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Forms: inecnáig

adj o, ā (? 5 in- + 2 ecnach q.v., RIA Dict. Fasc. II) visible: n p. srengais in n-ól don fidba chnáma comtar inecnáig a inchroes, TBC 2607.

ined ?

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x meisir maethglith ina ellam n-ined, O'Dav. 800 (`ined may be a scribal error for inde,' Stokes. See 2 inne).


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x see 2 éim.

in-ellaig, inellgither

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Forms: inellaig, inellgiter, inellgestar, íneillgiter

v indic. pres. s. 3 inellaig, O'Mulc. 537. pl. 3 depon. inellgiter, Laws iv 38.z Comm. pret. s. 3 ro inellgestar , O'Dav. 1130. Pass. indic. pres. pl. íneillgiter, Laws iv 6.16 Comm. See Marstrander, RC xxxvi 370 ff .

(a) joins, composes ; puts in: inellaig ollam anamuin the ollamh joins together the `anamain' verse, O'Mulc. 537 = inloing ..., O'Dav. 1072 , Corm. Y 39. (Marstrander, loc. cit., believes inellaig here to be a gloss which got embodied in the text, the original word being inloing). is fir ímfuil- gniter no íneillgiter índtib `it is men that are suffered or required to be brought into them,' Laws iv 6.16 Comm. (gl. it fir in-do-loingad, ib. 7 ) ? who are imposed or put in (of lands being claimed into which cattle may not be put for the purpose of making entry).

(b) claims (in Laws glosses in-loing) : inlolaigh .i. ro heillged ... .i. ro inellgestar Seithir ... na ferainn ro tech- tastar codhnaig a cineoil `S. claimed the lands ...,' O'Dav. 1130. ineillgiter na mna techtugad do breith is in ferann, Laws iv 38.z Comm. (gl. inlongad bandtaig bancora, ib. 9 ), transltd. : `the women maintain the right to make entry on the land,' Stud. in E. Ir. Law 136 n. 2 . Cf. in-loing.


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adj i capable: is ionann peacadh an tsinnsir ... ┐ fadódh do-ní abaigh ineamhail an cholann ré déanamh gach uilc `a kindling which makes the body ripe for evil,' TSh. 3342. préaláid ainmhianach ... do bhí ineaṁhail re gach nídh ... do chur 'na luidhe ar a phobul `capable of imposing,' Keat. i 62.25 . Compar. tar na manchaibh oile ... budh ineamhla ioná thú, TSh. 5043. róid as ineamhla dá ndéan- tair dá dhaghadhbha `the easiest roads to be found ...' (of the Five Wounds), Aithd.D. 55 § 1.


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n o a torrent, a swift, turbulent stream: inessclund .i. esc uisce ; in-esc-lond didiu, uisce lond ind .i. srib lond .i. sribh lūath nō trēn, Corm. Y 786. Insi Inesclainn for Loch Eirne, Gorm. Nov. 10 n. 6 . Muiredhach mac Corb- maic abb Droma inesclainn Drumiskin , FM ii 578.5 . Cf. escland and esgal.


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adj o, ā (in-érce q.v. s.v. 3 in-) liable for the payment of éric : indeircech cach morcuitech, Laws iii 462.20 (=inder- cach ..., O'C. 730 (< H 3. 18, p. 349 ) (glossed : .i. mas ac compersain do rala imin set, acht ma ta dib nech is mo cuit na ceile is ind eiric uad as, ib. 21 - 22 ).


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Forms: ineren, aneirined, ineranar

v (in-ess-ren) indic. pres. s. 3 rel. ineren, Laws iii 464.4 Comm. ipv. s. 3 aneirined, iv 102.17 Comm. pass. indic. pres. s. ineranar, ii 374.20 (= Stud. in E. Ir. Law 38 § 17 ).

compensates, makes compensation: as-renar aithgein cach diubairt co logud no in-eranar a (leg. i) lo imscártha `wird ... bezahlt oder ... hineingezahlt,' Stud. in E. Ir. Law 38 § 17. in ti dia mbi caime in cethra, is é ineren ní as dia raile `who pays out of it to the other,' Laws iii 464.4 Comm. focerdat crann ím an agh mbeo dus ci da lína aneren do alaile as `to know which of the two should pay the other for him,' iv 102.12 Comm. dombeir iarum in tí dhia tuit, ocus aneirined a ceile do urland sealb let his neighbour make compensation, 102.17 Comm.


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v (in-in-tét) follows, goes after: (fer) inetet toin a mna tar crich .i. fer teid i lenmain tona a mna tar in crich, Laws v 516.6 and 19 . fer inetet (sic SM Facs. 14ay ) saithe na bi lais co finnathar maigin in suidegetar, iv 190.8 .


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x see under 3 in-.

? inḟaebrach

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Forms: inḟaebhracha

adj o, ā very sharp: arna teascadh do bhiaillibh imleathna inḟaebhracha , CF 833 (? or read imḟaebracha).