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Forms: mi[d]bhaid

n a legal term occurring in the term fer m.¤ given to a member of a low class of freeman, appar. a young man not yet possessed of hereditary land , his father being alive (Thurneysen, ZCP xiv 343 , 361 , cf. MacNeill, Law of Status 277 n. 1 ; MacNeill, ib. 283 n. 1 , explains as fer midboth `a between-house man', `a man of mid-cottages', from both `booth, cabin'), a youth living on his father's land. is e bēs foloing fer midbad, Laws ii 258.18 . saeiri fir m.¤ , v 106.18 . cadeat grad tuaithi? Fer midba, bo-aire, etc., iv 298.12 (Crith Gabl.) = fer midbotha, ib. 17 . fer midhbadh (grade of the Féne corresponding to fochlach in grades of poets), 354.21 . ōtā fer miudbu co righ, ii 146.10 Comm. (extremes of rank). cema he righ Ereann ┐ in fear mbidhbaid, H. 3.18 p. 218ab ( O'C. 388 ), cf. Laws v 42.23 . ōna teora fearuibh midbuidh `the three lowest grades', Laws ii 152.12 Comm. na tri fir midba, a tri n-eineclann, H. 3.18 p. 177b ( O'C. 322 ); the three classes of fer m.¤ , acc. to this passage, were aged respectively 14, 20, and 30, cf. Laws iv 300.

Cf. further: immat buar. terc ass. midhbuidh tromm in gach tír (signs of degenerate times) `dependants burdensome', SG 80.9 = mi[d]bhaid, Lism. L. p. xxvi (= B. of Lism. 29a2 ), where Stokes quotes P. O'C. : miodhbhaidh .i. eineachlann `a mulct or fine'; cf. miodbhaidh .i. eineaclann honour-price , O'Cl. , a gloss perh. due to misunderstanding of a passage like that from H. 3.18, 177b quoted above. The meaning above may be men of low standing or juniors .


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adj o, ā. belonging to the class of `fer midbad': rāidem fēne fírfodlaib . . . midbothaig, trí ocairig, trí bo-airig buain, ZCP v 499 § 6. ben mbidbodaig, Laws ii 380.6 Comm.


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x see midbad.


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x see 3 mid.


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x see midbad, -ach.


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n bla miand midclais (.i. slan donti claides an mēin asa medonclais), Laws iii 202.16 , 17 ; acc. to the gloss middle trench . bla mēin midclais .i. slan don miandaigh inni claides a mian `the exemption of the gratification of desire, i.e. the longing woman is exempt (in eating) what subdues her desire', 204.8 , 9 ; quoted by O'Dav. 1265 with gl.: midhclais .i. boltanughadh . . . .i. cia teis tuth bracha i mbein torraig, as though = midchlos.


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n odour, fragrance? bolud ┐ midclos inna mblatha, Ériu ii 128 § 92. a bolad ┐ a midchlos, 118 § 52 . See also midchlais.


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Forms: midchuarta

n (1 mid (or possibly 3 mid) + 1 cúairt ZCP xxxiii 7 , Ériu lx 2-3 ) f. banqueting hall , also called tech midchuarta : miodhchuairt .i. meadhonchuairt, O'Cl. asrenar eneclann cach prim-persaind asa m.¤ , Laws i 164.25 Comm. i mm.¤ mo thige, Fél. Ep. 94 (glossed: i medonchuairt, Laud 610). dogen[ad] failte fri cach n-óen it' m.¤ már, RC xxv 22 § 4 . co mannaib moraib midchuarda medardæ, ZCP xi 93 § 28 . tech midchúarda (of Bruiden Dá Derga), BDD 87. for tellach taige . . . medraig midchuartai, Aisl. MC 87.11 (mid- chuartai[g], Meyer). assa mmidchórdaib comtháirgetha, combuithe, cuirmthigi comlabartha comléicther '(who) is expelled from her central quarters of common supply, common living, common conversation in the ale-house' Peritia ix 107 § 2 . Esp. of the banqueting-hall of Tara: sudigud Tige Midchúarta, FB 2. Ériu iv 128.13 . Of a goblet: midchúairt a all, Éigse xxxvii 78 § 8 .


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n f. (Lat. medicina, RC xii 466 ) medicine: bēra m.¤ latt . . . d'icc do galair, Aisl. MC 95.16 . Medical treatment: midcuine techta oc na hardbeanar alt na feich, Laws v 486.10 , glossed .i. midchuine dobeir in liaigh dligthech, 488.4 .

1 mide

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n io, m., middle, centre , used in combination with medón in expressions of time: go m.¤ medoin laí, TBC 3560 , cf. 3774 . co tainic midi medoin lae, Acall. 1803 n . uair midi medon- [láe], 6738 n. i mmidi medon-lae, CCath. 848.

2 Mide

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pn io, m., (same as preceding?) Meath, the central province of Ireland , used originally to designate the hill of Uisnech regarded as the central point of the island (qui . . . umbilicus Hiberniae dicitur, Giraldus Cambr., Top. Hib. iii c. 4 ), RC xxxvii 143. crích Mide, TBC 6191. telach Mide, AU 829. i mMidiu, 713 . for Midhiu, 949 . a Midiu, Ériu iv 148 z . tuatha Breagh ┐ Midhi ┐ Uisnigh, Acall. 83.