1 mithis

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Forms: mithise, mithisiu, mithisi, mithisi, mithesse, mithisi

n a, f. and mithise , f. (perh. older form): g s. in mithisiu , LL 406b42 ( TTr. 2098 ), in mithisi TTr.² 1103 (but: na mithisi 1637 ).

An indefinite (but generally short) lapse of time, a while . mithis .i. re, O'Dav. 1261 , cf. 1274 (methas). m.¤ .i. aimsior, O'Cl. gáid side di mithisse .vii. ṁbliadna asked her for a respite of seven years, LU 11033 = Im. Brain i 56.8 . amra maitne, amra mithisi, TBC² 3086. mithissi cetheora n-uar fichet, RC xi 450 = mithesse, ZCP iii 253.7 . in cach midisi aimsirda (.i. in cach aimsir), Eg. 88, f. 2d ( O'C. 2144 ). iar cúl mithisi after a lapse of time, Met. Dinds. ii 6.77 (= iar coll m.¤ LL 163b13 ). ni ren duine tir mic Dé ar maine mithisi (.i. ar maine maithi uaisi) for transitory wealth (?), H. 4.22 p. 73b ( O'C. 2094 ). ro thochaithset mithisi fhoda do urthosach na hoidhche, Hugh Roe 312.28 (fo. 81b) . As advl. acc.: cotlais A. mithissin mbic, RC xxi 320 § 48 (as n-st.; cf. fithisin). iar mbeith fo múr mithisse `after pausing under the rampart a breathing space', Met. Dinds. iii 158.10 . bí mithis i measg sgoile remain a while, Content. xxii 29. Of a truce: iar comarlechudh do Priaim in mithisiu, LL 406b42 ( TTr. 2098 ). dochúas ó Agamemnon do chuinchid mithisi .xxx. laa, TTr.² 1123 ; cf. 1103 , 1637 . pl. céin robátar na mithisi while the truces lasted, 1387 .

2 mithis

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n [f.] disgrace, reproach? ni agat (.i. āgatar) monud no m.¤ (.i. mi-athis) no gorud fri richid ruaid (.i. i llo bratha), LL 364 marg. sup. ? nimtha seilbh saerḟorba do mhac Mucchna mithisi `there shall not be possession of free land with the son of hapless M.', BR 198.21 = du mac muchna mithisi, BB 278. 15 = dom mac muchna imdhaisi, LL 386b2 . Cf. midise.

? mitiu

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ind mitíu [mite v.l.] miadach | dídíu [dítiu v.l.] duanach, IT iii 76 § 41.

? mítta

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x LL 161b marg. sup., see mátta.

? mitteag

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Forms: miteag

n bleat, bleating: mitteag na ngabhar, géim na mbath, Eg. Gl. 450. miteag, Dinneen (quoting above).

míu, meó

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n mew (of a cat) meoinne .i. ainm cait . . . .i. m.¤ ina inde . . . .i. meghel ina inde mew in its essence, O'Dav. 1246. An onomatopoeic formation Celtica xxv 100 .


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n m. the act of tasting: ni techte a ṡlocud in parsa cen a mlaissiuth, Thes. ii 255.17 ( Stowe Miss. 66a ).


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adj i. (earlier form of bláith, Ped. i 163 ) smooth, soft: tech- taire m.¤ miltengthach, Ériu iii 106 § 44 (blaith, mblaith MSS.). co sīnaib mlāithib with mild seasons, ZCP xi 83.1 .


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Forms: mlas

n (O.Ir. form of blas) taste, savour: ho m.¤ , gl. sapore, Ml. 36b1 . nis-tesbi nach mlass no savour was wanting to them, Im. Brain § 62. g p. cen saigith mlas hi rruna Dé, Thes. ii 255.17 ( Stowe Miss. 66a ).


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n ā, f., (mlas) taste; tasting: ho m.¤ , gl. gustu, Ml. 53c4 . du m.¤ etarcni Dæ (ad gustandum), 53c5 .


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Forms: blegon, mbleguin

n o, m., O.Ir. vn. of mligid (bligid) `milks', = Mid.Ir. blegon. g s. ōl n-ais caich mbleguin a draught of milk at each milking, AU 732 (transitional spelling, see Ó Máille Lang. of Ann. of U. 95 follg.). ní béo fri ṁblegon na mbó, TBFr. (Med. & Mod.Ir. Ser. v, 411).