2 meithe?

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n cach murigi a meithi, Arch. iii 227 § 30 ; `to every king his province (?)', ZCP xvii . Prob. corrupt.

1 méithe

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n [, f.] (méth) fatness, obesity: ho methi ┐ immairi, Ml. 20a23 , 25 . mucc co n-ur .i. co meithe uirre, Laws i 126.21 Comm. do triun ar meithi uirri (of a cow), ii 252.7 Comm. Fig. bennacht for Firu Cúli, | fó lem cia [a]della meithe I shall be glad if abundance visit them, Trip. 184.8 .

2 Méithe, Meithe

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Forms: Méithe, Méthe

pn io, n. name of a place (? hill) in N. Ireland, perh. in Co. Louth. Meithi Tog . . . Ath Meithi nEuin, TBC² 816 , 817 = Méithe . . . Méthe nEoin (both n s.), LU 5293 , 5295 = Meide in Togmaill ┐ Mede ind Eoin, TBC 1462 ; the explanation given TBC² 819 apparently connects the word with méide `neck'. ó Meitiu ┐ Cheitiu, TBC² 1188 (= ó Méthiu ┐ Cethíu LU 5664 ), cf. 1767 . Cf. also the follg.: di meittiu for cettiu .i. da chnocc i maig Mogna, LL 161b marg. s. is dometu for cette .i. deurc for uan .i. debec for bic (leg. de metu . . . de urc . . . de bec?), O'Mulc. 751 , which seems a cant expression meaning possibly `a change without profit' (for the worse); cf. 2 meithel.

1 meithel

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Forms: meidheal, meidheal, meigheal, mheigheal, mheighle, meighil, meidhil, medhil, meithel, meithiul, meithli, meithlecha

n ā, f., (cf. W. medel `reaping-party'; see BBCS xiii 24 ), in later lang. also o, m.; meidheal, f., IGT Dec. § 54.4 (? metheal, ib. 19 ), but also: meidheal, m. and f., § 53 . Written meigheal occas. in late MSS.: d s. do mheigheal , IGT Dec. ex. 1340. g s. a mheighle , ex. 1377 . in meighil , AU ii 420.11 (an. 1311) = meidhil, ALC i 358.21 , medhil, FM iii 500.

A band of persons engaged in some common occupation or service, generally agricultural, esp. a band of reapers: met[h]il . . . ab eo quod est meto uel meta (.i. buain), Corm. Y 354 = meithel, LB. meithle, lucht búanaighe, Eg. Gl. 451. ro buí methel mor oc B. ic buain (= messores), Lat. Lives 85 = meithiul, Lism. L. 1662. oc ergnum cota methli preparing food for the labourers, LU 4349 (cf. 4351 ). ruc leis methil mogda móir a band of labourers, Met. Dinds. iii 380. meth . . . methle giallna `failure . . . in supplying a band of reapers to the chief', Laws i 156.33 . manchuine .i. fer . . . do denum a dūine no a meithle .i. an dun no a sluaighed lais, ii 194.10 Comm. (where military service seems meant). punnand chorcai i fogomor d'éis mór-methle, TTr.² 1162. ar mbeith don fhoghmhar mór ┐ don mheithil beag, Keat. iii 247 (= quod esset [messis] multa et operarii pauci). gusan methil bhuana, 2 Kings iv 18. it aipche ar nguirt ┐ ní fhuil meithel sunn, BNnÉ 297 § 35. drong dá mheithil do bhuain na fíneamhna, TSh. 10238. fo meithil mhóna a band of turf-cutters , FM iv 1162.16 . pl. adchonncadar na gurtu aipchi . . . ┐ adchonn- cadar na meithli , RC xxvi 160 § 48. do condcatar . . . methli ac buain arbha, BCC § 355 (d) = meithlecha, KMMisc. 317 § 10 .

In wider sense of a band of persons connected in some way: Faelán co méit methle, Fél. Oct. 31. meitheal min-seang (of Bith and his companions), Ériu x 81 § 46. Eithne . . . bean sin na meit[h]li nach marand a woman of a past generation (?), 78 § 28.

Compd. a ghriobh meidhealtrom Manann ` powerfully attended ', TD 22a.16 . ag sluagh mheidhealtrom, 3.20 .

2 meithel?

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n labraid duine, innisid Dia, | m.¤ ceithel dóib gach ní `all things are but confusion', SG 246.30 . A cant phrase = all their plans end in nothing? cf. 2 méithe.


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n June see mithem.


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Forms: meter

n o, m., an outer covering of some kind, sometimes indef. of a covering or garment in general. mether .i. brat, O'Cl. meithir bis im cairid [= caírig] claim .i. forbrat [sic MS.] mil .i. cuma bis meithir cach datha ann, in tuartan (i.e. a tartan or plaid?), Laws i 188.17 Comm. boí C. [ina] sudiu isin tsnechtu . . . cen mether imbi, LU 5600 = meter, TBC² 1117. cen m.¤ n-etaig without a stitch of clothing, Aisl. MC 17.25 . fer gan meither is gan bhróig, Buile S. 108 § 54. baí mór mether cech datha form'chinn, H. 3.18 p. 43 (quoted Aisl. MC gloss. ).


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n [o, m.] a detachment (of troops), some part of an army? fosrimmart . . . i cro-buillib báis do methescul derid int ṡlóig, RC xiv 414.18 = LL 109b26 . ? tainic meidhescal Find da indsaigid .i. im Garbchronan taissech na ṅgilla mor, Acall. 5305.

? meithine

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n decay, blight, death (<meithe)? contethaig flaith firu batar fo methine, Ériu ii 28.36 ( YBL 124b44 ). See melgthene.

? meithlén

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Forms: methleoin

n o, m., dim. of meithel: imad ma cuairt a methleoin `abundance all round, O little band of reapers ', Ériu v 116 35 (perh. g s.; ma cuairt metrilain v.l.); reading doubtful.


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Forms: meithleorai

n i, m., (cf. methel) a reaper: a p. lasna meithleorai (gl. messores), Ml. 135d9 .