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x see méra.


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n madness or viciousness in a horse ? tetnuis .i. m.¤ , H. 3.18 p. 638b ( O'C. 1420 ), introducing a passage dealing with injury done by a vicious horse (parallel in Laws iii 180.6 - 11 ). A compd. of 1 mer?


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x g s. see 2 mér.


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n rust see meirg.


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adj o, ā. wrinkled? gl. corrugatus, Ml. 132c8 . Prob. same word as 1 meirgech q.v.


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adj io, iā. brisk, spirited: each mearagánta lom-luath, ITS i 32.2 . long mhearrgánta `gallant ship', Isa. xxxiii 21. ? gu mearghanta (MSS. meardhannta, merradh, merragha), gu mór-chneadhach 'be spirited, inflicting great wounds' Angus Matheson Essays 152.23 . In bad sense: lucht mearrganta ` headstrong ', 2 Tim. iii 4.


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Forms: mérlach

n a hinge: m.¤ na comla, gl. cardo, Ir. Gl. 944. Stokes suggests mérlach < mér finger.


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n f. a species of bird: mer . . . .i. lon unde dicitur meroc a merula .i. glasluin, H. 3.18 p. 82 ( O'C. 152 ).


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see smeróid

1 mert

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n sorrow, trouble, despair? truag do Día don-rat i mmert, SR 4053. dogní m.¤ mo chride cró, LL 125b32 ( Ériu v 212.102 ) = Rawl. 136a36 (mo chridi chro). Cf. meart ` spying, injuring, . . . discouraging ', O'R. and see meirten.

2 mert

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v 3 s. pret. see mairnid.