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Forms: t-innscuch- adh, n-indsguithe, indsguichthe, indsguchad

n u, m. vn. of *in(d)-scuich. n s. in t-innscuch- adh , O'C. 1836 (< 23 Q 6, p. 49a ). n p. secht n-indsguithe (? leg. indsguichthe), Laws v 296.13 . But neut. : n s. indsguchad n-othrusa, Laws v 296.15 .

act of changing (rank, position) ; departure, movement: ionnscuchad graidh .i. ardughadh gráidh no céime, O'Don. Suppl. (Mac Firb. Gl.). ase an indscuchad so in fer leginn do dul a n-espucoidecht ocus in t-espuc do dul in aibil- teoiracht no i ndeoruighecht De, Laws i 58.y Comm. uair is indscucad ceme dun epscop dul a ndeoraidecht De, v 22.28 Comm. bedg a n-ailithre .i. indscuchad re re. Dul a mbas .i. indscuchad dogres `departure for a time ... per- petual departure,' 296.28 - 29 Comm. īar n-i.¤ do Colmān after the death of C. ?, ZCP x 52 § 19. indsguchad ngalair, indsguchad n-othrusa `a departure due to disease, a departure due to illness,' Laws v 296.15 . atait secht n-indsguithe ... a cain lanamna seven partings from the law of wedlock (glossed : scuiche a hinde), ib. 13 . inscuchad criche change of territory ?, iii 318.8 Comm. a gebait beo-dile indscuchad criche, v 338.5 Comm. inscuiche[t] breath[a] ... fo indscu- chad rig judgments vary ... on account of a change of kings, 470.2 Comm. asedh fo dera eineclunn doib iar pennuit ┐ eiricc ┐ innscuchad aísi uair nar comuiscc a n-esinnrucus for a tochus, O'D. 24 (< H 3. 17, cols. 23 , 24 ). ní dlighidh in flaith acht fo thri roimhi aurergi is in aen láithi, acht indsguchadh suighi no glúine ┐ muna dernatur in t-inn- sguchadh, sét isin cétna nem-indsguchadh ... (of penalties imposed for not rising in the presence of the flaith), O'D. 514 (< H 3. 17, col. 418 ). ail gan innscuchudh, BB 280a22 . ro eirgetar Meadai ... indscuchad (? leg. i n-indscuchud) do na slogaib ... náimdémlaib `erhoben sich und rückten gegen die Feindesschaaren,' Alex. 241.


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x see inscuchaid.


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ind (see scuir—, Ped. § 809 Anm.) ? : iptic .i. on ní as untico inscuirim, O'C. 1981 (< H 4. 22, p. 19 ).


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n m. Collect. (see Thurn. Gramm. § 263 ) of inis. islands: in t-innserad iartharach don bith, Folklore iv 477.11 ( Edin. Dinds. § 57 ).


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Forms: insernd

v spreads abroad ? spreads ? : indic. pres. s. 3 insernd crū cridi, TBC² 3469 (transltd. `Blut von Herzen breitet sich aus ?,' TBC p. 839 n. 5 ).

? insétaigid

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Forms: inseitaigtis, nuséitaigtis

v g (sét path) journeys, travels : impf. pl. 3 donaib hí inseitaigtis gl. uiantibus, Ml. 124b9 (leg. nuséitaigtis ?, Eds.).


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n u, m. illumination, enlightenment, act of illuminating: confodlaibidsi ar n-insorchugud ni `ye shall participate in our illumination,' Ml. 53b18 . fuar[atar] soillsi móir día tanic a n-in[ṡ]orchugad lux orta est eis, Trip.² 39. i ndelbaib primcainnel oc soilsigud ┐ oc inorchugud inna catrach, LU 2056. ic in ordugud (insorcugud, v.l.) láe ┐ aidhchi, CCath. p. 20 n. 13 . roimthig P. reime ... la hinsor- chugad ind escca by the light of the moon, D iv 2, p. 73rb26 . ionsorchughadh .i. soillsiughadh, O'Cl.

insich ?

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ind glossed : .i. insich fola in rig asren do cach, O'C. 476 (< H 3. 18, p. 248 ).


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x see sin.

insiud ?

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ind immuairícul fid fithi i.¤ sueg docomotertair cēni, IT iii 53.1 .


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Forms: adsnadi, atsnadi, -essnatis, insnáter

v indic. pres. s. 2 adsnadi, Ml. 93a12 . s. 3 atsnadi, 64b1 . impf. pl. 3 -essnatis, 98b3 . Pass. subj. pres. s. insnáter, 56c20 . Vn. esnádud, q.v., RIA Dict. Fasc. II.

defers, postpones (the infliction of punishment, the satis- faction of a desire, etc.) : adsnadi gl. deferentem (te ultionem), Ml. 93a12 . annadnessnatis `when they did not put off' (the satisfaction of their appetite), 98b3 . insnáter gl. (ultio) deferatur, 56c20 . tri aesnadud inna diglae do thabairt foraib, 24c1 . flaith congbāla co slōgaib dianechtair, in-soet a slōig sidi, in-snádat (insnadait, v.l.) a adilce (i.e. they do not immediately fulfil his wishes), ZCP xi 97 § 61.