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x see indad.

indra, indrad

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Forms: indra, indrad, indra, indrad, indra, indra, innraid, indra, innraig, indrada

n indra appears to be inflected sometimes as an -io- stem, sometimes as a dental stem, indrad as an -o- stem. (see also BBCS xxvi 448 ) n s. indra, O'Dav. 1074. indrad, O'C. 807 (< H 3. 18, p. 383b ). ? a s. indra, Críth Gabl. 220. Sits 1919, v 93 § 23 . ? g s. indra, O'C. 981 (< H 3. 18, p. 423a ). innraid, O'C. 807 (< H 3. 18, p. 373b ). n p. indra, O'Dav. 1074. innraig, O'C. 2060 (< H 4. 22, p. 65a ). a p. indrada, O'Dav. 1073. Im. Brain § 42.

a ridge, raised bed, a small plot of ground under cultivation: .ix. n-indrada .i. ... .ix. n-iumaire, O'Dav. 1073. indra .i. iumaire, ut est tri indra cainne ┐ in cethramad indra imais `three ridges of leeks and the fourth a ridge of imas,' ib. 1074 = Laws v 88.6 Comm. lethdíre forais for indra (i.e. `half the penalty for damage committed in the residence is due for corresponding damage to the immediately adjoining area under cultivation'), Críth Gabl. 220 , see p. 30 n. and BBCS xxvi 448 . les n-incis imbi. Ni talladh acht cethora innrada and, indrad cechtar in da taob, da traig .x. fot cach innraid, a hocht a lethat, O'C. 807 (< H 3. 18, p. 373b ); 'each raised bed … is twelve feet in length' EIF 367 . tōla n-etho ar gach n-indra, Sits 1919, v 93 § 23 . is íar mbarr ḟedo rosná | do churchán tar indrada, Im. Brain § 42.

? To this : be n-indra ┐ rl. na teit tar imchomus nath- gabala, O'C. 981 (< H 3. 18, p. 423a ).


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Forms: ionnrach

n o, m. vn. of ind-reg. See Ped. § 794. ? Orig. a bandage , also, and more frequently, through confusion with indrige, q.v., a tent for a wound: ionrach .i. ní cuirthear sna cnedhaibh, O'Cl. cid be inad ann a mbiadh in cned, doni a thurus ar fut in trichat cet ┐ a innrach ann `with his bandage on,' Ériu xii 132.8 . fri belaibh a n-alad noco roic[h]edh a ndaethain sop ocus inrech (innrach, v.l.) da n-étaighib inntu `enough of wisps and of tents (made) from their garments,' CCath. 5987. is fada ón chrécht in t-ionnrach (of a mis-applied remedy), SG 246.7 . dlegar ar tosach ionnraighe (MS. innrigh) ocus adartáin ... d'ullmugud `prius debent praeparari stuppae et pulvilli,' O'Gr. Cat. 270.23. ionnrach `a tint for a wound,' O'Don.

Compd. ¤línad act of applying a tent to a wound: ag indrachlínadh a n-úrcrécht, Caithr. Thoirdh. 126.31 .

See also inindraig s.v. 3 in-.


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Forms: innriccso, inruccus, inracus, indrucus, innracais, innraigis, inracus

n (indraic) Orig. u,m. : g s. innriccso, Sg. 59b3 , but otherwise declined as o, m. n s. inruccus, Wb. 29a22 . inracus, indrucus, Laws v 284.5 and 458.y . g s. innracais, O'C. 286 (< H 3. 18, p. 158 ). innraigis, O'C. 646 (< H 3. 18, p. 311 ).

I worthiness, honour, integrity, innocence: ind inracus gl. dignatio, Ml. 51c18 . ni taibre grád for nech confeser a inruccus don grád sin, Wb. 29a22 . dofoirnde inrucus neich gl. significat dignum esse aliquem, Sg. 59b1 . indracus .i. inichus ` sufficiency ,' O'Dav. 1114. iusticia .i. innrucus, Thr. Ir. Gl. lxii 2. cethri srotha déc éicsi ... fele ┐ innruccus, LL 30d31 . oc a bennachad for a fírinde ┐ indraccus, PH 4301. in ben dob ferr delb ┐ denam, enech ┐ inrucuss ... bai a n-Erinn, Ann. Conn. 1269 § 9. ar mbeith i staid an ionnracuis dó, TSh. 513.

II In Laws :

(a) of persons, worthiness, integrity, guilt- lessness: airilliudh ocus indrucus ocus endce (three things that confer `miad' and `eneclann'), Laws iv 344.15 . cid dobeir dire do neoch ? airilliud ocus inrucus ocus idna, ... Airilliud .i. im tochus, inrucus .i. im breithir. Idna .i. im gnimrad, v 96.2 - 4 . fo uaislidetaid .i. fo airilledh ocus i.¤ , i 42.14 Comm. fis a n-innracais ga sagart ┐ fis a sealba ga tuata, O'C. 286 (< H 3. 18, p. 158 ). ar innrucus inbleoghuin im cinuigh nech aile `on account of the guiltlessness of the kinsman-surety of the crime of another person,' Laws ii 66.13 Comm. idhna innracuis ar ghait `purity of honesty from theft,' MS. Mat. 462.21 .

screball indracais compensation sometimes due, by right of their good character, to individuals who had no right to, or had lost their right to eneclann ? : o do denait condelg ata eneclann in graidh ... doib ... mani dernad ni fuil doib acht screpall innraigis nama, O'C. 646 (< H 3. 18, p. 311 ). is esbadhach a eneclann uile uadh, gin ach screpall a indra- cais dó, O'C. 1029 (< H 3. 18, p. 432b ). screball a dualus a indracuis mas indraic e `a screpall in right of his worthiness if he be worthy,' Laws v 16.21 Comm.

(b) of measures or objects, standard character, fulness, completeness: tomus innraic ... is é so innracus fuil and ..., O'Dav. 1484. co n-innrucus chléithe `with a complete set of buildings,' Críth Gabl. 438.


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Forms: indraic, inricc, inraicc, innruca, innruicce, inricci, innraice, indruca, indraicce, indraice, indraiciu, inrucu, indraca, indraic, indraic, inricc

adj i (in + reic lit. ` fit for sale .' See Thurn. ZCP xiv 346 § 7 ). indraic is the Mid. Ir. form, inricc the form in Wb., inraicc in Ml. g s f. innruca, innruicce, O'D. 338 (< H 3. 17, col. 261 ). n p. inricci, Wb. 5c14 . innraice, Laws v 368.2 . indruca, indraicce, PH 3375 , 5336 . g p. indraice, RC xv 489.9 . Compar. indraiciu, TBC² 353. inrucu, O'C. 1872 (< 23 P 3, fo. 20d ).

I Of persons, worthy, fitting, honourable, upright, faith- ful: caidh .i. indraic, O'C. 963 (< H 3. 18, p. 415 ). iarsindí batir inricci du báas huili `worthy of death,' Wb. 5e14 . amal as n-inricc sanctis fáilte fri nóibu, 7b2 . inna fírbrithem- nachtae dudrignisom inraicc `of the righteous judgment that made him worthy,' Ml. 62c19 . i.¤ side dano. `Īefa-sa in cinaid sin,' ol sē but he was an upright man ..., Anecd. iv 76.15 ( Corm. Y s.v. Mugheme ). feidil la cach he .i. inraic la cach, Ériu ii 174.8 . indracca gl. fideles, Lor. Gild. 24. batar uiss no umla no innraice no comadais `fit or suitable,' Ir. Gl. p. 41.6 . nī fairgēbasu ... lāech bas ansum ... nā hergairi mōrslūaig bas indraiciu, TBC² 353. is adamraigti trá co mór ┐ is indraicc o foraithmet máthair na macc-sa `worthy of remembrance,' PH 6608. id chorp ionnraic óghamhail (to Blessed Virgin), DDána 6 § 40. ben is mo ocus is áille ... ocus is innraca, ALC i 306.12 . an té atá ionnruic ansa ní is lúgha `he who is faithful in that which is least,' Donlevy 132.4 . ionruic a ngach uile roinn no ghnothuigh, 464.16 . trí chét mbemeann n-indraice co n-abainn `300 honest blows with a scourge' (in a penance), RC xv 489.9 . gach aon bhíos fíréanta ionnraic, TSh. 5245.

II As legal term,

(a) of persons, worthy, trustworthy, qualified to perform certain legal functions (e.g. to give evidence) : fiadna innraice `worthy witnesses,' Laws v 368.2 . With follg. gen. : rucus ba n-inraicc noilich fer ad-gair `ich entschied, der Mann, der rechtlich belangt sei des Eides würdig,' ZCP xv 361 § 46. is tualaing som forgell for cach recht, acht a da comgrad d'inraicaib `except the two orders who are of equal standing with himself,' Laws i 78.20 , glossed .i. acht na graid indraice data da cutrumus eneclainni, 84.5 Comm. dia mbet da fhiadain no a tri indruca oc a forgell, PH 3375. fri cuimne seanchad indraice `by the memory of respectable antiquaries,' iv 140.y Comm. (tr. Ériu viii 129.15 ). mas i.¤ ┐ esinnraic do-rala iman set cidh í in inraic aidhbres cidh aice aidhbrethar is lé a sena no a imdenam cidh bedh bus ail dó dhe ..., O'C. 2151 (< Eg. 88, fo. 3c ). mas da innraic no da eisinnraic ro batar ar aird, no cidh indraic ┐ eisinnraic beas ar aird and ┐ ra fuachtnaigh rob neich dibh ropp a cheile, is a sena dun n-innraic no dun n-eisinnraic ar a lather go lucht a lan fira no a leithfira ma inraic, no cu lucht a lan arra no a leath arra mas eisinnraicc, O'D. 2330 (< Rawl. 506, fo. 35c ). nochan fuil dire na eneclann don innraic na denann maith da tochus, O'C. 249 (< H 3. 18, p. 144 ). madh eisinnraic lidhis ar innraic ┐ lan faisneis aigi da comlín a fuil on innraic uada da denum na diaigh, O'C. 286 (< H 3. 18, p. 158 ). As subst. : tabradh a lāim indraca , O'C. 2151 (< Eg. 88, fo. 3c ). In the follg. exx., though referring to a person, indraic is treated as fem. : is hi in indruic do dena, O'C. 1602 ( 23 Q 6, 4a ). má don indraic 'car aidbred hé fuaitgither, acht má le féin hé ..., O'D. 1651 ( H 5. 15, 21 ). With confusion of gender : cidh í in inraic aidhbres cidh aice aidhbrethar is le a sena no a imdenam cidh bedh bus ail dó dhe, O'C. 2151 ( Eg. 88, 3 ). Cf. O'Don. Suppl. s.v. iondraic.

(b) of articles, measurements, etc., of standard quality or quantity, complying with certain requirements, legal: .vii. fichit traiged di thraigthib innraicib métt a dúne, Críth Gabl. 567. bairgen in(d)ruic nó dí bairgin banḟuini, 117 . leth dire n-airib ... co taisiuc innruic cach ae `half dire-fine upon them with perfect restitution of everything,' Laws ii 66.17 . caide in íme indric ? ... .i. caiti aichne na hime dligthigh, iv 112.1 and 19 . caide in íme indric ? Mad cora, cora tri liag, tri traigh a leithead, 112.1 . gleith dar indric (grazing on anothers land in spite of an obstacle which constitutes an `imbe indraic ,' in this case, a deep river), 126.19 Comm. tir ... nach eicin do frichnam tuair na slige ... ase innraic andsin (used of land in good con- dition), 276.12 Comm. clar innraic ... Da traig .x. a fod ┐ da traig a lethed ┐ traig a tiged dilius iarsin. Isé in biail innraic. Airtem fod a genned. Tri meoir lethed a foebuir ..., O'C. 883 - 4 (< H 3. 18, p. 395ab ). ad-mestar asa bēsaib inricib ibar, ZCP xi 94 § 34. dligid leth .uii. cumala indraca dia guin, O'C. 255 (< H 3. 18, p. 148 ). da traigid gu leith se ín ceím inraic `the lawful step,' Laws iv 214.19 Comm. it ē a frithḟolaidi-seom dond ḟir gráid .i. lá air n-indraic cech blīadna cona ṡīl `a proper day's ploughing each year ...,' Ériu i 220 § 14. cethramthu sella indraicc `a fair quarter of a sella,' vii 140.10 . mad fir m(b)idbod cæra innraic do suidi[u] 'if it be a fer midboth, a full-grown sheep for him' Bretha 30 § 13 .

Adv. in chruth as coir et as inricc sanctis .i. indinricc donaib nóibaib airitiu neich cuccuib `worthily, of the saints, to receive any one unto you,' Wb. 7b1 . bendacht ar cech óen mebraigfes go hindraic Taín amlaid seo faithfully , TBC 6206. is aire-sin atbel-sa co hindraicc am shenndat- taig, PH 6559.

indraicech, indracach

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Forms: ionnracaigh

adj o, ā (indraic) upright, worthy: co craibteach ionruigeach, BNnÉ i 165 n. 3 (=hionnruic, text). As subst. o, m. anam an ionnracaigh , TSh. 9010.


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Forms: inraiccaigther

v (indraic) thinks fit, deigns: subj. pres. s. 2 maní inraiccaigther són gl. si dedigneris, Ml. 103a8 .


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Forms: innraithidh

adj (indraic) competent, qualified to perform certain legal functions: airechtach .i. innraigthi, ut est ni bi airech- tach ae muna (sic leg.) faitach eola .i. nirbat innraigthi iman áe mana roibh fath is dech acat im eolus `... thou wouldst not be competent for the lawsuit ...,' O'Dav. 134. is rechtaid cach for a deis fodeisin ... .i. is indraicthi cach ar a ferann no ar a ceilib, Laws i 230.18 Comm. = innraithidh, O'C. 2687 (< Eg. 88, fo. 58d ). ba rachtaigh criche .i. ... rob indrigti for in crich `she was entitled justly to the land,' Laws iv 18.5 Comm. [n]i ba aurracht uchae munub faitiuch cach aesa .i. nocha n-innruighi é ..., ii 88.14 Comm.

? To this: cáin domnaig ... mallacht cech óin choillfes conab inraigthi seo complete ? fulfilled ?, LB 203b51 .


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x see indred (b).


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n detriment, loss: ni i.¤ dúib cininfil lib gl. in nullo detrimentum patiemini ex nobis, Wb. 16b9 . Probably the same word as indráithne.

indráithne, indráichne

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Forms: ionráin

n f. act of inspecting, taking stock of, making a reckoning of, accounting for (see O'Rahilly, Sc. G. St. i 29 ) : d'airem a n-esbadh agus do comáirem a cos- cair, d'indraichne a n-uaisledh agus do cur súla tar a saor- clandaib, Caithr. Thoirdh. 117.29 . ag tegasg a tosaigh, agus ag dídean a ndeirid ... agus ag timcellad a tinóil, agus ag indraitne a nóg, 132.14 . ní rangas a les eallach d'ionnraithne ná doras do dhruid `to place watchmen over cattle,' FM v 1686.13 . i ló na hionráithne `on the Day of Judgment,' Studies 1932, 577.10 . ar n-ionráithne na n-anam `after the souls' judgment,' PBocht 25 § 33. laoich ag ionn- ráithne a n-arm, TD 4 § 31. ní uair cách a gcombráithre | uaibh san áth re n-ionnráithne, Aithd. D. i 20 § 23. tug bean ar n-ionnráithne a heallaigh | iolgháirthe ar feadh theallaigh Tháil, ii 234.26 . iolgháirthe gan méid do mhair | ná léig ionnráithne a n-easbhaidh, IGT Decl. ex. 1983. na hilgáirthi don táob thall | gláodh na hi.¤ agam, ex. 203 . Later ionráin : air inneall agus air ionráin m'arm, ITS xxiv 20.15 . gabhas L. aig ionráin agus aig inneall na n-arm, ib. 2.23 .