? moaigech

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Forms: mochta

adj o, ā great, mighty: gl. mochta, Laws v 440.1 ; perhaps coined by glossator, but cf. móaigid.


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Forms: mogaid, mogthae, móaigid, moigh- tiumh, moaigfid, moigfith, mooifid, moaighfi, moaichfid, mogaigthi, mouigh, moaigther, moaightear, moigther, móugud, mogud, móaigthe, moaigthe, mogaigthe, moaigthib

v g, makes greater, increases, magnifies . The O.Ir. form was prob. mogaid, part. mogthae q.v. and some of the exx. given below may go back to it (see: rod-bet o gallaib bann[ach]aib (?) barca … maínib mogatar (MS. mogetair) 'from industrious (?) foreigners may you have (receive) … boats that are magnified (enriched) with treasures' Ériu xvi 65.47 , Celtica v 136 ); the form móaigid is perhaps due to influence of compar. . moaighid (.i. . . . dobeir sé moughud for nech), Anecd. v 24.8 . dia moigit main (.i. dobeir mougud maine), 23.8 . 3 s. imp. (with 1 s. pron. suff.) moigh- tiumh Dia dānaibh saoraibh may god endow me with, ZCP vi 258.10 . fut. moaigfid (moigfith, mooifid, moaighfi v.l.), xi 91 § 3 . moaichfid docenel tria grada ecalsa `plebeians shall be exalted', Laws iii 30.1 (intrans. or impers. ?). secht mugu moigfite morgnimu mugsaine, Bodl. Corm. s.v. mann = mogaigthi, Corm. p. 29. pret. ma ra mouigh meiser cach aon iarn-arille, Nero A vii p. 150b ( O'Don. 2221 ). Pass. pres. mochen mata moaigther , Ériu vii 6.32 (a pig that is fattened?). moaightear, Laws iv 20.5 . fonenmuin moigethar mac fria athair `the son is enriched in the same ratio as the father', 286.6 . moigther, 266.24 . vn. móugud, Anecd. v 23 n. 20 . Laws iv 290.15 . mogud, iii 34.27 . mógad cacha tuaithe, ZCP xi 88 § 55 . g s. trí fúammann móaigthe `sounds of increase', Triads 146. man moaigthe [mogaigthe v.l.] dagdaine (.i. matan métaigthe na ndagdaine), Amra Sen. § 3 ( ZCP iii 223.5 ). d p. admestar as a moaigthib mblicht increases , ZCP xi 94 § 36. See mogaigid.


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adj superl. of mór q.v.


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Forms: mobhladh

n = Engl. mole (an animal not found in Ireland): g p. chum na mobhladh , Isa. ii 20.


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Forms: moch, mochrád, mochrach

adj o, ā. early .

I As adj., with cop. or subst.: mór maitne ba m.¤ th'eirge, TBC 4004. ro-moch duit-siu sain, a meic bic (= you are too young for that), 878 . ba ro-moch lind co ngabais armu we thought it too soon for thee to take arms, 1139 . as m.¤ | fód na huaidhe dot fholoch, Ir. Texts ii 74 § 13. dothæt E. . . . matain moch, SC 36. atragat . . . matain muich, FB 64. ra huair na maitne muche, TBC 3176. a gcrepscul na maitne muiche, Fl. Earls 192.26 . Acall. 5181. do Róim ro- milis ro-muich ancient , Sits xxv 439 § 3 = LL 369 marg. inf. fíngal m.¤ nís denta de (i.e. he was killed in ripe age?), MacCarthy 414 § 1 ( BB 50a27 ). As subst.: a moch laoi d'eirgheadur, Cín Lae Ó Meall. 12.11 ( An. Hib. 3 ). o m.¤ na maidni co medhon lae, ZCP vi 68.6 .

II As adv. early, betimes: gl. mane, Ml. 21c6 , cf. 3 . m.¤ .i. . . . cito latine , O'Mulc. 812. ní m.¤ doroich let . . . ícc mic Dechtere, SC 29. dolotar co mm.¤ don tiprait, Lat. Lives 25. tánac-sa lá co mochmoch very early, Met. Dinds. iii 226.5 . an drong iarrus mé go m.¤ , Prov. viii 17. Compar. is muchu atbath M. . . . oldas A., BB 26b35 . mucha no thoirichnigeann innā in athair (the mother) relieves sooner than the father, Laws ii 346.17 Comm.


(a) with subst. early; prompt, speedy, occas. pre- mature . ¤airge: midach na mocháirgi (of the Dond Cuailnge), IT iii 246.9 = na mochairge, p. 276 ; (early herd), Wind. ¤bró: esdad mochbhro itir muilli, IT iii 101 § 181 . ¤dedóil f. early dawn: m. na maidne muiche, CCath. 2303 , cf. 4436 . a mochdeghoil na maitne, Fl. Earls 32.3 . i muichdeadhoil na maidne, FM iii 410.16 . vi 1964.20 (moich-). ¤dingbál: ar a mochdingbail do thuaith speedy expulsion , Laws i 78.16 . ¤éc: innisid a mnai do m., LL 296a2 . ¤éirge f. early rising: fri mocherge na grene, TBC p. 77 n. 8 (St.). gan crú muc, gan mochéirghe (joys of Heaven), ZCP viii 201.17 . Brian na mochéirghi, AU iii 556. ag mochéirghe, Jerem. xxv 3. mochóirghi moichérghi, IGT Dec. § 3.30 (the form mochóirghe is still in use in S. and W. Ireland). ¤erchra early (premature) declineor extinction: bá hómun leó m. do bith do Choin Ch., LU 10165. ro badh liach . . . muicherchra an tí testa annsin, FM vi 2296.20 . ¤imgabál: minscainnre mellta mochimgabala speedy in retreat (?), MR 302.3 . ¤im- thecht: menma ar mhuichimthecht, Buile S. 92.15 . ¤léithe f. premature greyness: maíle is meth is m., Met. Dinds. iii 24.314 . ¤letrad: milidh ar na mochledrad prematurely slaughtered, Acall. 433. ¤lige an untimely grave , IT i 81.14 . ¤longad eat- ing early (in the day), Buile S. § 74 . mian mochlongthi, Aisl. MC 93.26 ; 85.24 . ¤marbad `to slay suddenly', Met. Dinds. ii 74.60 . ¤maten: isin mochmatain, PH 3459. ¤néll: moc[h]neoill na maittne, CCath. 4386. a moichnéll na maidne, FM vi 2702.9 . ¤scél: ecol leo mochscelie den oclaich (euphemism for pre- mature death), RC xii 88.9 . ¤soillse: mochsoillsi na maidni, CCath. 2744. Fl. Earls 28.18 . ¤tráth early hour or time of day, generally as adv. , freq. corrupted to mochrád and later mochrach : ro érig C. mochtrath ar na barach, CRR 14. adracht F. m. do ló, Acall. 6983. bíd mo corp-sa sunn co m. till dawn, Lism. L. 2493. mochthráth sin . . . re ceileabhradh it is an early hour for celebration, Buile S. 136 § 75. mochthrád, TBC 636. mochrád, 6168 . cathir . . . cos'tictis maithḟir mochrad, Met. Dinds. iv 342.42 . dorbbolus na maitni muchi mochrád, LL 239a24 (TTr.). mochrach at dawn , ITS xiv 98.19 . mocrac no tratnona in the morning or evening, 150.6 . See also mochtrátae (b) below and mothrach.

(b) with adj., gen. one formed from subst., or else with advbl. force: ¤díscir: mochdhisgir impetuous , Ériu v 166.45 . ¤érgech early-rising , TBC 3296. ¤loingthech fond of eating early , Aisl. MC 87.7 . ¤maitnech matutinal: as npr. m. pl. Mochmatnig, BDD 126. ¤mall: riacht réim . . . dar muing maith mora mochmaill `he fared . . . over the goodly mane of the sea early and late', Met. Dinds. ii 26.10 . niptar mochmaill dia lánréir `they were not their own masters early or late', 46.18 . moch- maill .i. go moch ┐ go mall, O'Cl. ¤saeglach: gumadh moch- ṡaeghlach . . . intí ro míllfead in cadach sin short-lived , BB 234b9 . ¤solus: maidin mochṡolus, IT ii2 127.137 . CF 336.

¤trátae matutinal: mochtratae gl. matutinus, Ml. 21c8 . Later mochtraide (as adv.), TBC 5800 = mochtrad, TBC² 3472.

(c) rarely with vb.: manicabat .i. mane veniebat .i. no mocháirgiged used to rise early, Flower Cat. 433 from Harl. 1023 (a denom. from mochéirge?). Bætan . . . is Eochaid . . . ros mochbí . . . clothrí Ciannachta slew them betimes (? before their time), LL 132b24 (ben-). mochthánic came early, SR 2867 (do-icc-).

mocha, mucha

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Forms: -a, -u, -i, mucha

n io, m., [and , f.?] (abstr. of moch). Gender doubtful: occurs always in d s., variously -a, -u, -i. Earliness; an early time (hour, etc.); used adverbially with prep. ar mucha ` in the morning ', Met. Dinds. iii 94.15 . i fairthe (.i. i mmochai), LU 434. fri uare na matne i mmucha imbarach, TBC 2089. atraactatar . . . i mmucha lá indiu early this morn- ing, 5238 . i mmuchui lai, IT i 126.1 . a mucha lai ┐ laithe, YBL 329a24 ( TMomera 154.3 ). rangatar . . . a mocha laoi dia luain at daybreak on Monday, Fl. Earls 22.6 . a mucha do lo iarnamarach, BNnÉ 116.5 . ro eirgeattar a mocha do ló, FM vi 2060.10 . a mucha na maidni, ZCP vi 65.3 . FM iii 232.9 . i mmocha soon; prematurely ; atbélai i mmúichi (i mmochai, Eg.), Trip. 220.1 . fingal etrom . . . nit-bērad i mmuchu it would not carry you off before your time, TBC 4300. scēraidh i mmuchu fria maithib in cenntair, Ériu ii 202 § 18 (YBL reading). iarna mairn co mucha after they had met with untimely destruction, Met. Dinds. iii 408.23 . As advbl. acc.? ó do milledh a [leg. an?] mucha sin hi `if it were violated so early as this', Misc. Hag. Hib. 125.8 .


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Forms: mochat

n ā, f. (moch) earliness: ar thossach, ar m.¤ (: Fothart), ZCP xii 436 § 8 ( Rawl. 83b45 ) = mochat, LL 35b15 . cach maitne for muchacht, Met. Dinds. iv 196.12 .

? mocharracht

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ind : is trom baccaige ar na hechuibh do-geib betha go moch ┐ is mocharracht Celtica ii 42 § 31 . ? Leg. moch-ars[aidh]echt early old-age.


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adj. indecl. A development of mad-chin (cinid) Ériu xxix 16 . Later apparently understood as compd. of 1 s. poss. pron. and cin `love, favour', see follg. exx.: mochen bid chen do thichtu, a ardri, LL 268a47 ( MU 42.19 ). m.¤ ocus morochen, a meic Findloga, LL 366 marg. inf. ( Sits xxv 438 § 2 ). mo mōrchen do tiacht, Acall. 4523. mo cen-su bas welcome death! CCath. 3574. For another suggestion see Auraic. p. 347.

Used after cop. (generally understood) in sense fortunate, lucky, blessed: mochin ricfa in flaith sin happy he who will reach that kingdom, LL 371a48 . mochin tír asa tanic in mac, TBC 982 = as mogenar tir, St. Iosa Criosd, moc[h]in le mbia, ZCP xiii 14.12 . mo cros . . . mochen bís 'na haice-si, BCC § 154. as mocin dobeir an biadh blessed he who giveth food, Ériu iv 17 § 2. With neg.: ni mochin nech nos-fothraic nā tib dig unlucky is he who bathes without drinking, LB 94 marg. inf. nímchin [nimchen v.l.] fri tarrgraig tossaig `woe betide him that starts on a journey', Met. Dinds. iii 130.23 . briathra mer- drighe, ni mac[h]in millit menmain unhappy he whose mind they corrupt, ZCP iv 469 § 21. ní m.¤ cuma tic in turcharthe, Comp. CC. 119.8 ( Med. & Mod.Ir. Ser. iii ). Passing into sense welcome: m.¤ amlaid éc, LU 9964. m.¤ do thíchtu, a meic bic, . . . ar bith do mathar ┐ t'athar ┐ ni m.¤ do thictu fort féin, TBC 1039. m.¤ caladbolg, 5960 . m.¤ do thecht, a Luigh! RC xiv 261 § 43. do theacht sonn as mocheana, ML 144.32 . atdérthar ritt is m.¤ `they will say to thee Hail!' RC xx 12 § 21. m.¤, m.¤, a Brenaind, LL 366 marg. inf. Folld. by DO: bennacht for in n-irnai[g]the, mochin do neoch nodn-āile happy who- soever prays it, ZCP iii 33.28 . is m.¤ duib ye are welcome, IT i 99.11 . Aen. 342. muchean duit sund, 1870 . is e mocen do thecht dom serbis welcome is thy coming to my service, ZCP vi 25.22 (sic leg.). m.¤ d' ég festa ó so amach welcome be death, Comp. CC. 97.18 . mochean don tí tá innti, Keat. Poems 19. With FRI (? RIA): m.¤ re cach ṅdáim, Acall. 2731. Used loosely in cheville: i ndomnach De, is moc[h]en, | bērtar na næim ar naemnem, Ériu iii 144 § 21. ro thesc oenḟer, as mochin, Met. Dinds. iv 78 = ar mochin, TBC 733 ; as mo chion, St.


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adj dim. from mochen and similar in meaning: rom chrideōn is mochenōn, Sitzungsb. der Preuss. Akad. xxv 439 § 9 ( LL 369 marg. inf.). ni mochenonn beith 'na ndáil it is ill fortune to oppose them, ZCP x 30.13 .


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adj. see moglaid.