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n f. (lasardae) ardour, zeal : a lasardhacht fhiuchair gradha, ITS xxix 211.20 , 213.1 .


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adj io, iā (lasar) burning, blazing : claidmi . . . lasartha `flashing', Cog. 162.14 . amhuil teine lasardha `as a burning fire', Prov. xvi 27. Fig. adandad lasardai na peccad, PH 8251 . re h-indtinne lasardha gradhach, ITS xxix 190.28 . co lasardha, 225.24 .

1 lasc

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x see lascaid.

? 2 lasc

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is lomnān cen locht cen l.¤ , RC xxxvii 348 § 72. Perh. subst. use of lax, q.v.

1 lascad

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u, m. vn. of lascaid. act of lashing : 'gha lascadh lé bata, Iar Conn. 285.15 .

2 lascad

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x see loscad.


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v (cf. lasc, whip, P.O'C. , prob. a new formation from compd. ech-ḟlesc infected by Engl. lash) whips, tortures: mairg croidhe ar [ar] taisgeadh tnúdh / mairg 'gar laisgeadh Moire mhór `by whom Mary was tortured', Dán Dé xxvi 37 . macc raith nach lascthar hi lurc, Arch. iii 306 § 2.


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x see laxae.


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x see lása.


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(see Ériu liii 138 ) (prep. la and demonstr. sé, modelled on Lat. cum). Thurn. Gramm. p. 552. Conj. folld. as a rule by nasalising rel. clause, and translating Latin

(a) cum with finite vb.: lasse gabas immbi cum . . . induerit , Wb. 13d22 . l.¤ celebirsimme gl. cum valefecissemus, Thes. i 498.7 (Ardm.). lasse ní beu cid in tene `cum nullus vivus ignis appareat', Lat. Lives 45.12 . l.¤ dusente gl. cum persequebatur, Ml. 142b4 . hisunt . . . conricc frissa lind serb in chúrsactha l.¤ foruillecta beóil in chalich di mil cosse anall whereas the lips of the chalice were hitherto smeared with honey, Wb. 7d9 (based on a Lat. gloss?).

(b) pres. participle (-n s) or equivalent: lasse forcongur fírinni dúib gl. verum dicens vobis, 19d25 . lasse dongní . . . lasse [n]omidter et no cairigther gl. qui judicas, 1c10 .

(c) gerund (-o): lase dufuasilce gl. solvendo, Ml. 29b10 . lase asṁbiur gl. dicendo, Sg. 29b11 . lase conrothinoll gl. colli- gendo, 66b23 . lasse nad n-adraimse gl. non adorando, Ml. 132c1 . ní lasse etirrudib gl. neque . . . perimendo, 123b10 . Also, without addition, to indicate the instrumental use of gerund (cf. late Latin cum to express instrument), Ml. 22c2 , 29c17 , 46c21 , 70c16 , 130c12 .


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n , f. (cf. lasaid). Of epileptic: ar a lasnaighe ┐ ar a aicmeile in duine sund `on account of the furiousness and dangerous nature of the person here', Laws iii 508.14.20 Comm .