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adj dim. from mochen and similar in meaning: rom chrideōn is mochenōn, Sitzungsb. der Preuss. Akad. xxv 439 § 9 ( LL 369 marg. inf.). ni mochenonn beith 'na ndáil it is ill fortune to oppose them, ZCP x 30.13 .


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adj. see moglaid.


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x = mochéirge, see moch, compds.


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Forms: mochtráth

adv. early , see mochtráth s.v. moch, compds.

1 mocht

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x .i. mór, O'Cl. Eg. Gl. 445. Probably an inference from mochta, mochtaide.

2 mocht

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n a wavelet? m.¤ gach ciuin-tonn mara mhóir, For. Foc. 59.


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adj io, iā great, mighty: mál machta (of Gideon), SR 5366. Maelodrán mór mochtae, Fél. Dec. 2. gein mór Mathai mochthai, May 6. fiche míled mochtae, Mar. 18 (glossed .i. machtha no moigthe no tormaigthi, Fél.² lix ). cach m.¤ , Laws v 438.21 . robat m.¤ indocbaithe, RC xxvi 50 § 275. cach dān mochto (mochta v.l.), ZCP xi 82 § 24 = mochtaide, 93 § 24 . m.¤ .i. tormach nó rosoisead, Lec. Gl. 124.


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n [i,m.] a powerful person, a magnate? anmesach cach m.¤ , Laws iv 375.5 .


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Forms: mochtaiti

adj io, iā. great, mighty (? magnified, extolled): mál mind mór m.¤ , IT i 68.16 . mind māil m.¤ ` renowned ', Ériu viii 172.20 . fer mochtaidi, ZCP xiii 382.3 = mochtaiti, iii 466.5 . is tre ḟír flathemon ro-saig cech dán mochtide mind suíthi 'it is through the justice of the ruler that every great man of art attains the crown of knowledge' AM 8 § 24 .


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x see moch (compds.).


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Forms: mogal, mogall

n o, m., (Lat. macula, Ped. i 193 ) mogal, mogall, IGT Dec. § 17.22 .

(a) a mesh, network, web . This may be the sense in O.Ir.: mocoll lín, Sg. 63a12 = mocol, Pcr. 28b ( Thes. ii 226.35 ), gl. subtel `the hollow of the foot', by glossator prob. con- founded with tela. dolluid in curach . . . trena mocoll ind lín, RC x 60.12 ( LU 1928 ). for a mormocoll in lína, Anecd. i 67 § 150. mogall don lín, RC xiv 44 § 51. co tarla brattan cach tres moccuil isin lin in every third mesh, Moling § 23. bratan cach mucail, ib. brattán . . . íarna gabháil i llíon aenmhogail a net of one web, BNnÉ 16 § 25.

(b) a globe, sphere, round mass: ? mocoil ┐ fithisi óir im cach ndual dia fult, Tochm. Becfola (R.I.A. Ir. MSS. Series i 176.22 , transld. `bunches and weavings of gold'; allusion may be to spherical ornaments attached to plaits of hair). Of the eye- ball: mocol-ṡúli móra oengela (i.e. goggle eyes?), LL 267a33 = MU 34.34 . ré mogal a ṡúl the apple of his eye, Zechariach ii 8 . Cf. also: a mugaill do bheith pallida (= genae pallent), R.I.A. 23 K 2, 190.17 (= cheeks?).

(c) a husk (of corn), shell (of fruit), pod, etc. gort fán mong- buidi moguill where the grain is yellow and bearded (?), Hy Fiachr. 280.14 . maethbárr mela ar a moglaib, 184.12 . co ndrucht meala ar gach mogoll, Top. Poems 132.12 . ón scellán gonuige an mogall from the kernel to the husk, Numb. vi 4. a tobuir . . . moguil folma a n-imdada `empty husks were the beds of their streams', Ériu iv 222.28 . Fig. dá mac Taidg . . . dá craíb aonmhogaill two branches springing from the same seed-pod, O'Gr. Cat. 360.28.

(d) a globular mass or cluster (of fruit, nuts, etc.): cnu beo mogail ar muini, Arch. iii 246.6 . do thuit frasa mora do chnoibh asa mogallaibh, BNnÉ 14 n. 21 . In poetry often fig.: cnú mullaigh do mogal ríogh of a cluster of kings (a royal stock), ZCP ii 341.20 . ar sáir-shliocht mhogail Mhíleadh, Keat. Poems 38. cnú dá mogal mé a nut of her cluster, PBocht 20 § 3 . a gcnú mhoguil (i.e. their darling), E. O'Rahilly xiv 38. táinic díth in trommoguil (of the death of a chief), Caithr. Thoirdh. 4.15 .

(e) a compact body of persons, troop, band: mogal marcslóigh, FM vi 2034.24 . an mogall do chrunnsluagh, v 1626 x . go nglan-mhogal gallóclach, 1670.1 .