1 meis

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n evil, damage: co ná bíd acht meiss is cheiss | in cach thúaith ` ruin ', Met. Dinds. iii 382 (glossed .i. donus, LL 162b 28 ). meis .i. olc, O'Cl. (quoting above).

2 meis

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n (same word as 1 meis?) a phantom, ghost? m.¤ .i. deilbh- siabharta amal cuirp d'eirgheocadh as ūir, BB 242a45 (marg.). meisi .i. siabra, Corm. Y 954. meisi .i. urtroighe ut est Sliab Mis dona hurtroighib ro dolba Banba do macaib Miled, 949 . meisi .i. siabhradh no neithe siabhairthe; meissi .i. dealbha siabhairthe, O'Cl. messi .i. aurdraighe .i. aurdracht, Eg. 1782 fo. 15b2 (quoted Aisl. MC p. 187 ). nim-chollet messe fom chuairt `fantoms shall not harm me', Misc. Hib. 19. taidbsi (.i. messa), Aisl. MC 73.22 .


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x see mescae.


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Forms: mheisgeach

adj o, ā. drunken, intoxicated: a chalann mheisgeach mhéirdreach, Studies 1927, 593 § 9 .

? meisceill

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adj meisceill .i. measc a ciall ut est mera mescill scél .i. measc a ciall ag indisin sceal .i. in fer lethchuinn, O'Dav. 1267 (wild are the stories of a half-witted man?).


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n [o, m.] (<mesc-cētal?) a song-reciter, an inter- mediary between poet and patron? mescetlach .i. in marcach duaine, ut est arding a fir mescetlaich .i. bis a cumas a chetuil who has mastery over his singing, i.e. knows his song (?), O'Dav. 1226. ? ditiu fir miscetlaigh muindtire for drochbésgna, Eg. 90 fo. 11a ( O'Don. 1979 ), cf. ditiu fir muindtiri for drochbescna (.i. ditin . . . in fir da muindtir mescas a cetol for drochbesgna), Laws iii 396.18 .

meise, meisi

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, a gerundival form from midithir?) competent, legally qualified, empowered, (legal term) glossed by `cuimgech' in Laws; folld. by subord. clause, or gen. meisi .i. cuimgech, Corm. Y 951. O'Dav. 1257. ní meisi flaith doniupra feistide, ib. = ni mesech, Laws ii 212.24 . ni mesi fadesin donaithim curu he himself cannot dissolve contracts, Laws iii 12.15 . it messe imscartha fri flaith able to separate from the chief, v 520.7 . nachat meise recce na crecce who cannot sell or buy, 516.25 . it m.¤ imscar a lanamnus competent to separate from cohabitation, 292.17 . is m.¤ da trian d'eclais de two-thirds of it are awarded to the church, iii 50.4 Comm.

Of physical ability: aes nad meisi gona nā anacal who are not able to wound, i 242.11 . for mu mud cēin am messe 'I am capable in my own service' CMCS lvii 4 .


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adj o, ā. (meise) synon. of meise and used in same way. ni mesech in flaith doniupra festige the chief is not competent to forgive, Laws ii 212.24 , cf. O'Dav. 1257. ni misech fer in iarraith a thiumgaire the person who gave the fosterage fee cannot take it back, Laws ii 170.23 . ni misech nech astad altrum for aite, 172.21 . na bi mesach slan who is not able to give security, i 266.13 . meisiuch comuirce, ii 152.5 Comm. is e is meisach in fer ferus an chnedh imba for . . . the man who inflicts the wound is at liberty to determine whether, v 312.8 Comm. is meisech athcu[i]r ci(d)p cuin ro-cara (the tenant) is entitled to give back (his fief) whenever he wishes, ZCP xv 246 § 5. is m.¤ caich [leg. cách?] co hadair, Hib. Min. 66.4 .

meisem, mesam

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Forms: mesamuin

n m. (formation from 1 mes on analogy of brithem?) an estimate, judgement (? estimator): saig(a)id in measam cor comadais (.i. ise ní ro mesemnaiged a hinde doib), Laws iv 34.2 , 30 . in ferann ar ar meisem corach a main a mathair, 40.10 Comm. (= Stud. in Early Irish Law 138 y ), cf. 46.1 (= Stud. in E. Irish Law 151.22 ), see mescoirche. ? fer targuda tremesa muin [leg. tre mesamuin?] .i. is iat maine tre meissemnithir do mesemnudud ar fer tairce, H. 3.18 p. 507 ( O'C. 1256 ), possibly a s. of above. See also Sprache xliv 30 .


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adj o, ā. (mesem) qualified to judge or estimate? see citation from H. 3.17 c. 563 s.v. mescoirche.


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Forms: -messamnacht

n ā, f., judgement, estimation, appraisement . midair m.¤ slán, Laws i 10.30 . do thaidhecht Christ do mesimnecht for biu ┐ marbu, Hib. Min. 10.328 . do messemnacht Crist . . . for biu ┐ for marbu, ZCP iii 22.8 . mesiumnacht De fair ! 228 § 1 . iar firmeissemnacht, RC xxvi 37 n. 1 = -messamnacht, LL 188a53 . conad andsum la féine mes eitir cumal ┐ duine . . . .i. cona doiligh . . . mesemnacht eitir in duine is fiu cumal ┐ in duine is fiu uinge, H. 3.17 c. 437 ( O'Don. 551 ).