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Forms: mathm-arc, menm-arc, maithmairc, mathmarc

n o, m., by Ped. § 381 analysed as a compd. = mathm-arc, cf. menm-arc (<arc- `to beseech'?); see also RC xxxvi 353 - 4 ; for suggested origin of first constituent see 3 Matha. A soothsayer, diviner ; gl. augur Sg. 6b14 . n p. tictis in druid ┐ na maithmairc combitís oc tairchetul doib (= magis aruspicibusque), Lat. Lives 5 = Trip. 42.1 . g p. druidecht is idlacht mathmarc , BB 205a4 (quoted Todd Nenn. 144 n .).


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adj o, ā. (mathmarc) one who practises divination or places trust in soothsayers? nirbud litach maothmarcach be not quarrelsome nor trusting in soothsayers (?), Arch. iii 315 n. 21 (counsels for a king).


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adj io, iā. pertaining to an augur or diviner: gl. augustus (<augur), Sg. 60b4 .


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n i, m., an augur, diviner: Tolominus mathmar- coir, Aen. 3057 = augur, Virg. Aen. xii 460.


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n ā, f., divining, soothsaying . is celmaine druad ┐ methmerchurdacht dogniat, LB 137a34 = Todd Lect. vi 59 (spelling due to association with Mercur = Mercu- rius?). fer grada eside do Thuirrn ┐ mæt[h]marcoracht, Aen. 2098 = Turno gratissimus augur, Virg. Aen. ix 328.


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Forms: maithmhuineach

adj (compd. of maith?): missi Find in flaith-ruire, | ni m.¤ midlaige `no soft-hearted coward', Met. Dinds. iv 320 ( LL 191b57 ); `the second element seems to belong to the stem men-, mon- (domoiniur, etc.)', ib. p. 462 . Cf. maithmhuineach ` well-minded ', O'R.

máthramail, máithremail

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adj i, (máthair) resembling one's mother: mádramil in mac (gl. primus homo de terra, terrenus), Wb. 13d10 . As sobriquet: Mane Mathremail ┐ Mane Athre- mail, dā mac Ailella ┐ Medba, TBC 4375. ZCP ix 175 § 7. Maine Maithremail, TBC² 2849. Ériu ii 184.4 . m.¤ Maithre- mail .i. fria mháthair bá cosmhail .i. fri Meidbh, Cóir An. 228. m.¤ Mathramail (contracted), TBC² 164 , BDD 42.


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n d, m., (máthair) motherhood: condition of a mother: gl. matrimonium, Sg. 53b5 .


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Forms: mathṡluagh

n o, m., mathṡluagh `a crowd, a congregation; a rabble ', Dinneen. In follg. ex. used for cavalry: a m.¤ ┐ a shluagh coisi, Rel. Celt. ii 184.36 , cf. 190.41 , 194.33 . Acc. to O'Curry, Mann. and Cust. i p. ccliii , a meeting of householders convened for purpose of deliberation, see mithal.


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Forms: matíndae, re[m]matindae

adj io, iā. (1 matan) belonging to early morn, matutinal . matíndae, gl. (ante-)matutinus, Ml. 79c7 . re[m]matindae, gl. antelucanus, 21c9 . dindaim sir matíndi, 21c3 . edpart matinda, SR 4403. a rétla matindai! Hib. Min. 43.6 . amail retlainn maitenda, LB 278b63 . a reulla mhaideanda! Parrth. Anma 292.20 .

? matlaidh

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ind : a ucht re Mide matlaidh | ocus re Sinainn slaitgil facing Meath ... and the Shannon of the white rods Celtica xix 49, 54 .