2 meis

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n (same word as 1 meis?) a phantom, ghost? m.¤ .i. deilbh- siabharta amal cuirp d'eirgheocadh as ūir, BB 242a45 (marg.). meisi .i. siabra, Corm. Y 954. meisi .i. urtroighe ut est Sliab Mis dona hurtroighib ro dolba Banba do macaib Miled, 949 . meisi .i. siabhradh no neithe siabhairthe; meissi .i. dealbha siabhairthe, O'Cl. messi .i. aurdraighe .i. aurdracht, Eg. 1782 fo. 15b2 (quoted Aisl. MC p. 187 ). nim-chollet messe fom chuairt `fantoms shall not harm me', Misc. Hib. 19. taidbsi (.i. messa), Aisl. MC 73.22 .


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x see mescae.


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Forms: mheisgeach

adj o, ā. drunken, intoxicated: a chalann mheisgeach mhéirdreach, Studies 1927, 593 § 9 .

? meisceill

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adj meisceill .i. measc a ciall ut est mera mescill scél .i. measc a ciall ag indisin sceal .i. in fer lethchuinn, O'Dav. 1267 (wild are the stories of a half-witted man?).


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n [o, m.] (<mesc-cētal?) a song-reciter, an inter- mediary between poet and patron? mescetlach .i. in marcach duaine, ut est arding a fir mescetlaich .i. bis a cumas a chetuil who has mastery over his singing, i.e. knows his song (?), O'Dav. 1226. ? ditiu fir miscetlaigh muindtire for drochbésgna, Eg. 90 fo. 11a ( O'Don. 1979 ), cf. ditiu fir muindtiri for drochbescna (.i. ditin . . . in fir da muindtir mescas a cetol for drochbesgna), Laws iii 396.18 .

meise, meisi

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, a gerundival form from midithir?) competent, legally qualified, empowered, (legal term) glossed by `cuimgech' in Laws; folld. by subord. clause, or gen. meisi .i. cuimgech, Corm. Y 951. O'Dav. 1257. ní meisi flaith doniupra feistide, ib. = ni mesech, Laws ii 212.24 . ni mesi fadesin donaithim curu he himself cannot dissolve contracts, Laws iii 12.15 . it messe imscartha fri flaith able to separate from the chief, v 520.7 . nachat meise recce na crecce who cannot sell or buy, 516.25 . it m.¤ imscar a lanamnus competent to separate from cohabitation, 292.17 . is m.¤ da trian d'eclais de two-thirds of it are awarded to the church, iii 50.4 Comm.

Of physical ability: aes nad meisi gona nā anacal who are not able to wound, i 242.11 . for mu mud cēin am messe 'I am capable in my own service' CMCS lvii 4 .


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adj o, ā. (meise) synon. of meise and used in same way. ni mesech in flaith doniupra festige the chief is not competent to forgive, Laws ii 212.24 , cf. O'Dav. 1257. ni misech fer in iarraith a thiumgaire the person who gave the fosterage fee cannot take it back, Laws ii 170.23 . ni misech nech astad altrum for aite, 172.21 . na bi mesach slan who is not able to give security, i 266.13 . meisiuch comuirce, ii 152.5 Comm. is e is meisach in fer ferus an chnedh imba for . . . the man who inflicts the wound is at liberty to determine whether, v 312.8 Comm. is meisech athcu[i]r ci(d)p cuin ro-cara (the tenant) is entitled to give back (his fief) whenever he wishes, ZCP xv 246 § 5. is m.¤ caich [leg. cách?] co hadair, Hib. Min. 66.4 .

meisem, mesam

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Forms: mesamuin

n m. (formation from 1 mes on analogy of brithem?) an estimate, judgement (? estimator): saig(a)id in measam cor comadais (.i. ise ní ro mesemnaiged a hinde doib), Laws iv 34.2 , 30 . in ferann ar ar meisem corach a main a mathair, 40.10 Comm. (= Stud. in Early Irish Law 138 y ), cf. 46.1 (= Stud. in E. Irish Law 151.22 ), see mescoirche. ? fer targuda tremesa muin [leg. tre mesamuin?] .i. is iat maine tre meissemnithir do mesemnudud ar fer tairce, H. 3.18 p. 507 ( O'C. 1256 ), possibly a s. of above. See also Sprache xliv 30 .


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adj o, ā. (mesem) qualified to judge or estimate? see citation from H. 3.17 c. 563 s.v. mescoirche.


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Forms: -messamnacht

n ā, f., judgement, estimation, appraisement . midair m.¤ slán, Laws i 10.30 . do thaidhecht Christ do mesimnecht for biu ┐ marbu, Hib. Min. 10.328 . do messemnacht Crist . . . for biu ┐ for marbu, ZCP iii 22.8 . mesiumnacht De fair ! 228 § 1 . iar firmeissemnacht, RC xxvi 37 n. 1 = -messamnacht, LL 188a53 . conad andsum la féine mes eitir cumal ┐ duine . . . .i. cona doiligh . . . mesemnacht eitir in duine is fiu cumal ┐ in duine is fiu uinge, H. 3.17 c. 437 ( O'Don. 551 ).


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v g, (mesem) judges, estimates . In Laws Comm. glosses midithir. mided cach a cōir (.i. mesemnaiged cach) let every one estimate his right, Laws ii 254.20 , 27 . ro meisemnaigestar (gl. ro midir), 144.17 Comm. frisin faiche meisamnaighther na hurcair so by the green these shots are measured, iv 226.16 (t.). meisemnaigter maine in feraind fo imat na fine the property . . . is estimated according to the number of the `fine', 40.22 Comm. (= Stud. in E. Irish Law 140.19 ). ro mhesemhnaigh go mór inní sin he judged that (sin) severely, Cóir An. 193. ri dénum sobés meissemnaighis Dia cach aen, SG 48.25 . ro mesemnachta robrogad dontí . . . `a great increase has been estimated', O'Dav. 165.