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Forms: méra, méire, méra, -dha, mére

n m. (AN loan-word Risk 588 ) a mayor . méra méire, IGT Decl. § 2.13 (sing. invar., n p. méra, -dha). an mére , ib. ex. 87 . m.¤ an bhaile, AU iii 484.6 (an. 1507 ). mére an bhaile, FM v 1290. 22 . dia ḟorcongra for an mera, 1728.6 . Cf. maer.


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Forms: mérach

adj o, ā. .l. ech [n]dubglas ┐ .l. coire n-umai ┐ .l. araid merach, Anecd. i 12.11 ( YBL 131b34 ). For aráid (some kind of garment, a mantle?) see TBC 5476 , 5479 . Possibly mérach (< 1 mér) having fingers or finger-like appendages .


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x see merugud.


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Forms: mherracht

n ā, f., (1 mer) mental or emotional disturbance, excite- ment, derangement . m.¤ quasi mer-icht . . . .i. gnimh mer, Corm. Y 891. m.¤ a herma the madness of its gallop (of a horse), Laws iii 180.19 Comm. m.¤ a nuidlechais `the excitement of her new milk' (of a cow), 228.16 Comm. , cf. v 152.13 Comm. meisce merachta sain ┐ noco meisci lenna, iii 202.3 Comm. ro soerad Nabcudón . . . don meracht forsa mbui, RC xii 436 § 44 . ar na líonadh . . . do dhíomus ┐ do mhersacht `being elated with pride and ambition', TFrag. 158 (leg. mherracht).


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Forms: merad, mearaid, merad

v ā. (1 mer) distracts, crazes, perturbs ; cid ra mer in cali? TBC 1934 = créd do mhear, ZCP viii 553.28 . Acall. 854. Adham Samson Solum rí | ro mersat a mban-airli the counsels of their women infatuated them, Ériu ii 229 § 5. mo sir-peccaid . . . ram-mersitar, Ir. Lit. 6.10 . dergi a gruaidhi . . . do mhear mo cheill is mo chonn, ZCP xiii 169.20 . inghean Domhnaill do mhear mé, Measgra Dánta 57.29 . Pass. impers. with imb: ro merad imut thou art beside thyself, TFerbe 537 . (pers.) ro mearaid menmanda na miled, TTebe 3076 (leg. ro mearaig, Ed.?).

vn. merad: fogul do denum ris um a codhnaitu .i. a merad to derange him, Laws v 298.7 Comm.

1 meraige

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Forms: mearuighe

n io, m., (1 mer) one whose wits are confused or dis- ordered; a muddle-headed or scatter-brained person: ni thucai nach [m]eraige `no fool understands it', Thes. ii 292.7 ( Ml. Poems ii ). ni-n-acend nach m.¤ (i.e. we are invisible to dull- witted mortals), SC 45. ní fuiris nach meraide the unthinking will not find it out, Ériu iv 134 § 12. atraracht Moisi . . . ni pu héirge meraige, SR 3766. trí comartha meraigi [meraigthe v.l.]: slicht a chíre ina ḟolt, slicht a ḟiacal ina chuit, slicht a luirge ina diaid ` fop' (? feckless person), Triads 103. cauradmir tige meraige (i.e. the house of a man without forethought), LU 8117 = FB 9 (see context). de mnaíb ┐ maccaemaib . . . midlaigib ┐ meraigib ḟer ṅhErend, TBC 3827. nir meraigi migaiscid, MR 232.16 . Folld. by defining gen.: mairg is m.¤ a dana (i.e. woe to him who takes his calling lightly, said to a frivolous cleric), ZCP x 44.27 . mearaidhe .i. amadán, O'Cl. mearuighe, Eg. Gl. 274 seems = meraigthe. ? tanaise ┐ meraige `the second swarm and the "meraighe" swarm' (of bees), Laws iv 172.10 (glossed: .i. . . . in smeraige, ib. 27 , cf. 174.16 , 18 ).

As adj. io,iā.: sruth na Muaide mōire . . . meraighe meander- ing (?), IT iii 89 § 117 = Bruchst. i § 37 (`', Meyer).

2 meraige

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n , f., (mer) aberration, derangement: mearaidhe an tuaithbheartaigh the infatuation of the evil-doer, Hackett xxv 16.


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n ā, f., (cf. meraige) word of uncertain meaning, apparently a state of mental perturbation; perplexity, being at one's wit's end? in follg. exx. used of one who is nonplussed or baffled . conid é sin méla ┐ mertain ┐ meraigecht is mó tucad for Coinculaind, TBC 2042 (alludes to the capture of the Dond Cuailnge while C.'s back is turned). cipé imress mela ┐ mertain ┐ m.¤ fort, 47 . ra gab [Agamemnon] ica chom- didnad . . . nā dernad brón nā merten nā m.¤ (of Menelaus after the abduction of Helen), LL 231b40 ( TTr. 1074 ). ba mela mor ┐ ba mearaidheacht lais na Grecaigh do techt seoca, BB 419a13 . iss ed dochuaidh . . . co Nestor, ár na badh merai- ghecht dó nech do thoísigib in tṡluaghaid cen riachtain `so that he might not err by omitting to go to any of the leaders', TTr.² 273 = ar na badh meraidecht do neoch do toisigib, etc. lest any of the leaders should be perplexed by his not going (?), LL 400a16 (of Antenor, who, having sought satisfaction in vain from the leaders of the Greeks, applies last of all to Nestor). ro [ḟ]orluaimnig a urlabra re meraidecht in míthapaid, MR 232.11 . murbell na meraigechta (of routed troops), 316.23 .


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v g.

I Intrans. loses self-control, becomes excited or perturbed: meraigim, gl. prurio (= I wanton?), Thes. ii 42.6 (reading uncertain, merbigim acc. to Nigra, RC xxiv 306 - 9 ). ro mesc, ro meraig 'masech `he grew drunk and mad by turns', Met. Dinds. iii 412. Of sea: gur mhuidh ┐ gur mhearuigh an sáile, ITS x 168.12 .

II Trans. bewilders, leads astray: led húaisli ná meraigh mé `dazzle me not', Ériu ix 8.87 . is tús mire ros-mheraigh `the beginnings of madness have set him wandering', Content. xxv 4. do mhearaighestar uabhar a n-aigeanta, ML 75.5 .

See meraigthe and merugad.


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adj io, iā. part. of meraigid. Bewildered, with mind astray: dia mbáttar mesgtha meraighthe iar n-ól ḟiona, FM 1990.22 . mearuighthe an draoi adubhairt mad the poet who spoke thus! Content. xxv 6. atá mo chroidhe . . . mearuighthe, Psa. cxliii 4. mearuighe a dtáobh an chreidimh `reprobate concerning the faith', 2 Tim. iii 8. eidearbhtha, mearuighe ` refuse, reprobate ', Eg. Gl. 274.


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adj o, ā. (meraige) connā thaidhled nech a tech | mina thaidhlid m.¤ gone astray, wandering (?), Acall. 6132.