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Forms: methais, methusa, methos, methoss

n o and u, m. g s. methais, Laws iv 28.6 Comm. methusa, v 244.17 , 248.24 . A legal term of doubtful meaning; a frontier, march, `space of unappropriated ground between two territories' (Atk. Laws Gloss. )? met[h]ass a meta .i. on chrich, Corm. Y 869 = methos LB, methoss Bodl. methus .i. crich no cóiged ut est cennadhcha im methus tuaithe, O'Dav. 1254. cach muiredach a methas every one is master within his own confines (?), 1273 (cf. similar adage s.v. mennat). esert deirge a methus ┐ eisert tascnam[a] methais, Laws iv 128.16 Comm. (apparently a deserter who quits his native territory and one who returns to it, cf. 128.18 and 130.3 ). raitech ascnama methusa .i. loingsech fine a vagrant who makes for the fron- tier (?), v 244.17 Comm. , cf. 248.24 and iv 28.6 . in tan ron- ainic Fergus a methus, luid dochum mara sechis, H. 3.18 p. 364a ( O'C. 776 ) = luid F. dia tir, Laws i 70.24 . Used of time? bes aen i n-aen meathus `there is one day for one "m."-space', Laws ii 106.1 . methas .i. re . . . meathas re nó aimsir, O'Dav. 1274.


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Forms: méithes

n o, m., (méth) also with palatal stem méithes, fatness, fat: an m.¤ fat , Exod. xxix 13. lán . . . do mhéuthus beathach bíata, Isa. i 11. d'ofráil an mhéuthuis, Ezek. xliv 15. With palatal stem: an te chaithios meitheas no saill fat meat, Rule of Tall. § 48.


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Forms: meathusradh

n o, m., collect. from méthas: meathusradh ` fatlings ', Eg. Gl. 453.


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Forms: methlad

v ā. (denom. from meithel?) reaps; uses, consumes? meathladh .i. tomhailt no caitheamh, O'Cl. mairc dec[h]ras don domun dian | is mairg methlas a mōrpian who reaps (experiences) its great suffering (? whom . . . wastes), ZCP vii 498.12 . naoi ccéd bliadhain . . . o genair Crist . . . cosin mbliadhain ro meat[h]laidh `nine hundred years have been spent', FM ii 652.11 (poem).

? ossar na ndūli methlad | ni bad chin dūini a mandrad (Lucifer of Adam), SR 1143 ; expld. by Meyer Wortk. § 129 as vn. of this vb., but neither construction nor sense is clear. ro [ḟ]ōis re ceathrur iar sein | im dia[i]dh cen nach methladh mer | doḟedar . . . | at glan cin phecad re fer | (addressed to a woman; = without being any the worse for it?), ZCP vi 266 § 5.


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x see mathmarcóracht.


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n : a gáirdeochus na n-aingil ┐ a methocan na cathreach neamhda Celtica vi 86 § 3 .


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n ben Bresail meic Cirb na nechór | cen merg cen methol cen brath `without standard or squad or banner' (taken as = meithel?), RC xlvii 300.10 ( LL 138b29 ); can meirg can mebail v.l.; leg. cen meirg cen mebail cen mrath without stain, without cause of shame, without falseness?


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Forms: méithred, methrad

n o, m., (méth) also with palatal stem, méithred. Fat, grease: ping[u]edo .i. methrad , RC ix 240. an feoil ┐ an méathradh ro caithsiot, TFrag. 124.4 . gabaid for ongad- comailt a cuirp do ola . . . ┐ do methrad, CCath. 2935. braisech . . . gan ionmar gan méthradh, Mart. Don. June 9 (p. 164) . an meithreadh no an bhlonnach, R.I.A. 23 K 42, 102b3 . anbruithi a n-ingnais methraig, R.I.A. 23 P 10³ 69b7 . Rosa Ang. 78.3 .

methrud, methrad

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n brisfid cath Locha Da C. la iár m.¤ ṁBervhae, ZCP xii 238 § 63 (Baile in Scáil).


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x see methas.


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n (? Lat. methystos) amethyst: cuid dibh na nor ┐ in blodh eile do metista Celtica ii 126.184 . See also ametis.