl. 566. na scechóra ┐ na mucora, H. 3.17 c. 339 ( O'Don. 441 ). crann muchor, cr. muchoir ` dogbriar, cornel cherry ', Hog. Luibh. Cf. mucóir (g s. -óra) `a haw, "Johnny Magory" in Anglo-Irish', Dinneen .

? mucra

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Forms: mūi ra, mugna, mugna

n tucthar om rig m.¤ escra cuach carpat, ZCP xii 273.2 ( LL 126a55 ) = om rig mucna, YBL 139a29 . Marstrander, Bidrag 41 , reads: muc ra escra, muc = vessel, can , O.N. loan- word. Meyer, ZCP xii 439 , suggests: ōm rig mūi ra escra from my king (1 s. pron. gen.). Thurneysen, ZCP xix 127 , reads mugna, which he equates with mugna (.i. muc sceine), 23 Q 6, 22 b (see mugna).


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n [o, m.] pigs (coll.): ina mbui . . . do tretaib torc ┐ mucrad, CCath. 5639.


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n [o, m.] a pig's gut; a sausage ? mucrecht .i. in[n]í bis i richt na muice .i. in caelan tona, O'Dav. 1210. dā dorn do mucriucht saillti cacha bairgine (.i. do caelan), ZCP xv 371.


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n f. the daughter of a serf . mac mucsaide, Laws v 456.2 (a son not eligible for holding the chieftainship; glossed .i. ingen daerfuidre a mathair no mac ingene in sencleithe, ib. 9 ).