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n m. Mid.Ir. vn. of midithir.

(a) surveying, estimating: ro gab ac m.¤ ┐ ic mordescin, LL 263b8 = MU 12.23 . ac m.¤ ┐ ac mórdescain ar in slúag, CRR 25. ac m.¤ . . . int ṡloig, 27 . re midium na cath, MR 198.11 .

(b) a judge (analogy of brith- em): oentaigid risin m.¤ morbriattrach, fri Moysi, BB 241a46 .


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Forms: midhemhana

n f. late Mid.Ir. vn. of midithir.

(a) judging: aingil nime ic a forguill . . . Crist fén oc a m.¤ (= Christus iudex), PH 5336.

(b) contemplating, surveying (in order to form a judge- ment); reconnoitring: ic midemuin na ndúl (of a druid), TBC 5490 St. oc midhemhain na nóeden, Moling § 8. gid fata ro beth fer . . . ac mideamain na n-ingen sin, TTebe 733 . ic midhemain ┐ ic mordecsain for in longphort, CCath. 5429. do midheamhain . . . an tíre ina thimchell, Hugh Roe 156.18 (fo. 42a) . do mhidheamain an tslóigh, FM iv 988.16 .

(c) the act of reflecting; meditation: ag midheamhain ar ghuaisibh an bháis, TSh. 9849. do tharbha na midhemhna so, Parrth. Anma 391.3 . pl. doním midhemhana fada ar na pianaibh do fhulaing Criosd, 426.11 .


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Forms: Medhamnus

n o, m., the faculty of judgement; the act of judging or examining: midheamhnas .i. meas nō meadhughadh, O'Cl. is mor a mídemhnus | ar mēt a sealbha som, IT iii 92 § 137 = Bruchst. i § 54 (`'). is cóir . . . do reir mo midemnais-se, SG 402.8 . ba mertnech Moyse oc gleod chest ┐ [oc] mídemnus do na slogaib, LB 122a13 , cf. BB 242b42 , YBL 292b44 . o na portaib cro ro bidis ag in aes athgaetige ag midenmhus [leg. midemhnus] a crecht do cach from the clots of blood that used to be on the wounded when their wounds were severally examined, Ériu viii 30.16 . ? As alleg. n.pr. m.: Medhamnus maic Fithil, Anecd. ii 53.6 .


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x see midṡeng.


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Forms: Midera

subst. pl. Midera Morainn, Molta maic Lonain (in a list of literary productions), Anecd. ii 53.4 ; ` satires ' O'Curry Mann. and Cust. ii 133 ; perhaps judgements , cf. bretha Moraind, IT iii 187.11 ; but see midrera.


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ind asbert fris ni bad ard a chongbail i talmain ┐ nu regtáis a teora maila tairsi, m.¤, ǽs, toithe fola, Trip. 166.5 .


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n m. (mid- `to judge') a judge: rop m.¤ cá[i]ch iarna míad, Tec. Corm. § 6.45 .


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x see midmír.

midise, midisiu)

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Forms: midaísi, midissi, midisen, midligen, midi-se

ind im cheth[e]óra mucca midisi, BDD 87 = midaísi YBL (BDD2), midissi, Eg. 92. la dā muic midisen , Corm. Y 397 (? g s.) = cotammuic midligen , 1052 (s.v. páin) = co dā muic midligen, Corm. p. 37. co ndasaid iar mbúaid midise a samlaid én n-etarlúamain (of a horse), FB 47 = midissi is samlaidh en etarluamuin, Eg.; Thurneysen, Sagen aus dem alten Irland, p. 40 , translates: , reading: iar mbúaid; midi-se (2 s. imp. of midithir). is dord síabrai cen midisiu is bith cáich ar úair immáredi-siu, LU 9304 = is dord siafra cin midisi (cach midhru v.l.), Anecd. iii 52.5 (Siaburcharpat Con C.; O'Beirne Crowe in his edition of the LU version, J. Royal Hist. & Arch. Assoc. 1871 p. 378 reads: cech midi-siu `of the order of demons is every thing thou ponderest on'). Cf. also: a Moruinn . . . co dein cach nemed dia diles dan bid menmain midisin, Nero VII a, fo. 145b ( O'Don. 2209 ). Cf. 2 mithis.


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Forms: midiur-sa, forsa-mmitter, midithir, midedar, nachib-mided, midid, mestar, condid-messed, mesor-sa, num-mesur, miastar, messimmir, nos-messammar, mídar, midair, miditir, midetar, mesair, coni-messar, mestar, meser, messtar, misir, meiser, messatar, miastir, miastair, miastar, ron-mess-ni, mesta, messe, messi, mess, midem, -ain, mid-, mid, midet, mider, mide, mhidea, mess-, con-messind-se, mesaid, midfess, midfed, mid, midset, fora- miset, midatar, miter, midfidir, mided, midir, midr-, ros-mathir, -midair, roda-midir

dep. vb. O.Ir. forms: pres. 1 s. midiur-sa, Wb. 9a2 . 2 s. forsa-mmitter, 6b22 . 3 s. midithir, Ml. 30c8 . ní midedar , Sg. 63a14 . Imp. 3 s. nachib-mided, Wb. 27a24 . 2 pl. midid, 3b5 . Subj. pres. 3 s. rel.) mestar, Ml. 127d12 . Subj. impf. 3 s. condid-messed, Wb. 8d26 . Fut. 1 s. in mesor-sa , Sg. 179a1 . amal num-mesur , Ml. 94b8 . 3 s. miastar, Wb. 1d9 , cf. Ml. 56c10 . 1 pl. messimmir, Wb. 9c10 . nos-messammar, ib. Pret. 1 s. ra mídar , 9b5 . 3 s. ru midair , Ml. 72b21 . Pass. pres. pl. miditir, Wb. 4c9 . (rel.) midetar, Ml. 128b2 . Subj. pres. 3 s. co mesair , 36a17 . coni-messar, 42d14 . (rel.) mestar, Wb. 9c6 . Ml. 24a10 . Cf. meser, Corm. Y 1135 = messtar, Corm. 40.10 ; misir, O'Dav. 1442 ; meiser, ib. 868 (? 2 s. subj. pres.). pl. messatar, Ml. 70a9 . Fut. s. miastir, Wb. 9c9 . miastair, Ml. 30d25 . rel.) miastar, 57c7 . Pret. s. ron-mess-ni, Wb. 4b22 . mesta (spurious form for messa), Laws v 394.1 . Part. messe q.v. Gerundive messi. vn. mess; midem, -ain (late forms).

In Mid.Ir. treated as act. vb., stem mid-: imp. 2 s. mid, PH 609. pres. 3 pl. ní midet , 6856 . Subj. pres. 1 s. (dep.) ro mider , 3961 . 3 s. ro mide , 4149 . ro mhidea , 4166 . The older stem mess- still persists: con-messind-se, RC xxv 22 § 4 (LL), but falls together with mesaid q.v. Fut. 3 s. rel.) midfess, Trip. 258.16 . Condit. 3 s. midfed, LU 2741. Pret. 3 s. ro mid , LL 14b7 . Met. Dinds. iv 88.2 . 3 pl. midset, PH 6563 , cf. fora- miset, Cog. 116.5 . ro midatar , Trip. p. lix 13 . Pass. pres. rel.) miter, Laws iv 352.28 Comm. Fut. midfidir, LU 2169 ( FA 24 ). Pret. ro mided , Cog. 116.5 . The 3 s. pret. ro midir continues in use, and gives rise to a spurious stem midr- occas. found (see midraid).

Orig. weighs, measures , hence

(a) judges , with acc. or FOR: in Glosses commonly translates Lat. iudicare; diiudicare, Ml. 30c8 ; comprobare, Sg. 179a1 . is macc míastar in die iudici , Wb. 1d9 . nebmess for nech . . . condid-messed in Coimdiu until the Lord should have judged him, 8d26 . is tria ḟír flathemon tuatha móra midetar, LL 293b5 , cf. ZCP xi 81 § 10 a . Día már midedar [mided ar MS.] cach ní, LU 3042 ( SG 235.38 ). i mBeluch Mugna rat-mess thou wast proved (of a sword), RC xx 11 § 12. is and sin midfed-som co fíren forsna dóenib, LU 2741 ( RC xxv 254 § 38 ). is fo gnimaib midither Dia for duine, Laws i 48.24 . i lló brátha in tan midfess for torad a proaecepta, Trip. 258.16 . ro midhis fort fen thou hast passed judgement on thyself, ZCP xiii 177.21 . ra midestar si . . . for cach n-óen dint ṡlúag dús cia díb na thogfad i tochmarc, LL 221a8 ( TTr. 282 ). With cogn. acc.: is and míastair mess díriuch for cách, Ériu ii 194 § 7 ; cf. co na ro mide . . . anforlond nā indliged for nech (= neminem iniuste opprimere), PH 4149.

(b) adjudges, assigns ; cf. ni midedar cenel n-indib does not decide the gender in them, Sg. 63a14 . secht cinela aire . . . as a miditer dire seven kinds of satire for which `díre' is adjudged, Laws v 228.26 . an ro midair mo Dia dam . . . ni chumaing nech a thormach nach a digbáil, SR 3121. ro mid do chach díb a chert, LL 14b7 . biathadh . . . do righ Muman mídhit báird bards adjudge . . . to the king of Munster (?), BR 36.10 . is fuirmed filed ro midair in[n]a hanmand sa dona airc[h]et- luib, Corm. Y 41. in miad [leg. miach?] foramiset . . . is fai ro mided doib, Cog. 116.5 .

(c) measures: appraises, estimates: gl. aestimare, Wb. 4c9 , Ml. 24a10 , 42d14 , 128b2 . In SR 6663 : ros-mathig . . . cathir coir fa gabulrind, Stokes, Academy no. 584 , reads ros-mathir = -midair `he measured out a city justly', cf. 7955 . fat lethet tige Tephi . . . midit súthi, Met. Dinds. i 8. meiser ailt (.i. teach) iarna ait thou shouldst appraise a house by its situation, O'Dav. 868. miastar cach iarna thochus let him assess each one according to his fortune (?), Tec. Corm. § 6.43 . fo lin maine midhidear `the property is judged among the whole group', Studies in E. Ir. Law 140 , cf. Laws iv 38.12 . mesta Mugdorn . . . fri cumail n-uinge M. was estimated at a `cumal' worth an ounce, v 394.1 . cid óen a siball namá | mesa fri secht laíc[h]esa `has been priced at seven lay-women', Fian. 14 z . With compl. of pred., esteems, counts (as): gia ra maess menmnach Fer- báeth though F. was held courageous, TBC 3515 ; cf. Ml. 36a17 : co mesair, gl. digna honore ducatur.

(d) deems, thinks, supposes: gl. putare, Wb. 9a2 , existimare 3b5 . ro mídir Patraic nad baí baili bád cuidbiu . . . indás hi Maig Breg, Trip. 40.12 . midset conid for dásacht boí, PH 6563.

(e) meditates (an act, plan, etc.), intends: ro midair in rí a trécud, LU 4236 ( SG 83 ). cor-ro midair marbad in cleirich, Anecd. iii 34.17 . ro midatar orccoin Pátraic, Trip. lix 14. mairgc ro mídhair bid fa t[h]núth `woe to him who has resolved to be under wrath', BColm. 100.5 . Hence plans, devises: ro mid 'n-a menmain mírún, Met. Dinds. iv 88.2 . mórgním do mnaí brath a fir, | dóig is friss rodas-midir it was against him that she devised it, iii 254.4 (leg. roda-midir, see v 135 ). ro mid . . . comairle duaibsech, MR 198.14 . maircc menma ro miodhair . . . an chomhairle, FM vi 2358.13 . an mi-scel ro midsebair, Leb. Gab. i 28.22 .


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n a name for the vine and the Ogham letter m? muin .i. m.¤ , Auraic. 5521. m.¤, gius, gilsach 5926 .