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Forms: miorr

n f. (Lat. myrrha) myrrh. m.¤ ┐ tuis is dergór (gifts of the Magi), SR 7540. PH 7017. Aráib co m.¤ co túis, LL 135b6 . miorr, Gen. xliii 11. íocluibh iomorro an mhiorr, TSh. 7685.


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n f. late form of mirr. corp Rolanduis do chumhdach do bhalsaimm ┐ do m.¤ , ITS xix 98.1 . do chumdaigetar cuirp . . . maille re m.¤ , BLism. 107rb36 .


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io, iā adj. formed from mirr? tri .l.c. n-anart co ndath n-adarc m.¤ mán, LL 296a23 = SG 362.14 .


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n (Lat. myrtus?) a myrtle-shrub? mirti mora . . . ar na tarraiṅg a tendtaib talman, TTebe 1565 .


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Forms: Mis

g s. in n.l. Sliab Mis , name of a mountain in Kerry , see Hogan Onom. s.v. māl Mis (.i. ríg montis), Ériu ii 5.14 (of Cúroí m. Daire).

1 mísach

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n (mí `month'?) a calendar? name of a halidom or relic: tri mergi acu .i. in chathach ┐ in clog Padraic ┐ in M.¤ Cairnig, RC xxiii 404.16 = MS. Mat. 600.17 ; probably a calendar or martyrology , see O'Curry, op. cit. 600 , and RC xxxiv 36.

2 mísach

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Forms: mísach, míscha, míosach, míonsach, míseach, míosach

n f. mísach, IGT Dec. § 37 (no pl.); g s. snúadh óir na míscha , ex. 953 . Perhaps a plant-name: míosach ` fairy-flax ', O'R. míonsach (míosach, míseach) id., Dinneen . míosach (míseach) ` pansy, spurge ', Hog. Luibh. See minmach.

1 miscad

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n f. a curse, malediction, esp. of comminatory utterances of saints; perhaps compd. of mí- and scoth `words, speech', as suggested by Corm. Y 859 : miscath .i. mí-innsci. Scath .i. innsci; folld. by O'Cl. : mio- scaith .i. mi-innsci no drochinnsce (cf. roscad). miscaid .i. mallacht ut est miscaid fri ceird cainti, O'Dav. 1211. miscath .i. mallacht, Lec. Gl. 310. aincis is mioscaith . . . dha ṡenainm na mallachta, For. Foc. 29. trí[s]t ┐ m.¤ Patraic . . . for cech flaith, Ériu i 219.5 . nach miscath doratad . . . for cech n-oen conascar regt nDe, Anecd. iii 25. fó míscaid bretheman brátha, FA 34. fagcbaim . . . miscid . . . for Coisemnach, BColm. 78.6 . eirgg dot tig ┐ beir miscaid a curse with you! LL 272a30 = RC xiii 381.7 . tre misgaith naomh-Ruadhain, BNnÉ 323 n. 9 . do chedhaigh . . . a misccaith ┐ a mallacht d'inis Éiremhóin, FM vi 2294.26 .


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adj o, ā. (miscaid) accursed: fri claind Cáin miscadaig, SR 2422 , cf. 2392 . o Cháin míscadach, PH 1622. do shíl Cain miscathaig, RC xxvi 162 § 48. ZCP iv 236 § 20.


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Forms: miscuis, miscsen, miscen, misc(e)n-, miscne, miscena, miscai[s]e

n n, f., (compd. of cais `hatred', Ped. ii 10 ; for prefix cf. misceird, misimbert and see Wortk. § 9 ). O.Ir. miscuis; the g.s. does not occur in Glosses. Mid.Ir. g s. miscsen, LU 783 (as if<miscsiu), later miscen, LB 256b32 (miscin, ZCP i 459. 14 ), whence arises a new oblique stem misc(e)n-, g s. miscne (miscine, ZCP xiii 266.2 ), pl. miscena, Triads 179. Rarely treated as ā-st.; do tabairt miscai[s]e ar Find, Rawl. B 506 fo. 47d ( O'Don. 2387 ).

Hatred, dislike: cais .i. m.¤ , LU 784 , cf. Corm. Y 940. As pred. with copula hateful, hated: is miscuis do Dia, gl. inimica est Deo, Wb. 3d33 . cid nech bad mó m.¤ lat the one whom thou shouldst most hate, SR 6001. raba m.¤ lé-side a leschland, LL 218a25 ( TTr. 86 ). PH 6665. fá mioscais leó an tí Niall, FM vi 2344.4 . (Compar.) conidh misgaisiu lasna tuathaibh na tigerna clechtait forru innāt na tigernada aili that the peoples hate the rulers with whom they are acquainted more than other rulers, CCath. 5106. As subst.: doratsat . . . m.¤ moir do Ner they hated Nero greatly, PH 1906. tardsat uile m.¤ dia trebaire, Aen. 1763. With obj. gen.: arna epret is ara miscuis . . . act is ara seircc out of hatred to them . . . out of love to them, Wb. 7d8 . ni ar do miscuis (miscais LU) not from dislike of you, TBC² 1148. rofidir a m.¤ acon ingin he knew the girl hated him, ZCP i 459.29 . do dhioghail a mhisccne for R. to punish R. for his animosity towards him, FM v 2330.24 . With subj. gen. a thing hated, an object of hatred: m.¤ na ṅgataige one hated of thieves, IT iii 74 § 34 = Bruchst. i § 50 . miscus gach buirb a tinchosc the churl hates reproof (?), Ériu ii 229 § 9. mioscuis Ephraim the envy of E., Isa. xi 13. miosguis, Eg. Gl. 112. Pl. in distributive sense: trí miscena [miscna v.l.] indsci `three hateful things in speech', Triads 179. inti oca mbítis miscne, RC xx 248 § 51. eter miscenaib (= inter odia), PH 5924.


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adj o, ā. hateful, odious: tiagarna fuar no m.¤ , Ériu v 138.11 . Cáin miscuiseach, R.I.A. 23 E 26 p. 8 . Cf. miscsech.