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n n,f. (3 mes + cú)

(a) a pet dog, a lap-dog: measchu .i. cú beag, O'Cl. mescu Delgnaite, Leb. Gab. i 34.1 . Dabilla ainm meschon mná Nechtain, LL 144a42 . don meschoin baí hi fail inna ingine, Trip. 232.21 . measchú nó coiléan con, Keat. i 158 x . gur bhuaileasdair an measchoin, 160.14 .

(b) in Bérla na filed: a Luimlaine nacham-luaid | nacham- taidlet meschoin múaid, LL 145b13 ( MS. Mat. p. 476 ). Flaind line nacham-luaidh | nad rot-bréccat meschoin (.i. dí bhrai) muaidh (.i. fir étaidh), ZCP viii 107.8 (H. 3.18), cf. MS. Mat. 478 , where O'Curry reads the gl. dibrai `barren, impotent'. The poem in LL is addressed by a woman to her lover; pos- sibly let not the eyes of a jealous man approach (i.e. behold) me (reference to her husband)?

Also used as m., see 3 mes.


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n [io, m.] (3 mes + cuire `band, host'?) a band of household followers or retainers? cian adraigsemar messchuriu fer ṅHerend, LL 120a30 . Slige Cualann fosfuair Fer fí mac Eogabail ria meschuirib síde oc saigid Temra `armed host,' RC xv 454 ( Dinds. § 58 ), cf. Anecd. ii 4.19 .


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adj o, ā. (mesc) intoxicating: braichlind m.¤ , FB 53.


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adj o, ā. legal term: raith na be m.¤ cor (.i. noco comesctar air na cuir donī) `a surety whose contracts are not in confusion', Laws v 498.8 , 500.1 . mescrach is cumen le a tete for a einech, H. 3.18 p. 392a ( O'C. 872 ).

? mescrad

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n o, n. (mesc) conviviality? ríí michuarddu mescraid recht, Laws iv 330.6 (poem); `who drinks but lawfully' transl.; `who is in confusion about rights (?)' Atk. Gloss.; `the king of the mead-round, of drinking, of governance', MacNeill, Law of Status 301 .


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adj io, iā. part. of mescaid.

(a) confused, intoxicated: dobreth linn doib comtar measctha, IT ii1 180.178 . dia mbattar mesgtha meraighthe, FM vi 1990.22 . gur bho measctha meadharchaoin iad, Maguires of F. § 58. gurobo mescthi millti . . . curaid fer nÉrenn thrown into confusion, Comp. CC 106.12 .

(b) mixed, variegated: áirneis síogach, ballach ┐ measctha ringstraked, spotted and grisled, Gen. xxxi 10.

1 mes(s)e

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Forms: mese, messi

adj io, iā. (part. of midithir) submitted to investigation and deliberation, brought under judgement: mese (gl. examina- tum), Ml. 31c28 . nephmesse (inexaminatum), 117a2 . bed m.¤ (ratam fore), 105b14 . pl. messi (gl. rata, apn.), 87b14 . ? as meisi cacha saigte[c]he [saigtighe v.l.] for aitiri, Cáin Ad. § 39.

2 mes(s)e

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Forms: messe

adj io, iā (?) boiled, cooked (a cant or B. na f. term)? co lunu messi (.i. muilt bruithi) `boiled mutton' (? a loin of mutton), Aisl. MC 99.13 = co luna messe, 127.15 . The gloss is intended for the word messe(-i), which is prob. g s. of a word meaning ram or wether ; possibly a cant use of 3 mes.

3 mes(s)e

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1 s. pron. see .


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Forms: mórmessi

part. nec. of midithir: indí beta messi, gl. iudicandi, Ml. 70a9 . mórmessi (gl. magni pendenda, nsf.), Thes. ii 8.35 ( Aug. 23d1 ). Cf. meise.


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Forms: messidib

adj io, iā. (1 mes) pertaining to judgement, judicial: hond asluch messidiu (gl. iudiciali), Ml. 26c9 . honaib iarfaig- thib mesidib (gl. iudiciariis), 15c14 . messidib, gl. arbitris, 53a4 .