1 mol

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Forms: m., moil, moil, mula, mul

n o, m., an axle or rotating shaft, esp. the shaft of a (hori- zontal?) mill-wheel. m.¤ , Laws i 124.18 (one of the parts of a mill). herintiu .i. cloc beg bis for cinn in muil, uirri impas in m.¤ , 140.19 Comm. muilend .i. m.¤ ┐ hond (.i. ar issed deide as maillem i mmuilend), Corm. p. 29. mátan maglorci amal m.¤ mulind, FB 37. BDD 85. co suifid fuil m.¤ for lár ind liss, so that the blood would turn a mill-shaft, IT i 105.14 . la tascad in muil, Hib. Min. 70 § 2 = moil, Rawl. rí Mide na mmol `of the mill-shafts', Arch. Hib. ii 85 § 48 = LL 185a54 . ? ba m.¤ Mídend midlaige memais Linnmuine dar Liathmuine, ZCP viii 308.1 (i.e. M. was like a mill-shaft driven by a mill-race [when] Linnmuine broke in flood over Liathmuine? M. fore- told the inundation and perished in it; cf. l. 3 : inriuth Lind- muine . . . milt a crúas for comaithchu, where the metaphor is kept up). In wider sense: m.¤ túrnach `stock of spinning- wheel', O'Gr. Cat. 143.6. Fulacht na morrigna . . . crand a roth ┐ crand a m.¤ . . . ┐ dā nai rethlenn as an moil sin axle (of a cooking-spit), Mackinnon Cat. 133.10 (treated as ā,f.). mul na róithléan, 1 Kings vii 32. mula axle-trees , ib. 33 . mul `an axil', Eg. Gl. 522. See also follg.

2 mol

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n o, m., seems used of a constantly reiterated refrain or noise . m.¤ .i. glorach (= glór?); molmar .i. glorach, O'C. milgetan . . . .i. cuit Muil dorsada Temro. Mol didiu [a] ainm ade dāig in muil no ferad forsna doínib .i. `taít as, taeit ind !' Inde dicitur molac[h], Corm. Y 860 ; cf. ut dicitur molach .i. is cosmail fri Mol, ar ní anad side do labrad coidchi a n-asbered side: taeit ind, taeit as, O'Mulc. 818. a ben ucut, na fer m.¤ frisin marb, LL 275a9 = Mór Muman § 6 ( P.R.I.A. xxix 265 ); `do not pour praise upon the dead', but the reference seems rather to continuous lamentation. Possibly a fig. use of 1 mol, in allusion to the continuous rotation or splashing of a mill-shaft; cf. also Corm. Y 870 : molod .i. mol-sōd; m.¤ .i. ar a minca ┐ sōd ar a gnathi. See molach and molmar.

3 mol

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n heap see mul.

1 molach

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adj o, ā. wordy, verbose? dofairchechnatar donicfed faith forbannach . . . ┐ forcetal n-anetarcnaid lista m.¤ tremdéa tar muir anall (= prophetabant morem exterum futurum cum ignotā doctrinā molestā longinquo trans maria advectum), Lat. Lives 2.8 = Trip. 32.31 ; perh. referring to the reiterations in the Christian ritual, unintelligible to the uninitiated, = jab- bering? See also Corm. Y 860 and O'Mulc. 818 quoted under 2 mol.

2 molach

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x see also mothlach.


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Forms: molad, molath, molto, molta, moltai, mmoltu, molthu, molta, moltae

n u, m., vn. of molaid. n s. in molad , Wb. 8d22 . molath, Sg. 59b4 . g s. in molto , Ml. 126b18 . molta, 145c2 . n p. moltai, 115 b 4 . a p. tris na mmoltu , 115b2 . molthu (.i. molada T, .i. molta F), Hy. vi 17. LL 132b14 . g p. inna moltae , Ml. 122b9 .

(a) the act of praising; praise: gl. laudare, Ml. 53b13 , Sg. 59b4 ; psallere, Ml. 24a3 . moladh, gl. adulatio, Ir. Gl. 902. in m.¤ doínde human praise, Wb. 8d22 . m.¤ Dǽ, Ml. 24a4 . m.¤ Pátric, Fél. Nov. 27. fer certa fri m.¤ ┐ aír, Laws i 18.8 . dúan molta, LU 327. ind m.¤ ┐ ind nemeli no ferfad frisind rig, Mon. Tall. § 1. Cet mac Matach ria molod | ro la in cloich for Conchobar to win praise (?), LL 48b20 . bás meic Loeguire Lugdach | cen moltho thall na sund de | de forchu thrum thentide winning thereby praises neither in the world to come nor this world (?), 132b14 = gan molbhtha, FM i 164.4 . íodhbhartha an mholta, Psa. cxvi 17. molta Dé the praises of God, TSh. 10264.

(b) a song of praise; a panegyric: gl. hymnus, Ml. 55b14 , 83b9 ; psalmus, 122b9 ; carmen, 115b4 . asbert Sechnall fri Pátraic: Ciachiuin dogen-sa molud duitsi? Trip. 242.14 . ro fiarfaigh cach do Dallan . . . an raibe moladh aicce do C.C., BCC § 336. gonadh `amhra' ainm an molta, ib. doroine [David] tri coícait molta do Dia, PH 1092. canfa mé molta, 2 Sam. xxii 50.

(c) approbation, approval; decision, fiat (late): m.¤ druadh, Ir. Texts ii 66 § 25. do mholadh hÍ Neill according to the deci- sion of, ALC ii 242.26 . molumh [= moladh] Taidg I Ceallaigh ` adjudication ', Tribes of Hy Many 161.23 . This is possibly the orig. sense of the phrase: do m.¤ na hEclaise (= fortified by the rites of the Church): do lesaidh C.C. Becc do m.¤ na heclaisi, BCC § 129 (128.5) , cf. p. 106.22 . fuair bas do moladh De ┐ na heguilsi, Fl. Earls 238.24 .

(d) gramm. an adjective: ar mholadh ┐ ar fhocal, IGT Introd. § 19. re hucht . . . molta ┐ bfocuil, § 16.


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Forms: molthae, non-dob-molor-sa, molur, nod-moladar, molathar, nos-molammar, molmae, molma, molta, molmait, molmuid, moladar, ar-ind- molatar, molfar, mmolastar, moltai, molad, molait, molfait, molthair, molsum

v ā. in O.Ir. deponent: imp. 2 s. molthae (molatha, molotha v.l.), Fél. Sep. 2. pres. 1 s. non-dob-molor-sa, Wb. 14c18 . no molur , Fél. Prol. 13. 3 s. nod-moladar, Wb. 17b21 . ni molathar , Mon. Tall. § 68. 1 pl. nos-molammar, Fél. Jan. 17. rel.) molmae, Aug. 31 (whence O'Cl. : molma .i. molta ); with obj. pron. suff. molmait (molmuid v.l.) `we praise it', Ériu ii 64 § 4 . Subj. pres. 3 s. moladar, Bcr. 41d1 . 3 pl. ar-ind- molatar, Ml. 145d4 . fut. 1 s. no molfar , Wb. 9a22 . pret. 3 s. ro mmolastar , Ml. 126b16 . part. nec. moltai, 24a3 . vn. molad. Act. forms occur in Wb. and Ml.: molid Wb. 4 a 2 (pres. indic. 3 sg. Éigse ix 6 ). molait, Ml. 51c10 (3 pl. subj. pres.); molfait, 69b1 . Note further: molthair, LU 355 (pass. pres. s.); molsum, ZCP x 347.5 , perhaps an analogous s-subj. pres. 3 s. with 1 s. pron. suff.

(a) praises, extols: gl. laudare, Ml. 24a3 , 94a14 ; commendare, Wb. 17b21 , Bcr. 41d1 ; psallere, Ml. 51c10 . ce non-molid ce non-airid whether ye praise or blame us, Wb. 16a1 . fili .i. fi a n-aoras ┐ li a mmolas what he praises, Corm. Y 600. cein mair molthiar. mairg aérthiar happy he who is praised, LU 355 = moltar, LB 238d a, moltair RC xx 44. dá molair, ná mol Gaoidhel if thou praise, laud not a Gael, O'Gr. Cat. 392.15. molsum gach maith molair may every good quality that is praised commend me (?), ZCP x 347.5 . rom-moltar ar cech feib I am praised for, v 503.24 . ro molsadar in t-ardrig, 25 § 10 . molfuighthear duine do réir a eagna, Prov. xii 8. nicon ro molastar Máolrúoin cotsechd fri ceola [sic leg.] did not approve of listening to music, Mon. Tall. § 10. molfaither don mac marbad [a] athar the son will be praised for killing his father (?), CCath. 1050.

(b) judges, appraises, deems good: da taisbenadh do Grighoir Phapa docum go moladh se é to show it to Pope G. that he might appraise it, BCC § 216. molfa[i]dh tū féin gurbí an chiall is feárr thou thyself wilt judge it the wisest course, Oss. vi 72 x . do iarrais orm 's níor mhol mé . . . tais- beanadh mh'aighthe `I thought well not to do so', Content. xxiii 14.

(c) recommends, advises: gan esccaine ara rioguibh . . . do mhol Maodócc M. adjudged that their kings be not excommunicated, BNnÉ 262.23 . an dream sin . . . dol da ndídean ní mholmuid, Content. xxiv 19. molaim duid accra h'feruinn, Ir. Texts. ii 60 § 30. do mhol an coimhthinol uile dó techt counselled him to go, BCC § 236. an té mholas an pecadh do dheunamh, Luc. Fid. 156.21 . nach molfainn dhuit-si cur suas dó, Maguires of F. § 78.

? iarsin do ruacht Inis Fail . . . sechtmadh décc for Mairt, ros-mol `he collected them' (?), Leb. Gab. i 36 y ; glossed by O'Clery .i. ro cruinnigh (cf. 3 mol); the corresponding verse BB 25b14 reads: dia luain na secht deg gan on. If genuine, seems rather a cheville = he praised it (Inis F.)? See molad and molta.


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Forms: Molaisi, Mlaisi, Mlaisi

n.pr. m. hypocoristic form of Laisrén , see mo. Lassrén .i. Molaisse Daminse, Fél. 206.21 . Molaisi, ib. Mlaisi (metri gratiâ), BNnÉ 249.6 . a n-onóir Mlaisi , ib. 12 .

? molas

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n [m.] praise, commendation: ni lia m.¤ dūnd techt in turussa so andas a nemdula (i.e. we shall gain as little praise by going as by staying), TBC² 2445 = ni mó molas daibh é inā dimolas, TBC p. 473 n. 2 (St.).


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Forms: molbta, molbthach, molbad

v ā praises, extols: molbthar massib `it is splendidly praised', Arch. Hib. ii 73 § 43 = LL 184a33 . part. ingen Foraind . . . ba molbta mind, BB 354a9 = molbthach, Met. Dinds. ii 10. vn. molbad: a p. gan molbtha tall na sonn de, FM i 164.4 = cen moltho, LL 132b14 (see molad).


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adj io, iā praiseworthy; praised, belauded: Muire m.¤ , Ériu vi 115.1 . deochain Marcill m.¤ , Gorm. Dec. 30.