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x see laimthinche.


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x see laimthech.


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Forms: laithent

n m. IGT Decl. § 48 (g pl. laithent prohibited form). is imdha and grán geinte / thall ar lár an laithinte, IGT Decl. ex. 1280.


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ind gatais in muilleoir a bulg dia muilend ┐ l.¤ a llind in muilind, Ir. Texts i 18 § 55 , he hid(?). Cf. Lat. latēre, latens.


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ind dha ṡenainm ar bhuaibh bladha / ferbh is laithri (lathra, v.l.) lionnmhara, Met. Gl. 12 § 16 . l.¤ .i. bó, O'Cl. Cf. 1 laith (milk) and flaithri.

1 láithrech

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appar. g s. of láthar in adj. and adv. use. As adv. immediately : ag teacht láithreach don g-carcair, Oss. vi 48.6 . tabhair do shlóighte leat láithreach, iv 102.21 . chonairc mé láithreach, ZCP v 208.147 . Cf. roleicsit inudh lathrech do ar a óici (`place of the battlefield'), TTebe 3746 .

Prob. exx. of adj.: do-ní líog láithreach dhíobh `a standing stone(?)' (Gloss.), TSh. 10496 . do chifir Dia . . . d'fhiadhnaisi laithreach, ITS xxix 221.15 . Cf. gach eó ina linn laithrech, Ériu xiii 32.13 = g[o] lia ina linn laithrech, O'Dav. 1166 (perh. different word, cf. lathrach, 6 lía).

2 láithrech

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x see láthar.

3 láithrech

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x see láthrach.

? láithreóir

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n [i, m.] (cf. láthar): Laitneoir .i. laithreoir .i. iar- sinni laithres co treorach propounder, Auraic. 2911.


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x see láthraid.

laithrinn, láithrinn ?

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n see EIF 432 . (?cf. láthar) only in Laws Comm. proper place or situation of person or thing : slán do mogaidh . . . ina l.¤ comdligtigh, Laws iii 174.11 . ised is laithrind do mogaid andsin ead a láime ┐ [samtaighe] a tuaigi uad ar cach leth, 178.20 . Contrasted with sechtar l.¤ : ised is laithrind don chuail cach inat a cuirenn de hi do gres . . . issed is sechtar laithrind ann, cach bail na cuirenn de hi do gres the proper place for the faggot is any place where he sets it down, 178.5 , 8 . Compen- sation for accidental injuries depended to a large extent on whether offending object or person was in its l.¤ or outside it: masa crand ro tuit eisti i[s] scenmanna da riagail riso . . . A laithrind sin; ┐ ma sechtar laithrind, is amhuil indeithbire torbaigh `if it be a stick that has fallen from it (the bundle), it (the case) is to be regulated by the law of "slippings off" . . . these are slippings in his (the servant's) proper place, but if outside his proper place it is a case of unnecessary profit', 176.18 . Of injury caused by a cow: slan di in tesbach a laithrind, 228.21 . slan do rob . . . air a cuairt ingelta, no 'na l.¤ dligthech O'C. 2103 ( H.4.22 p. 76a ). See also leithrind (léithrind ?).