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adj o, ā. high-spirited, courageous: magnanimous: fer maith mormenmnach, FB 33. oclach mórmenmhach (sic), Acall. 8005. milid mórmenmnacha, 1700 n. fer . . . merdána m.¤ (of Caesar), CCath. 348. Arrogant: in sagart . . . fergach m.¤ , ZCP x 52.34 . Of a place: ar Chendmaghair móirmhenm- naigh, ZCP viii 108.25 .


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Forms: mormónt, mormont, mormont

n m. (Eng. wormwode Éigse iii 226 ) wormwood: mormónt, O'Gr. Cat. 195.17. mormont, Rosa Angl. 230.13 . g s. sugh mormont , 64.5 . do duillsogaib mormoint, 300.1 . biathfa mé iad . . . le mormónta, Jerem. ix 15. searbh amhuil murmónta, Prov. v 4. See uormónt, bormont.


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Forms: mórmórach, mórmór

adj o, ā (mór) as adv.: go mórmórach = go mórmór especially: go mormhorach, Luc. Fid. 255.11 ; 353.22 .

? mormuir

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Forms: mormuir

n a bog or moor? ` mormuir' moin, `bothach' seiscenn, For. Foc. 70 (mormuinn; mor muir; mórmhúir, v.l.); Stokes, Met. Gl. 97 , suggests that the word is a compd. of mór and múir cogn. with O.N. mýrr `marsh' and Lat. muria `brine'. Cf. Eng. moor< A.S. mór.


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n o, m., `a pail, a milk-vessel' (Dinneen). beagán bainne a m.¤ maoidhteach, Tribes of Irel. 62.5 . m.¤ práipín, GJ ii 271a40 .


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x see morálus.

Morrígan, morrígu

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Forms: Morrígan, morigain, Morrigan, Mórrigan, morrígan, Mórrigan, morrígu, mórrigu, Morrigu, morrighan, Morrígna, morrignae, morrigna

pn f. name of an ancient Irish war- goddess . Acc. to Stokes RC xii 128 , De Jubainville RC xxix 195 , the first component is cognate with O.H.G. mara and A.S. maere, cf. Eng. nightmare, Fr. cauchemar, the second being identical with rígan `queen'; attempts have also been made to equate the Morrígan with the fairy Morgan of the Arthurian saga (< mor `sea', `water'), see RC xxxiv 259. In the Mid.Ir. period the first syll. seems to have been commonly equated with mór `great' and the vowel is often accented. Frequently used with the article. n s. morigain, Thes. i 2.6 ( Regina 215 ). in Morrigan , TBC² 843 = in Mórrigan , LU 5320. morrígan, LL 10b27 . in Mórrigan , 168a24 , 32 . morrígu, 137a18 . mórrigu, 10a42 . in Morrigu , TBC 1490. Acall. 2496 = morrighan R ( 2496 n. ). g s. na Morrígna , RC xv 292 ( Dinds. 4 ). n p. morrignae, Corm. Y 697 = morrigna LB. The daughter of Ernmais: tri ingena aile oc Ernmais .i. Badb ┐ Macha ┐ Morrigu .i. Anand a hainm-side, LL 10a42 . in Morrigan ingen Ernmusa, RC xii 100 § 137 , cf. 108 § 166 . Sometimes confounded with Bodb and Macha (see RC xix 248 ): Machæ .i. badb. no asi an tres morrigan one of the three Morrigans, O'Mulc. 813. hi Ross Bodbo .i. na Morrighno, ZCP iii 244 § 50 (Tochm. Emere). She appears sometimes in the form of a bird: is í in Mórrigan són i ndeilb eúin, LU 5321 = TCB 844 , cf. TBC 1492 ; also Táin Bó Regamna § 5 ( IT ii2 245 ), where in § 7 she is called `in Morrigan' in Eg., `in badb' in YBL. Described as the washer at the ford: dreman inathor dīmar, | no-dus-nigh an Mórríoghan, Fian. 16.10 . As an old woman: caillech lom luath . . . is i in Morrigu mong- liath, MR 198.4 .

Also used as a generic name: morigain, gl. lamia ( Isaiah 34.14 ), Thes. i 2.6 . gudemain .i. uatha ┐ morrignae, Corm. Y 697. glaidhomuin goa .i. na demuin goacha, na morrigna, H. 3.18 p. 82b . In place-names: Crích na Morrigna, see Hog. Onom. Gort na Morrignai, ZCP iii 241 § 37.

See also fulacht.


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ord. num. seventh (cf. mórfeiser): masa móirseiser atat ann ┐ é féin in moirseise[dh] fear, Eg. 88, fo. 53b ( O'C. 2623 ) = in sechtmad f., ib.


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x see mórfeiser.


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x see martad.


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Forms: mortughadh

v g. (denom. from 1 mart) puts to death, kills: no[t] mortaigfet mana tarda dam in set sin (= morieris nisi dederis mihi), H. 3.18 p. 382b ( O'C. 838 ). in cach midisi aimsirda i mortaidther mor carrnda, Eg. 88, fo. 2d ( O'C. 2144 ). vn. do mortughadh no do bhásughadh, H. 3.17 c. 444 ( O'Don. 578 ).