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Forms: hindlis, indliss, n-indliss, hindlessa, hindlessaib

n o, m. (in + less) a s. co hindlis , PH 3135. g s. indliss, SR 4413. d s. a n-indliss , Lat. Lives 95.13 . a p. co hindlessa , LB 36a40 . d p. isna hindlessaib , PH 4493.

a hall, a court: dorus ind indliss fodess (of the taber- nacle), SR 4413. conacca demun ... a nindliss araile fir maith in atrio, Lat. Lives 95.13 . co toracht ... co hindlis airchindig na sacart, PH 3135. dochóid isna hindlessaib batar imon tempul, 4493 . idnaices na firénu co hindlessa na bethad, LB 36a40 . ro linaṡtar do gul ... na hinlesa rig[d]a ro-fhairsinga, TTebe 51 8. indlios a court, O'R.


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Forms: indlide, indlithi, indeltai, inniolta, nos-indlethar, innilte

v (indell) i Part. indlide, SR 8147. indlithi, LU 8715. indeltai, Alex. 177. inniolta, Keat. Poems 1122. One deponent form occurs in indic. pres. s. 3 : nos-indlethar, Death-tales 6 § 6 . indell, q.v., used as vn. See also indled.

(a) puts in, imposes: is diles iarum in ni indlither inund isin fine tre drochchuru ar cheilsine `what is returned into the tribe by bad contracts of tenancy is forfeited,' Laws ii 306.7 Comm. (gloss on : is dilis iarum, dia n-[e]acraither inniull inda-lla[a]t micoruib, ZCP xiv 379 § 43 = Laws ii 306.2 ). cia lin ar a n-innlither éiric chinadh in chin- taigh `how many are they upon whom the `eric' -fine for the crime of the criminal is put,' iv 240.14 Comm. athgabail gabur im cina in ti innliter ar faoneolo isin tuaith, i 248.27 Comm.

(b) prepares, arranges, adjusts: ba trén ro indled leo insain | dia n-inred is dia n-argain, SR 5735. tire ... ar indeall a ndilse .i. is dilus iat amail indiltir a ndilsi `as soon as their alienation is arranged,' Laws v 426.2 and 7 Comm. inliter teora dabcha úarusci, LU 3794. dérguda indlithi prepared couches, 8715 . indell .i. glés (cleas, v.l.), ut est indell crot, cuislennaig céit .i. glésaighter na crota ┐ coraigh- ter na cuisleanna `tune the harp,' O'Dav. 1095. tic Medb ... ┐ inlis cethri firu déc día sainmuintir fessin ... fora chind, LU 6159. ra sruth ra indiltea ┐ i lladair ra teilgthea (of the gae bulga), TBC 3873. ro innletar a saighti ... for sreng- snáithib ... a fidbac, CCath. 5549. conadh benn chongna fíadha ro-innell an búachaill fáoi, Buile Ṡ. 144.6 . fled ro hindled oc Drecain, Met. Dinds. iv 16.28 . éirgidh, indlidh bar mbulga, Ériu iv 112 § 6. o'dchualaid Eitiocleis sin ... roindill a arm air anuas, TTebe 4534 . sleagh ar a ucht do hinnleadh (of Christ), PBocht 3 § 17. is tu dom innill imnidh `'tis thou alone hast brought grief to me,' Ó Bruad. ii 132.8 . tancatar co Ros Creda ... ocus int aenach innillti and, Cog. 14.21 . dobidg amac[h] iar n-indiuld an misceoil, RC xiii 222.41 .

Fig. of poetic composition : is ēicse athlam indlim `es ist eine behende Wissenschaft, die ich anspanne,' Thurn. Zu Ir. Hss. 76 § 8. Odras, úais ind ingen, fris' indlem laíd lúaidme, Met. Dinds. iv 196.2 .

Especially in sense of preparing for battle, arrays, draws up, equips: innlit Ulaid iat fein a n-aghaid Muimhnech ... ┐ gabhuit a n-arma irghaili, Lism. L. 3106. Part. in sense of well-equipped: ceann na gcuradh gcaithinnilte , DDána 89 § 13. oclaich ailli innelta escaidhe ..., CCath. 5371. an tan fa réidh innilte iad do éirgheadar amach, Maguires of F. § 34. ollmaig go hinneallta triall `with due equip- ment make thou thy passage ready,' O'Gr. Cat. 590.22. dá gnúis álainn inniolta (of Ireland), Keat. Poems. 1122. ba fuinneamhail tapaidh, ba ingealta a taisteal, ERuadh 479 . Used absolutely : ro iadsat ocus ro innillsetar mórchatha Muímhnech ... ma Maeldúin `arranged themselves,' MR 302.17 .

Frequently also of chariots, yokes, harnesses: innlit Ulaid noi gcairptiu dia toffunn ina n-en, IT i 143.6 . gabtair th'eich ... ┐ indillter do charpat, LU 8490. asbert Medb fria haraid ara nindled a nōi carpti dí, TBC² 153. [má] cotnici a innell ┐ ma dota a trelom [non-innill], ┐ mani fil a trelom nacha innill, TBC 2522 - 3 . do hindled a carput forsna heocha, ZCP viii 106.25 . rohindled a carbad do Ampiaraus ar echaib caema ..., TTebe 1512 . By extension : ro hindledh cethri helifainti don righ ┐ caislen claruig forro, Marco P. § 55.

breaks or trains an animal: na buirb nar hindled fri torbu `the fierce beasts which have not been yoked for profit' (glossing : buirb anindle, 268.20 ), Laws v 270.6 Comm. in cu ... na ro hindledh re torba (glossing : cu anindli, l. 5 ), 250.17 Comm.

(c) plots, plans, lays an ambush, sets (a snare) : ro hinn- leadh in cealg amlaigh sin thus was the plot laid, Anecd. ii 77.24 . ar imgabail na hetarnaide ro hindlit ar a cind, PH 7053. ní aithnit gurab diabul do indill he they do not per- ceive that it is the devil who has set it, 7740 . ro indiltea na lina, LU 3107. ní indlium for íascu ... na eonu lína na gosti, Alex. 862. fuaradur Clann Muircertaigh a fhis sin ┐ do innledur sēn (? sic leg.) ar slightibh ┐ ar casanaibh ... `they lay in wait on the roads ...,' AU ii 472.1 . nár innill feall, Atlantis iv 222.23 . is e cétna ro indlestar airrcis ┐ cuithigh ar tús a n-Eirinn, RC xvi 44.7 . gach beart doirbh dhar hinnleadh air, Arch. Hib. i 91 § xii . sás gabhála na sé slógh | do hinnleadh le rígh na ríogh, DDána 21 § 17. gurab dochum chelcce ro innill an Seinesccal an choinne ísin, FM v 1710.1 .


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Forms: n-indliged, t-indlighedh, indligid, n-indligedh, indligid

n o, n. later m. (4 in- + dliged, q.v.). n s. gach n-indliged , O'C. 2714 (< Eg. 88, fo. 60b ). in t-indlighedh , O'D. 564 (< H 3. 17, col. 441 ). g s. indligid, Wb. 3c8 . PH 4079. d s. iar n-indligedh , Laws i 254.12 .

an illegality, an illegal act, an injustice: ar is innles doib in tochus dia ndamat dliged iar ndenam indligid `if they offer (recourse to) law after committing illegality,' Laws v 120.10 Comm. is meirle gach n-i.¤ every injustice constitutes a theft, O'C. 2714 (< Eg. 88, fo. 60b ). dia tecma tuisil fair .i. indliged forin linn, sceith no seirbe `for should mischance happen it, i.e. illegality to the ale, viz. (its being) tasteless or bitter,' Laws v 166.8 Comm. da ndernut i.¤, is eric a indligid d'ic doibh, ii 86.28 - 9 Comm. cuic seoit cach n-inn- dligidh athgabala `for every illegal taking of distress,' 48.11 . dilsi seoit caich inde-cuirithur indligid `the `seds' of him who made the illegal contract shall be forfeited,' 288.4 (= ZCP xiv 374 § 37 ). is amluid sin ditneas dliged ocus eolus an tsenchusa nech ar indlighedh ocus ar aneolus cach caingne, Laws i 32.12 Comm. fir iar n-anfir, dligedh iar n-indligedh, 254.12 . o bus cinnte in cin no in t-indlighedh fair, O'D. 564 (< H 3. 17, col. 441 ). fuair in rí bás tréna úabur ┐ tréna i.¤ , Cóir Anm. 146. co na ro-mide tria n-a chumachtain anforlond na i.¤ for nech (of a king), PH 4150. gur tuit a clann 's a cineadh | ann, agus nír inndligheadh, Ériu iv 114 § 10. gen imirt inndligid ar neach, RC xliii 14.1 . tre- focul tacrait filidh | do dhidin a n-indligid, BB 331b35 . co n-indistis adlaice ┐ indligeda mac n-I. dó, LB 122a37 . go ffuiccheadh aisecc ina indligedh `... a restoration of such property as he was unlawfully deprived of,' FM vi 2110.13 .

Gen. used attributively: unlawful, unjust: do fiur indligid `to an unlawful husband,' Wb. 3c8 . ro himred fír n-indligid form, Aisl. MC 25.1 . biaidh Temair ... i rech- taibh uilc inndlighidh, SG 70.31 .


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Forms: hinndlightech

adj o, ā (indliged)

I Of people,'

(a) lawless, law- breaking: lethḟolog cech gráid doa macc dligthech, ... ar is leth cech dligthig, cethramthu cach indligthig, Críth Gabl. 483. Compar. noco n-indligthigi-te file āir īar sētaib dligthecha do dēnum a poet is not the less law-abiding for making a satire after the (bestowal of) due séts ?, O'C. 1879 (< 23 P 3, p. 21 (23)ab ).

(b) not possessing certain legal rights: masa comdlig- thuch iat ocus masa comindligthuch, no masa dligtech in bean `if they are equally admissable to give legal evidence or equally inadmissable ...' (of man and wife), Laws ii 404.9 Comm.

(c) irrational ? : co ndilgudh im an aes mbegleighind indlighhecht (leg. n-indligthech) traigit i frecnarcus anrotha, Laws iv 356.16 .

II Of actions, illegal, lawless, unjust: acht mad indred n-i.¤ , Críth Gabl. 565. in fainleguch ┐ in t-urfócruch ... nocha n-inndlightuch nemurfaomudh a toicheda, O'D. 37 (< H 3. 17, cols. 34 , 35 ). raith i nairgithi nech ina guth n-ard, no na guth n-i.¤ (gl. Raith guth aird), Laws i 2.9 Comm. is bairnech do thigerna frit-so ... do throscud i.¤ fair, LL 283a52 . gním n-ingnad n-indligtheach ... ingnath ar a ain-menci, indlightheach ar a uaibrigi, BB 315b12 , 13 . Adv. iarna indrad co hinndlightech i cinaith Muiredaigh maic Eogain do guin do, Anecd. ii 42.5 - 7 . na rig dogniat a follamnus co hanfhirén, ┐ no-s-imbret co hi.¤ for cách, PH 4106.

In: ba holc acu dul dar in recht n-i.¤ ndeona .i. duni d'ithi, TTebe 3343 , probably read: ndligthech.

Of houses, not lawfully to be used for certain purposes, illegal: madh isna trebuib dligthecha fromthar a hairidhe ... madh a treib indligthig ... (of the testing of ale), Laws v 166.21 and 28 Comm. is diles in mi-cuirm dogres, gin cop isna trebuib indligthecha dogentar, 168.3 Comm.

III Of objects, not legally due: muna forglana flaith foltuib na seota indligthecha eirnius `unless the chief being wealthy has cleared the `seds' he has unlawfully given,' .i. muna firglana in flaith deghfoltuch amach na seotudh ro ernudh amach co hi.¤ , Laws ii 312.14 , 17 .

IV Of animals, irrational, brute: lubai in talman ... | biad na n-anman n-indligtech, SR 1570. int anmunna i.¤ roaittrebastar a n-indib inmedōnachaib Cathail `the lawless beast,' Aisl. MC 101.24 . ro-fhendsat he iar-sin ... amal cech n-anmunda n-i.¤ , PH 2147. a torcair lem do dhainibh ┐ d'anmannaib indligtecha, ZCP vi 83.16 . cidh daíne ar ai fhuatha is [anm]anna indligthecha ar aí n-ecna, St. Ercuil 1311. But in follg. means unlawful (to offer in sacrifice) which is probably the orig. sense: ro comairleig Dia do Noe dedhe da cech cenel anmann indlighthech ... do breith isin airc, fo daigh siolta uatha ... ┐ treidhe d'an- mandaibh dlighteacha, fo daigh udhbarta ┐ siolta uatha, Leb. Gab. 8.16 .


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n , f. (indligthech) illegality, lawlessness: muinid dó cach innsci ndlightighi. Nó didu traethaid indsci indligh- tighi `he abates speech of illegality,' O'Dav. 635. no is freacrad do nemhdeittin do ar a indlighthighe `by reason of his illegality,' Laws v 268.9 Comm.

indlis :

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ind innlis .i. cainneal, adhainn innlis .i. las cainneall, O'Cl. Abstracted from Corm.: tōi lethaig fōin fris adaind indlis .i. tōi lossait faon fris ... ┐ frisnindle caindil dia dēicsin dūs in bruithe in tarr, Anecd. iv 70.7 ( Corm. Y s.v. lethech ).


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adj o, ā and i diseased, weak: Sampait ingen B. ... | nirbo lethmáel indlubair (: comchubaid), LL 167b27 . do othrachaib .i. do innlóbru, Thr. Ir. Gl. 20 (s.v. fothrugud). do thabairt hicce ┐ fhurtachta don descipul inlabor .i. do Thomas, PH 6769. dona dainib fannaib inlobhraibh, Lism. L. 1437. ┐ se indlobhar don guin tuc A. fair, Aen. 2646.


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n , f. (indloba(i)r) sickness, weakness, disease: ni diupair indraic inlobra .i. ni diubarthar in t-indraic um a thir cia beth a sirg no ndiupairt, O'C. 1745 (< 23 Q 6, p. 32 ) (i.e. a man who has been cheated of his land is not barred from seeking to recover it by the sickness of the man who has cheated him). don galur dond innlobrai, SR 7376. bói a n-indlubra galair, Thr. Hom. 58.22 . ní raibi énirti na indlobra fair, RC x 78.8 .


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Forms: indlung, asdloing, indloingtis, indail, ro-darn-inlaig, -indlachtu

v (as- may replace in- in pretonic position) pres. indic. s. 1 indlung, Sg. 15a5 . s. 3 asdloing, Ml. 48c32 . impf. pass. pl. indloingtis, Thes. i 496.35 ( Ardm. 175b1 ). fut. s. 3 ní indail , Ml. 96a8 . pret. perf. s. 3 ro-darn-inlaig, LL 149a24 . Part. d s. -indlachtu, Ml. 96a8 . Vn. indlach, q.v.

cleaves, parts, separates: huan chomacnabud nephin- dlachtu .i. ní indail a trocairi `from unparted custom, i.e. He will not part His mercy,' Ml. 96a8 . tar áesi indi as inter- cidentis .i. asdloing `who cleaves,' 48c32 . indlung gl. findo, Sg. 15a5 . indloingtis gl. disecabantur cordibus suis, Thes. i 496.35 ( Ardm. 175b1 ). cetlud ríg ro-darn-inlaig the com- panionship of kings has divided us, LL 149a24 .

indlos, indlas

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Forms: indlus, ionnlus, indlus

n o, m. indlus, IGT Decl. § 38.13 .

(a) produce, increase: beodile no mairbdile ac na fuil i.¤ na inforbairt `produce or increase,' Laws iii 328.1 Comm. seoit ac na beith indlus no inorbairt, 126.y. a nindile no a clann .i. cach colaind do raghad dó, ┐ da trian a innlois fri hetar- scaradh doib, uair is tall ro gabh bunadh, O'C. 2004 (< H 4. 22, p. 30 ).

(b) Later, wealth, property, possession: a chlú is é as ionnlas aige `his glory is what he aims at,' Aithd.D. 15 § 6. ní báidh leam m'úidh ar m'ionnmhas | fearr d'ionnlas dúinn an daidhbhreas poverty were a better possession for me, Dán Dé vii 2. dual duid mé id thig | ag toirbheart chliar gach chineadhaigh | d'fhoghluim ionnlais | ag comh- ruinn ionnmhais d'fhileadhaibh (transltd. ` lavishness ,' Ir. Monthly 1920, 167 § 38 ), DDána 114 § 38. déanamh ionn- lois bhar sluaigh sin | buaidh n-ionnmhuis ar bhar n-éigsibh, Magauran MS. p. 34 § 35 (quoted in Aithd.D. Vocab. s.v. ionnlas ). tug a ghrádh uile don iomlas (MSS. have ionnlach, ? leg. ionnlas) | fa duine lán d'ionnmhas é, A. Ó Dálaigh xlix 4. ionnlus, indlus ` increase; such as milk, butter, the growth in flesh and value ,' O'Don. Suppl.


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Forms: indluigthe

n u, m. cf. in-dloing. a schism: n p. is triasin Scrib- tuir noib díchuirther irse ocus indluigthe ond eclais, MSS. Mat. 613.25 .