indgither ?:

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Forms: inngither

v lulaicce indruicce taréisi inngither , O'D. 2232 (< Nero A vii, fo. 155a ). i.¤ foluid, O'D. 2227 (<ib., fo. 153a).


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n u, [m.] vn. of *ind-gní.

(a) produce: ingnum .i. inní donither dh' ḟinnḟoghnum ann, in t-arbar no in cainnenn `what is produced by ... service there ...,' O'Dav. 1138. indngnam .i. in t-arbar ┐ in ru, Laws v 362.12 Comm. do-aisbena a ngaibes o flaith met laiget bis etir fot ocus indngnam `... whether of land or of crops,' 360.21 . ass ningnama `the growth of the crops,' Mon. Tall. 156.9 .

(b) something capable of producing, a cause ? : ba hingnam comperta di, ┐ darala A. di don toirrches sin `it was an act sufficient for her conception,' TTebe 2688 .


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pn India, in pl. the Indies: ri na nInnia, CF 6. meic rig na hIndia, Acall. 3810. o Espain aníar co hInnia sair, CCath. 37. don Innia órchlochaigh `to India famous for golden ore,' Ó Bruad. iii 72.12 . de'n gcael anairt gle-gheil o na hInndiatha anall, Hard. ii 383.17 .

? indích

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n vengeance, retaliation ? : indich .i. aithne, ut est ni duthracht do dia n-indiche .i. dia n-aichni de .i. laithi ndighla die .i. cuine ┐ laithi n-indighi .i. nindithila dhisin, O'Dav. 1096. Cf. ib. 389 . is forsan n-ecluis sin ní téit mícor miairc indich, O'D. 2190 (< Nero A vii, fo. 132b ). Cf. inneach `a curse,' O'R.


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v see in-deich.

? indid :

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ind domnach aili cen indair | orta laech liath co n-indid | mar atusa do chumag | a clerig ucot indig, YBL 125b40 - 2 .


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Forms: indidit, indideto

n i (ind-fiad-) a s. indidit, Ml. 62a15 . g s. indideto, 61a18 .

indicative mood ; a statement, affirmation: frecndairc comaccumuil ar todochide n-indideto `present conjunctive for future indicative,' Ml. 61a18 . ni fú i.¤ ata irascemini sunt ... acht is fo imchomarc ata `it is not in affirmation that irascemini is here,' 20b13. slond gnimo hirec dogni i.¤ , Sg. 153a3 .

? indig

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: ?ind baislec .i. log basaigthi, ut est baislec bo-air .i. locc i mbasaighther na ba tria ar ndochur in buaile indigh (? leg. tria n-ār do chur ...) `the place in which the cows die through the severe mortality of the ... cowstall,' O'Dav. 283. Cf. Laws iv 6.21 Comm.


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x see indechad.


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x (? neg. of dígu, q.v.) : indigu .i. negair a ind .i. in- ic a dīultad co nāch dīgu hí, Corm. Y 759.


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x see in-lá.