1 mainches

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Forms: mainches

n ā, f., (< manach; for suffix cf. laíches) a nun ; an early word denoting not a cloistered nun but one who made a religious profession and in some cases apparently was asso- ciated in service with an abbot or bishop. Mathona . . . quae tenuit caille o Patraic ┐ o Rodán ┐ robo manchess dóib, Trip. 98.5 = mainches, Lat. Lives 25 (= monacha fuit illis). man- chess do Cheithiuch Comgilla, Trip. 104.21 = Comgella est monacha Cethiaco, Lat. Lives 28. mances duitsi mhé, RC xiv 48 § 56. muc gacha manaig ┐ cacha mainchisi, Trip. 560.5 . mór manach is mainches mall, Fél. 88.10 . do mhuinnter ┐ do manaigh ┐ do mhaincesa, BNnÉ 79 § 153. domaincheass ainm do boin .i. dam-manchess .i. mainchess bo an ox-nun (i.e. cow), O'Mulc. 321. mainces soiscela `a gospel nun', Lism. L. p. xv ; perh. a woman who had been under the spiritual direc- tion of the abbot, cf. similar expression under manach (c).

2 mainches

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n u, m., (manach) service due to the head of a monastic community; the service and by extension sphere of authority of an abbot . ro an ina mainces iaramh remained in his (Mochuda's) service (i.e. became a monk), BNnÉ 294 § 17. a mainches ┐ a moirthermann Molaisi `in the subject district and termon of M.', 247 § 199 . dligim do Cholam . . . 's d'Adomnan . . . cuairt a m.¤ ┐ a cell gach tres bliada[i]n, Fen. 298.1 . Esp. in pl. rights or dues (in service or tribute) of an abbot or monastic community: dioghbáil ag sliocht Aodha da ttréiget mo mhainchesa if they forsake my services, BNnÉ 266 § 233. dlegar mar a bhḟuigter na mainchisa a ngabháil ann it is proper to receive benefactions in the place where they are forthcoming (i.e. offered), Acall. 689. na dilsig mo manchasa do not alienate my dues (said by St. Caillín to Adamnán), Fen. 414.10 . Of religious duties or observances in wider sense: drem . . . a n-ifrinn . . . nach fagann . . . mainches soirb da saoradh, ZCP xii 390.1 . Of monastic profession: iar ngabháil habite manchessa ime monastic habit, FM iii 294.

? mainchige

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n (manach) the monastic life or profession: tiagaid a manaich uadhi ar ni fiu leo manchidhi, H. 3.18 p. 381b ( O'C. 834 ).


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n m. `a person maimed in the hand ', O'R. As sobriquet: Murchad m.¤ ` cripple-hand ', O'Gr. Cat. 333.35.


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x see manchaine.


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(cryptic) see mil.


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(cryptic) see mír.


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x see mann.


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n.l. in m.¤ Conáin, Irish name of Anglesey (Mona). gabsait Moind Conáin, LL 6b26 . i mMaind Conain, 7a37 . a mM.¤ Chonain, BB 27b7 . i Moinn Conain, Leb. Gab. i 114.4 . i mMaen Chonain, AU 864.


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x see mainnecht.


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x see manchaine.