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[n u, m.] vn. of indeónaid. act of broiling, roasting: ba híat fein dorinde both doibh ind oidhchi sin ┐ dorindedh indeonadh léo, Lism. L. xliii 8. doniat na laeich a himḟuine ┐ a hindeonad, Marco P. § 107. dorónad inneonadh ┐ fulachtadh leo ann, Acall. 1546. roghabh ag inneonadh an escc (sic) no gur urrlam he, Ériu xi 199.z .


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v ā (indeóin) broils, roasts: ro marbad a énbo ┐ ro hindeonad (a aonbhó do mharbhadh ┐ a fuine, v.l.) ar beraib iaraind in bo iarsin, RC xxiv 46 § 4. immainait (inneonaid, v.l.) ... an bu móir dona hécnib, x 60.3 .

? indérachtae

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adj io, iā (4 in + dérachtae, part. of di-ess-reg-) not deserted: inderachtae .i. huare narbu derachtae (gl. numquam ... distitutum) `undeserted,' Ml. 18d18 . Or perhaps =art. + dérachtae, see I in II (b).

1 inderb

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adj o, ā (4 in + derb) uncertain: is i.¤ coich in mug `it is uncertain whose is the slave,' Sg. 209b30 . is i.¤ im mascul fá femen ..., 61a9 . iss i.¤ dogres i n-arim hodid an dies hore is and sluindid aimsir n-indeirb `in the singular number dies is always uncertain, because therein it signifies an uncertain time,' 66b9 . do slund aimsire indeirbbae, 16 . In Laws ii 272.13 applied to a claim in regard to which acc. to the gloss there is sworn evidence for and against. See Thurn. ZCP xiv 366 - 7 . [ni gaibter athgabail druith ...] nā hinndearb sealba ... gl. sealbh ar nadh hinndheimhin cin do rochtain property upon which it is uncertain that any claim lies, Laws ii 46.10 and 12 . umun ni is dearbh ┐ is indearb dona scuichib `as regards what is certain and what is uncertain of the movables,' v 208.y Comm. ar [is] étarbae n-inderb n-indless etir cach ar ūair useless, uncertain and unprofitable, ZCP xi 85.2 . is i.¤ a n-adnacol diblinaib, Lat. Lives 36.3 . derbad n-i.¤ uncertain proof , LL 345e18 . bás derb. amser i.¤ , 371a13 . dal na i.¤ (dál nach innearbh, v.l.), TBC 1502. ní hindderbh lium tocht a criaidh, ZCP vii 301 § 9. conid i.¤ ... ┐ conad eicindtech, YBL 169b26 . fuil .iii. ni do nach buidech mac Dé ... ecnach duine mad i.¤ defaming if one is uncertain of the truth of one's assertion ?, LB 225 marg. inf. rob i.¤ ocus rob amairsech faistine a fellsum, MR 240.22 .

As subst.: ōttalod i n-i.¤ n-aois `since I have come to an untried age' (? i.e. between childhood and womanhood), Ériu ii 16.11 . Or if 2 inderb is a genuine word this ex. may belong to it.

2 inderb ?:

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ind indearb a feruore , O'Mulc. 739.


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Forms: indearbh, indearbh

v ā (derb) tries, tests, proves: indearbh, cruthaigh Prove , Eg. Gl. 413. ipv. s. 2 indearbh mo dhubháin, agus mo chroidhe `try my reins and my heart,' Psa. xxvi 2.


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n ā, f. (1 inderb) uncertainty, unbelief, doubt: inderbamnacht .i. sechis inn amairis ón (gl. difidentiam) ` diffidence i.e. unfaith ,' Ml. 142b3 .

inderbtha ?

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part. of *inderbaid. makes uncertain: bed clanna iomdha i.¤ de gl. clanda ile indamarus, Leb. Gab. 28 n. 5 .


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n u, m. (1 inderb) uncertainty: i.¤ ceníuil ┐ tairm- morcinn `uncertainty of gender and termination,' Sg. 62a3 . desmrecht n-aill ar i.¤ hí mascul, 66b20 . noch ba ed ba riagolda immurgu i.¤ and intain bed femininum ┐ derba intain bed mascul, 66b14 .


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Forms: indergtaís

v ā (derg) draws blood, inflicts a wound: impf. pl. 3 cach oen for indergtaís ba marb, LL 15a26 .

indéric, indéraic

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n i, f. payment, compensation: ar is olc ind indéiricc is maid in dílgud `for evil is the retaliation, good is the forgiveness,' Wb. 25c22 . fuillem in gill ┐ indéraic a gníma interest on the pledge and payment for his act, Críth Gabl. 286.