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ind = laimthinche: brugaid ar brugachus / láech ar l.¤ , LU 8484 ( FB 33 ).

? laimthi

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ind reraig roí roríg ringthi / for macc Longsig luaith l.¤ , Arch. Hib. ii 56 § 23. Cf. lamad.


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x see under laimthinche.


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Forms: loim-, -thenaige, -thincide

n , f. (laimthenach) also loim-, -thenaige, -thincide. daring, confidence : ara loimthincidhi leo cin do denamh `on account of their audacity in committing crime', BCrólige 34 n. 7 . ferr leíre lamide (laimtnighe, laimnide v.l.) industry is better than audacity (`handiwork') RC xlv 26 § 40 ( Anecd. iii 20.3 ). la cuic cinta tuillis . . . cach ogae dib o laim .i. . . . ar a laim tinchi (leg. laimtinchi), Laws i 238.23 Comm . eirnig eruic in cach doni laim-thince `deed of daring', v 458.16 Comm . gl. doran cach a laimnige (`everyone pays his handfine') where however the correct reading may be l.¤ (though the word does not otherwise appear in text of Laws). comen- eclann doibh ina chonaibh ┐ loimhthenaighe ghill ┐ aimser imarbaga do riaghail i lleth riu, O'D. 2301 ( Rawl. B 506, 29c ). in mesan direanar do chach fo dire a milchon .i. intan ata laimtinighi in gill and, O'C. 563 ( H.3.18, 280 ). Cf. dom' leoman go laithmhithighi, LL 385b14 = laimthighi `daring', BR² 150.15 . o laimnigthi .i. dul tar fír do flatha, O'C. 469 ( H.3.18, 246 ).

1 lainder

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n (cf. Fr. lanière) strap, thong: haec ligula l.¤ , Ir. Gl. 73.

2 lainder

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x see lainner, -da.

? laindia

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Forms: lándía, lámdía

ind leis mo l.¤ / chess chinn, B. Colm. 22.20 . Leg. lándía or lámdía? (second line defective).


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n band, company, host : nachastathigi aes baeth, / mná no meicc no l.¤ laech (classes of persons prohibited from entering the Tabernacle), SR 4382 . natiastais aidid ṅgorta / inna- lainib lomnochta, 3408 . lainib lánaib for rig recht / isshé anarim firchert (of the companies of Heaven), 557 . lainib láechaib a lánlín (of numbering the Host of Israel), 5004 . lainib ligdaib, 5634 .


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n , f. (lán) also with non-palatal -n-, see Thurn. Gramm. p. 104. fullness, completeness : láne deachte, Wb. 27a12 . co láni inntṡliuchto `with fulness of sense', Sg. 26a9 . is du lani inna díglae teit a plenus, ┐ ni du lani in chailig, Ml. 94c10 . lane inna pián, 30c17 . doinnasatar inna piana hi lani inna corpu `will be given in fulness into their bodies', ib. adcuireddar do láni fri taidbech in chomsuidigthi `they return to completeness at the breaking up of the compound', Sg. 202b3 . certrichae col-láni (: dáni) `an exact thirty with fulness', Fél. Dec. 10. Issu Crist, lana na n-uili duile De `Erfüllung', ZCP xiv 16.18 . In adv. phrases: donremat co lláni `may they protect us fully', Fél. Feb. 3 . la dóini il-láini / ni fessa a féli, Fél. Ep. 15.


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ind l.¤ derg daigerla 'na láim, LL 189a29 = luinech (q.v.), 13911 .


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Forms: laincire

n also -pheitir, -fetir, -fitil (ON lang-fjoeturr, -fitel, Bidrag 25 . See also Éigse vi 63 - 4 ) fetter between the fore and hind legs of cattle; also fetter between head and fore-leg. Mod. Ir. laincire, etc. langfiter . . . .i. lang fota. feitir .i. glas na nGall [.i.] urchomul. langfiter .i. glas fota bís iter chosa cinn ┐ cos[a] tóna, Corm. 26 = -pheitir, Corm. Y 812 . langḟitil itir a cenn ┐ a cosa, Laws i 174.7 Comm . laingfiter iter a cenn ┐ a cosa, v 478.17 Comm . in l.¤ iter a cenn ┐ a cosa, O'D. 1565 ( H.5.15, 3b ).