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Forms: merb(a)e

n , f., (io, m.?) occas. with non-palatal, merb(a)e, abstr. of meirb. Inertness, weakness, ineffectiveness: merbe ┐ lagatus cech uilcc, PH 4360. a chétul cen merbai (: demnai), Fél. Ep. 150. co tistais cen merbi mod | do adrad a deilbi-seom, SR 1807. 7227 . cen merbe, cen derc[h]ainuth, Arch. iii 320.5 . cen meirbe is cen míbal, Met. Dinds. iii 224. deich meic B. cen m.¤ , LL 4a42 = Leb. Gab. i 220.1 . bad ḟossud cen chuit merbae, Ériu iii 96 § 3. ni ḟetamar . . . comairli merbi na mettachta acut, LL 264b1 = MU 18.8 . do bhrígh a meirbhe ┐ a neamhtharbhuidhe, Hebr. vii 18. meirbhe .i. brég; mearbha .i. mearbhall no brég, O'Cl. (folld. by P. O'C. ) is prob. a false inference from the phrase: cen m.¤


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n m. (meirb) weakness: as neartmhaire meirbheas Dé náid daoine, 1 Cor. i 25.


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v g, (meirb) weakens, enervates: ro meirbhiged a meisnech, ALC i 466.13 .


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Forms: merblach, merbhlach, mearbhla

n [a, f.?] ra immir in Findbennach meirbflech a astair ┐ a imthechta ┐ na sliged for in Dond Cualngi, TBC 6152 = merblach, St.; merbhlach H., mearbhla, Add. (forms prob. due to association with merbal). The reading of LL may mean intricate confusion, maze (cf. meirblige, -id); Wind. translates: , taking as = merbal.

1 meirblige

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n bewilderment, confusion? ro máidesdar [leg. maidesdar] dá ngroigib . . . for . . . dásacht le meirblide na renn fæbrach `by the bewilderment (bewildering number? quivering?) of point and edge of weapons', SG 322.10 . gabhais meiscce is meirbhlighe | Fionn . . . da ffaixin, Duan. Finn i 92.2 (`faint sickness' transl. as if =meirb + lige).

This word, like the preceding one and the group following, seems connected with merbal(l), and the primary sense may be that of dispersion, scattering, swarming, etc. (cf. meir- bligim, gl. scat[e]o, Thes. ii 42.23 ); in a few of the exx. given under the follg. heads the meaning may be influenced by association with meirb.

2 meirblige

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adj io, iā (or g s. of 1 meirblige?): sruama . . . muada merda meirblige | isna lasrachaib tened, SR 8171 ( quivering, undulating?). in uchd [leg. lucht?] marbda meirbligi (of souls in Hell), ZCP iii 34.12 (perh. faint , cf. meirb.).


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v g.

(a) bubbles, gushes, swarms ? meirbligim, gl. scat[e]o Thes. ii 42.23 (meinbligim MS., corr. Windisch). bec nar merblig in sruth dib amal fhót sengán the river was nearly swarming (?) with them, Alex. 686 = ro merbligestar in sruth uile amal fhot seangan, BB 494b15 (perh. in follg. sense).

(b) later seems used to denote convulsive, erratic movement or agitation, quivers, twitches? do meirbligheadar a méoir ┐ do crithnaigheadar a chosa `grew unsteady', CF 878. ro mheir- bhlighset a meoir `were palsied', Buile S. 14.9 . See meirbligud.


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io, iā, part. adj. from meirbligid. cona trichait cath mbaitel mbirdha merblighthi, TBC 5592 St. = mear- bhlaigh, Add.; , Wind. i.e. swarming; the sense confused or agitated would also suit. na mergedha . . . 'na mbratachaib marbda merbhlighthi re crannaip na sleg, CCath. 4784 (`swarming' Stokes; flapping against the spear-shafts? but possibly an allusion to the bees which had settled on the standards = innumero cooperta examine signa, Phars. vii 161 ).


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n m. vn. of meirbligid. ro gabsat a láma lacgad ┐ lánmerbligud, LL 244b3 = TTr. 2055 (`his hands [began ] to grow weak and very feeble', Stokes; to tremble?). ro gabsat a lama meirliubug [= meirbliugud] ┐ asrullai a nert . . . essib, BB 436a22 . na bratac[h]a . . . for meirbliugud ┐ for fiarlubgail ┐ for foluamain lasna aithechaibh aerdaib, CCath. 5435 (` swarming ', Stokes; flapping ?).

With trans. force: atnaig Móyse forru in dam ordai . . . do merbliugud ┐ do mudugud tres na biadaib, LB 120a39 (seems loosely used in sense to scatter, confuse or mix , cf. Exod. xxxii 20 ).


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x see mer (compds.).


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n (d s.) trafficking? bái chái .i. ille innond oc m.¤ . . . a baiolandis commercis [= a bajulandis commerciis], O'Mulc. 116. A loan-word from Lat. merces, merced- (Stokes).