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adj o, ā As subst.

(a) an innocent person, a non-liable person: mas d'innilsech ruga[d] in roba[d] if it is to an innocent person the warning has been given, Laws i 298.27 Comm. is indilus don ti do rigne in muilliudh ┐ crod indilsig ro gabustar, v 492.9 Comm. donti bis a ndethbirius .i. d'indilsech, i 298.26 Comm. escepte chána sin for indil- sechaibh, O'D. 751 (< H 3. 17, col. 542 ). i.¤ a rricht dīlsigh é (of Cú Chulainn arraigned by the Ulaid for slaying his own son but regarded as indílsech because he was ignorant of his son's identity), Ériu i 126.3 .


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[n u, m.] act of keeping back, counter claiming ?, `annulling' : aidbriudh .i. inndilsiugud, ut est aidbriudh molta `annulling,' O'Dav. 56. im tabairt na .vii. cumala for cula, ma tá ac inddilsiugad in meic tar a tard cend `if he cancels the security on account of which he gave them' (Plummer MS. notes), O'C. 352 (< H 3. 18, p. 193c ). ? aid- bhriugh .i. indilsiugadh ut est ar ni haidbriugh for fot forlengar for dilsi .i. ni hinann do ┐ no linged do indilsiugadh in fir dilis ro fothuida oco ac anntest, O'C. 78 (< H 3. 18, p. 61a ) (= Trans. Phil. Soc. 1859, p. 168 ). ima coibhche troisces andsein ┐ ag indilsiughudh atathar uimpe it is being kept back ?, O'D. 2374 (< Rawl. B. 506, fo. 45a ).


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Forms: indilltech

adj o, ā (indell) given to making plots: As subst. a fhírindilltech na n-il-chelg n-exsamail `real contriver of manifold deceits,' PH 8174.


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n i,m. (indell) plotter, deceiver: cid im nach tre guth callairi no mair da fuagrais don indilteoir ut teacht it fhiadnaisi (the Jews to Pilate of Christ), YBL 141b8 = melltoir, PH 2608.

? indin

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ind ? ord aera serbsi as indin indinn (from a rhetoric), Ériu iii 137.76 .

? indinn

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x see s.v. indin supra.

indir, indire

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ind cairigh indire .i. na cairigh as ferr bis as in buathligh, O'C. 343 (< H 3. 18, p. 190b ).


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adj i (4 in-+dír) improper, unseemly: ? ┐ conegat a cind ┐ a coibdelaig ar in ré ar indír doib `because it is prejudicial to them' (Plummer MS. notes), O'D. 1620 (< H 5. 15, p. 14b ). misi in faelmac fatach a cill i donnacain ┐ is indír lium in raet sin dimigh orum (scribal note), Gwynn Cat. p. 213. 18 .


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n f.? (1 dír or 1 ír, Ériu vii 184 , Celtica viii 78 ): cen indíri without malice Ériu vii 154 § 1d . foiditiu cen indiri 'endurance without inward rage (?)' Celtica viii 58.3 (Apgitir Chrábaid) .


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Forms: n-indīrech

adj o, ā (4 in- + dírech)

(a) unjust, unrighteous: cumachta Dioclian in imper inndirig, PH 563. na rígh óga inndírigh, SG 70.24 . a gilli indírigh gl. inique, Laud 610, fo. 8bz .

(b) As subst. : ? aigi cach n-indīrech , Arch. iii 229.119 .


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Forms: indirge

n , f. (indírech)

(a) unrighteousness, wickedness: hóre doroigu indala fer cen airilliud et romiscsigestar alaile, in doich bid indirge do dia insin `... is it likely that that would be unrighteousness to God ?,' Wb. 4c16 . o cach indírgi gl. omni iniquitate, 1c4 . imresc .i. indemin (leg. indemne, Ed.) nó indirgi ... cen indirghi nó cen indeimhni `without wrong- ness or uncertainty,' O'Dav. 1073. ro-laiset díb tigernas diabuil dia ra-fhogainset anallana i sét na hindirge, PH 7085. dia coimet on índdirge boi for cind doib, 1009 . ar iumad ... a indirge ┐ a écora, LB 140b1 . ar peacad-ni ┐ ar n-indirgi do thogbail, YBL 153a43 .

(b) In lit. sense, crookedness : attrib. gen. nir b'urchar indirge do chruad-chraisig Conain ` diverted ,' MR 266.7 .