2 mes(s)

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Forms: mess, mesa, mesa, meas

n u, m., (cf. W. mes `acorns') tree-fruit (coll.), esp. mast. mess, Corm. Y 917. budiu nā mess cumra, LL 295b49 . crand messa .i. dair, 358 marg. dext. ní caiter mess crobang ccáemh, Arch. iii 304 y . mes dairbhre, Buile S. 132.4 . meas ralach, Oss. iv 280.18 . cnuas cacha feada .i. a mes ┐ a cno, Laws v 484.13 Comm. turcbat uile don chóemchrund | duille ┐ bláth ┐ mess, Met. Dinds. iii 288. mess ┐ claiss ┐ muirthorud (a result of good government), LU 10116 , cf. ZCP iii 229 § 1. is ina flaith atát na tri bairr for Erind .i. barr días ┐ barr scoth ┐ barr messa, BDD 66. dithle ith ┐ blicht ┐ meas (result of misconduct in a ruler), Laws v 450.13 . meas dub a draignib (i.e. blackberries, sloes), YBL 118a marg. inf. = Bruchst. i § 161 . slat mín messa, Ir. Texts ii 23 § 10. mac . . . meic messai meic thoraid, Aisl. MC 33.20 . i gcuibhreann na muc fán meas, TSh. 3451. pl. mārmesa mārḟeda great crops of mast from the great forest, ZCP xi 92 § 17. fochmuine cen messu, RC xxvi 46.2 . g s. as attrib.: saill tuircc mesa of a mast-fed boar, ZCP xiii 270.19 . peata muice measa, Content. xi 6. Prov. is muc remithuit mess a pig that falls before the mast falls (of one dying prematurely), BDD 66 = is mucc remitéit [remetuit, remituit v.l.] mess, 106 . Cf. FM ii 114.13 .

Fig. of persons: mār-mess cona hilblasaib (of Colum Cille), Rawl. 122b30 . a Mælṡeachlaind ní[t] meas meathcraind, IT iii 88 § 105 = Bruchst. i § 33 . Cf. a c[h]nú da meas na Ma[i]gdini (of Christ), Arch. iii 235 § 29.

In plant-name: mes torc (= agnus castus), Arch. i 325 § 2. meas torc allaid tutsan, parkleaves , Rosa Angl. 214 y . g s. lurga an meas tuirc allaid, 62.19 .

3 mes(s)

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Forms: mes(s)e, meas, Mese, Meissi, Meis, Messe

n g s. mes(s)e. A fosterling , see ZCP iii 470. meas .i. dalta, O'Cl. Used

(a) in compds., see meschú, -chuire.

(b) folld. by a gen. in personal names; orig. a descriptive term or cognomen. Mesloen (cognomen of Berchan), Thes. ii 280.33 (Adamnan V. Col.). Mes Buachalla, BDD 7 (mother of Conaire Mór, so called because fostered by herdsmen, § 5 ). IT i 130.16 . gen. Mese B., BDD 7. Mesi B., 8 . Meissi B., Ériu iii 139.21 . mess Codail `C.'s fosterling' (of Ériu), Met. Dinds. iv 186. Mes Dead, CRR 40 (v s. a Meis Dead, ib.) = Mess Dia, Met. Dinds. iii 108 ; Mes Dé, LL 31b32 . g s. Messe chon, Rawl. 154d36 , LL 327cz . Mesi corb, LL 311a27 . Later such names came to be regarded as true compounds and only the second component was inflected.

See also meisén.

4 mes(s)

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n a knife or blade? demes .i. mess dede and, uair it dá scín lais. Mess .i. fæbar unde dicitur Messgegra, Corm. Y 438. cia meas (.i. faebar) is āithe nā glam? H. 3.18 p. 627 ( O'C. 1378 ) (= 1 mes `judgement?). For demess `shears', see Ped. i 162 § 99 , ii 34 ; the gloss in both exx. is perhaps a false inference. Hence O'Cl. : meas .i. deimheas; .i. faobhar; .i. arm.

5? mes(s)

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n a hill (in B. na filed)? meit is ri mess a fert fo (.i. coméit ri tolaig a lecht ┐ si fein na ligi), IT i 163.1 ( LL 208a16 ) = re mes, Ed.; `as big as a hill her good lair' (of a sow), Hen- nessy ; perhaps = 1 mess. The line may be the source of O'Clery's gloss: meas .i. slat thomhais uaighe (cf. fert and flesc).

6? mes(s)

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Forms: mes(s)ach

n a salmon? meas .i. bradán, O'Cl. Prob. a false inference from the adj. mes(s)ach applied to a river; see mesach.


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Forms: més, méis, mésa

n més (m., g s. n p. méis, mésa), IGT Decl. § 38.10 . ? To this: condid mē(i) do-rat dar mēss (darm ēss?) Ériu xix 78 § 4 .


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adj compar. of olc q.v.

1 mes(s)ach

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Forms: messaig

adj o, ā. (1 mes) worthy of esteem, possessing honour or repute ? n p m. rīg rānmessaig , ZCP v 499 § 8 (noble in judgement?) ? don Mhumhain mheasaigh `all worthy of honour', O'Bruad. iii 48 (the context would support the rendering abounding in mast, fertile , see follg.).

2 mes(s)ach

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adj o, ā. (2 mes) fruitful: (applied to a river) os Búill messaigh , Leb. Gab. i 20.23 (glossed: iasccach no bradánach) = ós Búill messaidh, FM i 4 n . (see Hogan, Onom. s.v. Carn Cesra).


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n u, m., vn. of mesaid.

(a) scrutinizing, judging, ap- praising: in mesad mesas in sacart in cailech `the examination wherewith the priest examines the chalice', Thes. ii 253.14 ( Stowe Miss. 65 a ). recfuighearé do réir do mheasta-sa estimate , Levit. xxvii 27.

(b) esteem, regard: dobheir Pól oiread measda ar shean- chuimhne shinnsir ┐ dobheir ar Sgrioptúir, Eochairsg. 117.35 . ag bréagnughadh an mheasta bhíos ag an saidhbhir air féin, TSh. 10063.

(c) measuring, fitting? nochar fearr a mheasadh dhí it fitted her no better (of a cloak), ZCP i 297 § 13 (Book of Dean of Lismore).


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Forms: mesas, mesad

v ā, (< 1 mes).

(a) examines, judges, appraises: 3 s. rel.) pr. mesas, Thes. ii 253.14 . (with cogn. acc.) a haithli an mesraigt[h]i mesfus an mórc[h]oimdi, ZCP viii 213.10 . do mheas Mac Coise clann Néill, TD 7.11 . fá a ngníomrad mestar mic rígh, O'Gr. Cat. 358.5. nó gur measadh mé as mo neamhstór till I was judged by my poverty, 532.18 . meastar iad trá as a dtreabhaibh `let them be judged from their tribes' (by their habitations? see previous line), Content. x 14. saor meastair ar lochta lé `she remits our sins', PBocht 37 § 10 , perh. = (d). dá meastaoi neart Éireann an tan sin, Keat. i 128.4 .

(b) adjudges: an bhreis mheasaid cách do rígh the superiority which all adjudge to a king, Content. xviii 92.

(c) measures, weighs: ro messad . . . trí chét sessar, Met. Dinds. iii 220. messait ┐ toimsit a fhod ┐ a lethet, Fl. Earls 128.15 . Fig. ponders: meas slíghe do chos, Prov. iv 26.

(d) reckons, esteems, counts (as): muna mhesaind-si me fein ollamh if I did not consider myself an ollave, ZCP ii 352.25 . ná meas ionnraic iad, Keat. Poems 1322. meastar crionna é is counted wise, Prov. xvii 28. Gen. xv 6. measfaidhear an bhliadhain ar son an laoi (= annus pro die imputabitur), TSh. 4895. Cf. messait cach fri torbha puiplidhi . . . an tegh all consider this house a public benefit, Fl. Earls 182.5 .

(e) deems, believes, supposes: ro mesatar nach rachadh, Fl. Earls 134 y . na persana i n-a mestur droichspirut in whom an evil spirit is supposed to be, 216.27 . ní measdar leam . . . nach éigneochadh úam mh'áontaidh I do not believe, Ériu ix 4.21 . dá mheastaoi leó iad féin do bheith somharbhtha, TSh. 533.

(f) with vn. as obj. thinks (of doing), proposes, resolves: ro mhes a fúadach leis he resolved to carry her off, Ériu v 184.370 . mesait dol asteach go hAroinn, Fl. Earls 8.15 . do mheasadar teacht dá dhíoghail, Keat. ii 1187.

vn. mesad q.v.