mainrechta ?

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n robé m.¤ De forsind [ḟ]ormna-sa (a prayer), Arch. iii 232.22 ; perh. for maindreachta (mainn-), a formation from 1 mainder, ` enfolding, guardianship '? Cf. mainreach, maindreach ` hut, fold ', O'R.

? mair

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ind cen mo mair .i. . . . m.¤ uīta ut dicitur: m.¤ im beo .i. im beo im bethaid, O'Mulc. 218. An etym. invention; see maraid.


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n [, f.] (marb) deadness, numbness: baill . . . bís maille m.¤ , O'Gr. Cat. 268 z . mo chorpán as lor mairbhe, Buile S. 69 z. Mortification: truilled ┐ mairbi in boill, Rosa Ang. 178.11 .


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n m.¤ .i. maris bellum .i. cath no imecla battle or panic , Corm. Y 947 ; prob. same as muirbell q.v.


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n (pl.) dead bodies, corpses? nó felís .i. hua muc-mairb- nib ut alii dicunt with swine's carcasses, Ml. 40a12 ; gl. saturati sunt filiis, Psa. xvi 14 ; the `alii' = the Roman Psalter which reads: saturati sunt porcina (Plummer MS. notes). Cf. marbán.


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n (? marb EIS 237 ): a mairbthine mongthige minchuile 'you thick-maned m. of a little gnat' EIS 156 § 55 . See also marbtine.


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n f. a sore, gall or scar: mannt mairci do bhi 'na toin (of a horse), R.I.A. 23 E 26, p. 289 .


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adj o, ā. galled, having sores; of a horse, MacAingil 409.14 .


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Forms: Muire, Máire

n , f., npr. (= Lat. Maria). Quantity of vowel shown by follg. rhymes: baile, Hy. vi 6 , Fél. Prol. 143 ; gaile, ib. Prol. 56 , Jan. 11 ; glaine, Jan. 6 ; gaire, Ep. 384. The name of the Virgin Mary in old relig. lit., later Muire, q.v. m.¤ Ingen, Fél. Prol. 129. macc Maire, Hy. i 1. siúr Maire máre, Fél. July 6 . maithgein Mairre (leg. Maire, :gaire), SR 2733. madgénair ó Mairi, Fél. Prol. 251. Cf. npr. m. Mael Maire (see 3 Mael). In Mod.Ir. with long vowel as npr. f.: Máire, IGT Dec. § 3.33 .


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adj o, ā. a dabach dond dairech | ba m.¤ a l-lān, ZCP iii 39.4 . Cf. 2 muirech.


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n f. mod. vn. of maraid.