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x see lórtu.

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Forms: lui, lai, lue

n (g s. lui, lai infra may indicate orig. lue, io): iathlu .i. etti-lū .i. bec a eti, Corm. Y 776 . l.¤ cach mbecc, 797 . lelap .i. laulep .i. láu cech mbec, Corm. Bodl. 8.22 . l.¤ .i. bec, O'Mulc. 771 , 791 . Note also: lu .i. olc, ut dicitur: ni len lu lessugud, O'Mulc. 792 . lúada .i. l.¤ gach mbeag, O'Cl.

In Laws Comm. something small, thing of small value (opp. of cleithe): cid im lu, cid im cleithi, Laws i 54.18 . cid bec .i. im lu. Cid mor .i. im cleithe, iii 38. y . noco nuil deithbir lui na cleithi im in cumail sin that c. is a fixed payment, 100.6 . fo aicned lai no cleithi `according to the nature of major or minor (value)', 144.15 . gid cutrumus lui gid cutrumus clethe `whether equal to small or equal to large (cattle)', iv 200.32 . a ngaid lui, iii 108.11 . in cethruime rand dec a ngait laoi ann, v 170.y . cach athgabala co ruigi l.¤ ┐ im lu fein, i 224.7 . derbforghell luí `a false oath respecting the stealing of an article of little value', iii 394.13 . Taken by Laws edd. as compar. in: mad lu, is let log enech `if less. . .', i 140.29 . coir cemad lu [orro] `it is right that there should be less (fine imposed) upon them', iii 504.8 . In cheville: sluínd go lu, iv 218.3 . Cf. Stokes Laws Crit. 22.

Perh. also: núide lui gl. nouacula, Sg. 59b14 - 15 . See note in Thes.

Compds. ¤barc small ship (if not for lúath- or lúth-): lan do longaib ┐ do lúbarccaib, Acall. 6920. 6504 . longa ┐ lugbarca, TTr.² 112. Ériu viii 18.31 . ? ¤chethra: direnar landire ro suidiged i comdire . . . fri lu cethra `for the small cattle', Laws iv 200.3 . ¤lai see 3 lai. ¤láeg (in etymol. gl. on lulaig): lu .i. cach mbec, unde dicitur, lulaigh .i. laeg mbec, O'C. 110 ( H.3.18, 71 ). ¤orc small pig : lulaig ł luuan ł luorc CIH iii 1109.22 . ¤úan small lamb : lulaig ł luuan ł luorc CIH iii 1109.22 .

1 lúa

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Forms: lue, lue, luie, lue, lau, lua, láu, luu, lū, lua, lú, luí

n earlier lue (disyll.?) [io] n s. lue, Sg. 50a20 . a s. luie, MU² 959. lue, 963 . d s. lau (láu, lua, vll.), BDD² 929. láu, LU 9388. luu, LU 9699. LL 277a42 . lū, Cáin Ad. 23. n d. dha lua , ZCP iii 378.12 = dā lú , v 484.1 . Perh. orig. same word as luí, which, however, differs in gender and inflection. See also ÉC xxxiii 81-82 .


(a) heel, foot; hoof (in some exx. could equally be transl. kick, cf. follg. sections): sal nó lue gl. calx (`heel or kick'), Sg. 50a20 . tēora gāire mallacht for cech ferscāl nomuirbfeth mnái a deis nā clí ná lū nā tengaid, Cáin Ad. 23 . lúth mo da l.¤ (glossed mo choiss) `the vigour of my heels', Ériu i 72 § 1. In B. na f. dha lua is lethreann diobh go losg `two feet and one of them lame', ZCP iii 378. 12 = dā lú, v 484.1 . focheird úir da luib taris hooves, LL 8852 ( TBC 1491 ) (of the `Dond Cualnge'). Perh. also in follg.: ó mir nó ó dúrnn nó o l.¤ (lau, BDD2) `with a bite(?) or a blow or a kick', BDD 94. col-lūib ┐ co ndornaib `with kicks and blows of his fists', Ériu ii 24.12 . cin coisi . . . .i. in lua, Laws i 240.16 Comm .

(b) With verbs of striking etc. spurns (in lit. sense), kicks: dobert a luie frisin comlai colluid a chos trethe, MU² 959. atnaig a l.¤ frisin muine luachrái `he gives his kick to the rush- brake', Fél. 180.24 . doratas mo lua fris `I gave my kick to it', 27 . atacomcussa com láu/condarrala i mbrosnacha, LU 9388 . ata-biu com luu I will slay her with my kick, ZCP iii 216.5 (= LU 9699 , LL 277a42 ). dobered lua do `he would give him a kick', TTebe 259 .

(c) In phr. l.¤ fri: lue fri lūag (luige re lōg, v.l.) one who tramples on (spurns) his wages(?), Bruchst. i 29 § 64 . lua [fri] brot, Aen. 751 , cf. ba lua fri borb ┐ ba beim cind fri hall kicking against a goad, LL 225b38 ( TTr. 629 ).

(d) blow with the heel, kick : tuc C. lua da choiss friasi, LL 7491 . rabretha trénlua tarpech da choiss úad, 9847 ( TBC 2776 ). is dúaig in lua . . . sin, 11206 ( TBC 4411 ). a bedg, no redg, no lua `a start, or a fit, or a kick', Laws iii 180.17 Comm .

See 6 lúa.

2 lúa

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x see .

3 lúa

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x see lús(aid).

? 4 lúa

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ind perh. for lúth in: lua mo ruisc `strength of my eye', Ó Bruad. iii 178.15 .

5 lúa

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x see 3 lúan.

6 lúa

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Forms: lue, lú, líad, léith

n in phr. l.¤ líath (also lue, lú; líad, léith) (? 1 lúa and líath) spleen : lien .i. lue liad, Sg. 63b13 . splen .i. lue liath, 63b16 . lien .i. lua liath, 96b3 . spplenem .i. inlu leith, Gild. Lor. 228. fáilte il-lū lēith in cech raind / is imrádud i n-ārainn, Arch. iii 223.8 .


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adj io, iā (lúabu) consisting of cheese : l.¤ gl. montem casiatum (= mons coagulatus pinguis, Ps. lxvii 16 ), Ml. 84b5 .


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n Meaning uncertain. The deriv. lúabainde suggests not part of an animal (so Thurn. ZCP xiv 421 ) but a con- fection of some sort, such as cheese or porridge: (a riddle) cia l.¤ (caidhe in luabhu, v.l.) berbthar fri cech lucht? . . . Tencair in gabonn what l. is boiled for all people? The smith's tongs, ZCP xiii 272.6 . a c[h]lérig . . . meic lūabann, Aisl. MC 33.22 , 124.2 . coire ramór lán do luabin, 69.1 . ? .x. ndabcha .i. luamann, Ériu ii 4.15 and gl. 68 . .x. talliama taræda iluamand, 5.3 .

1a lúach

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adj (1 lúa) given to kicking , having (large) heels . Of a horse: nip leasc . . . nip l.¤ , O'C. 1863 ( 23 P 3, 20a ). cruich lúig 'with great hoofs and heels' Celtica xi 196 . Of a cow: mad l.¤ , O'C. 250 ( H 3.18, 145a ).