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n n p words, converse? nitat m.¤ oísa foirbthi insin (gl. stultiloquium), Wb. 22b17 . Cf. midera.

midṡeng, mideng

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Forms: Mideng

adj. of doubtful meaning; a compd. of 3 mid and seng slender?

(a) epithet of a spear-shaft: manais lethanglas for crúnd midṡing, TBC² 10. for crunn midhṡiṅg, 2840 (no -e- added above second -i-). for a chrund midenn, 3152 . manaís for crund miding, LU 9270. slegha . . . for crandaibh midhsenga, TBC 5538 St.

(b) of sea: co muir mideng, LL 306b40 ( SG 386.1 ).

(c) in prosody of a variety of `dian', the metrical form belonging to the curriculum of the fochlocán (see Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig ii 279 ); acc. to Thurneysen, IT iii 166 , the dian m.¤ corresponded in rhythm to the late Lat. trochaic tetrameter. dian midseng (mideng, midiṅg v.l.), IT iii 32 § 4 (distinguished from dian airseng, § 3 and d. iarṡeng, § 5 ); 70 § 24 ; 71 § 25 (midṡeng). dian mideng, Laws v 60.1 Comm. a ddēin miding milbriath- raig, IT iii 106.20 . focluc . . . for midshing, O'Mulc. 537 (gender due to dian).

(d) as hypocoristic npr. f. Mideng, RC xxiv 284.2 , see Wortk. § 33.


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x see 2 mid.


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adj o, ā. (3 mid) in prosody name of a species of `dian' (see Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig ii 278 ), cf. midṡeng (c). dian midthrom, IT iii 33 § 7. dian mitrom ┐ dian cendtrom, Laws v 60.2 Comm. focluc . . . for midtruim, O'Mulc. 537.


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n f.: dodhéan-sa míodhuaill ar sin (: crioth fhúar) `I shall cause horror', Ériu i 18.43 (= mí-uall?).


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Forms: mifri

adj. faint-hearted, downcast, despondent: mithfir .i. lag no aineolach, O'Cl. ni fortachtaig[i] Dia nach mifhir meirb, Trip. 88.29 . cia rāiter, ní mífferr (: ifernn), ZCP x 344 § 23. As subst.: occ mairgniughad ┐ occ m.¤ , Hugh Roe 152.22 (fo. 41a) ; leg. mifri?


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n , f., (mifir) despondency, sadness: la firu ferdacht, la mná m.¤ , LL 119b19 (`men must work and women must weep'). cen miffri, 134a14 ( Todd Nenn. 234 ). As quasi-vn.: oc derfa- daig ┐ oc mifri, TFerbe 43 4.

1 mifrech

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Forms: mif[r]ech

adj o, ā despondent, melancholy: a ndomgní miffrech mígnimach, Aisl. MC 93.25 . mif[r]ech (sic leg.), 45.3 . con- ḟacutar in sentuinne mongleith mifrigh, Corm. p. 37.7 (s.v. prúll).

2 mifrech

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n ā, f., moping, mourning: ic scailiud dér is ic mifrig, TFerbe 608 .


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n , f., dejection, sadness: daronsat . . . toirse truag ┐ m.¤ , LB 224a28 . ro gab mifrigi ┐ maithnechus mor Ioseph, 134a13 = Todd Lect. vi 41.1 . ag toirsi ┐ acc mifridhe moir, IT ii2 130.122 .


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n : it é inso ruidilsi cluiche .i. … folach migán 'the following are the games with total immunity: … hide-and-seek (?)' Celtica viii 149, 151 (Mellbretha) .