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Forms: indmaid, indaim, indaim, indmatar, indmaid, doindmad, ad-haim

v later indmaid, inflected as ā-stem. indic. pres. s. 3 indaim, Mon. Tall. 143.30 . pret. s. 3 ro indaim , RC xv 450.10 . pres. pass. pl. inn indmatar , Ml. 126c17 . As simple vb.: indic. pres. s. 3 indmaid, RIA MSS. Series i 178.2 . impf. s 3 doindmad, Lism. L. 1091. Cf. ad-haim, Ériu x 112 .

washes, bathes (the hands or feet) trans. and intrans. : amal conestar findchoire inn indmatar cossa `as a water- pot is trampled in which feet are washed,' Ml. 126c17 . indaim a lama `he washes his hands,' Mon. Tall. 143.30 . topacht [a chenn] do suide ┐ roindaim a láma ina fhuil, RC xv 450.10 . conad é fein dobenad a n-iallacranna da manchuib, ┐ conad é doindmad doib, Lism. L. 1091 =no innlad, Thr. Ir. Hom. 122.18 . Vn. indmat, q.v.


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x see indaithmech.


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Forms: indain

n a grid, grating ? : craticula .i. indain , Thes. i 2.26 (Cod. Bern.). Cf. indeóin.


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n a s. act of enslaving ? : lanamain uaidib oc rig ina thig i Caisil fria hi.¤ , Irish Texts i 21 § 13 .


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Forms: indaitach

adj o, ā reverent, respectful: as subst. ind indaitach .i. in ermitnech feid gl. reuerens, Ml. 35b8 .


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Forms: índaitas

n reverence, respect: d s. huand índaitas .i. huand ermitin féid gl. reuerentia, Ml. 66c18 b.


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Forms: indaithmeach, indaimthech, n-indaithmech, ionaithmhaich, ionnaith- migh, hindaithmigh, indaithme, indaithmige

n o, m. ? orig. n., see taithmech. ? vn. of *ind- aithbig. n s. indaithmeach, Laws i 32.3 Comm. By metath. indaimthech, v 4.15 Comm. a s. triana n-indaithmech , Auraic. 4637. ionaithmhaich, RC xliii 280.33 . g s. ionnaith- migh, iv 354.2 . n p. hindaithmigh, xx 251 n. 1 (ACC). Cf. g s. indaithme, O'D. 595 (< H 3. 17, c. 450 ). an indaithmige , Auraic. 3542. (? in both cases, read -mig).

(a) analysis (of a word) : a indaithmeach .i. a thaith- meach as[a] indib, Lec. Gl. 281. a indaithmeach, a thaithmeach a inde in fhocail is sencus `its analytic com- position, its resolution according to the meaning of the word `Senchus ,' Laws i 32.3 Comm. innaithmech .i. inn ainm do lar ┐ taithmech ainm do fuaslugad .i. a fuaslucad as a lar, O'C. 969 (< H 3. 18, p. 416 ). nocon fagbuidter a indaim- thech its analysis cannot be found, Laws v 4.15 Comm. inaithmiuch in focuil is reneacur `explanation of the term `rē-necur',' ii 112.15 Comm. Gaidelcc .i. ealg oirderc .i. Gaaidel rus-oirrdercaich, ar ni dut[h]cha do reir an indaith- mige sin ina do cach ni dooirdhercaigh Gaidel, Auraic. 3542. deiliugud na bfiodh n-airedha isinn aonfoucal tria na n-indaithmech, 4637 . a innaithmiugh .i. inntamlugadh, no inncosmailius, O'C. 970 (< H 3. 18, p. 416 ).

(b) Of the analysis or investigation of a case by a law- agent : cia lin d'ernailib dligheas cach fethem do beith lais no do denam riana fetheamnas ? ... a ocht. ... Esrad ┐ uraithmed ┐ aithfegad, comlabra ┐ comet, indaithmech ┐ imagallaim ┐ aisneis, Cóic Con. Fug. 27 § 6.

(c) Note also : an Caon-mhac ro choimprisdear on inghin eabhrach gan ionaithmhaich a hóighe `without dissolution of her virginity (?),' RC xliii 280.33 .

Cf. taithmech.


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Forms: indar(n)a, indala, indala, indal[a], indala, fándara, indara, in dara, indara, an dara, indara, indarna, an dara, indala, n-ái, indalanai

pronom Mid. Ir. indar(n)a. (def. art. + ala). Indeclinable. Proclitic. In O. Ir. lenites and nasalizes in the same in- stances as the article (but cf. indala mmod, Ml. 45b11 (mod, though usually neut. elsewhere, is masc. in O.Ir. Glosses ; facs. is very blurred at this spot) and see Thurn. Gramm. § 241.3 ) : n. fem. indala chiall, Ml. 56b31 . indal[a] chlas, 138d1 . g. masc. indala ḟir, BDD² 1046. d. fándara chuing, TBC 3379. a. indara n-ingin, Trip.² 1155. In later lan- guage prefixes h- to initial vowels without distinction of gender or case : n. in dara holc, PH 7774. indara hádbar, 7741 . an dara huair, DDána 81 § 9. g. indara hairecht, Acall. 400. indarna hingen, 4134 . an dara hinghine, DDána 55 § 4.

one (of two) ; less often, the other (of two) ; later, the second: dídnad dondala lucht et troscud dond lucht ailiu `that the one set should be consoled and that the other set should fast,' Wb. 16c20 . issí indala gobél inso dom immuirc `this is one of the two straits that constrain me,' 23b36 . fiadach lassandala lín ┐ tír frecur ceill lassin lín n-aile, Ml. 137c1 . tosach indala sailm, 27d2 . fristairissetar .i. bite in n-irgail chuimlin friu dundala leith `on the other side,' 47c3 . tairis- sem indala rainne cen diall `the persistence of one of the two parts without declension,' Sg. 74b7 . indala fiacail airthir a chinn one of the two teeth in the front of his head, Thes. ii 248.9 . no slocad indala suil conna roched corr inna chind. Dotéirged indala n-aí immach commeit chori cholbthaigi, LU 3261 - 2 . in tech, indala leth de crín ┐ araile úr one side ... the other, Lat. Lives 11.6 . indala rand dibh la mac n- Imair, ind rann n-aile la Sichfrit, AU i 410.9 . Ia ... iss ed indara hainm déc ō ndingarar Crīst one of the twelve names, Corm. Y 750. ar is hé ro alt in dara n-ingin one of the two girls, Trip.² 1155. frisíndle in coin cona díb lámaib .i. dobeir indara láim dó fri ubull bragat in chon, LU 5012. dorécaim comrád eter da echlaig díb. Fírbriathar, ar indara echlach, is maith fer ... Maith omm, bar araile, TBC 117. isindara lo(gh) deighinach don re ... isindara cet ló don re the last day but one ... the first day but one, O'C. 1862 (< 23 P 3, fo. 20a ). Nicomet in dala fer dec boi oc cungnam le Ísu one of the twelve men ..., PH 2803. ro-labair in dala crochaide boi mar-oen fri hIsu ... Do-frecair in dala crochaide one of the two ... spoke ... the other answered, 2883 . atracht Ísu in dala fecht a second time, 2638 . ised fa betha dó ... .i. lethad baisi d'aran ... eorna indara la every other day, ZCP vi 286.10 . cid inmain la diabul cech peccad, is é so in dara peccad is annsa lais for bith ┐ in peccad ele ... one of the two sins, PH 7437. an dara fear as fearr baí do Dhál cCais, FM ii 1098.12 . in dara apstal déc i n-urd apstal `the twelfth ...,' PH 1455. in cet mod ... in dara mod, 7323 . Doire d'éirghe an dara huair that Derry arose a second time, DDána 81 § 9. na ríg ... isindarna leith ... ind rigna ... isind leith araill, LU 8403. Cellach ... for cuairt Connacht don darna cor `for the second time,' ALC i 106.22 . gab ... indarna cenn don ḟi[d]chill take one side of the board, Acall. 7435.

Used substantivally before gen. of 3 pl. pron.: indala n-ái . Invariable. n- may be due to analogy of cechtar n-aí, see Thurn. Gramm. § 491. one of the two: indalanai gl. alterutrum, Sg. 22a2 . ci atbela indalanái ni epil alaill, 30a3 . is dochu indalanái oldaas anaill `one of the two is likelier than the other,' Wb. 4b24 . togu indalanái ... damnad alaili `to choose one of the twain ... to condemn the other,' 4c13 . indala n-ai brat úaine impe. Alaili brat corcra, LU 3285. in- daranai is laithe lan/araile is adaig imlan, SR 19. ni ro chotlaiset a dá súil ríam acht indala n-ai oc aire a ingine, ZCP iii 5 § 13.

indala sar one of you: bíeid celldach hi cill indala sar cu bráth, Trip.² 1838.

indara de one of the two (de=prep.+neut. s. pron. cf. nechtar de, s.v. nechtar): roḟóidusa ... indarade do chuind- chid mo ṡethar dam `one of the twain,' TTr.² 1767.


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ind mor-gein Crist indall ` in the future (?),' O'Dav. 817. = ind-oll q.v., s.v. 1 ol.


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Forms: idnusta, idnacht, n-idhnastar, idnacht, indnaicid, idnaicid, idlaicid, idhnaicidh, idhlaici, idnaices, iodhlaicit, idnaigther, iodlaict[h]er, idlaicter, n-inaice, innlaicther, n-iodhlaicfinn, indlaic, iodhnaic, iodhlaic, idhnaicset, iodhnaiceatar, idnaicthea, hidnaicthea, inliged, hiodhnaicthi

v subj. past s. 2 idnusta, ZCP viii 104.6 . pret. s. 3 cor idnacht , SR 6083. Pass. pres. subj. s. i n-idhnastar , Laws iv 268.18 . pret. s. co ro idnacht , Snedgus u. Mac R. 9 § 6. Vn. idnacul, q.v. The earliest form of the weak verb, derived from the prototonic stem of the compound and conjugated like a ī-stem, was probably indnaicid. This became idnaicid and, under the influence of the vn., idlaicid. indic. pres. s. 3 idhnaicidh, RC xxiv 62 n. 7 . nach idhlaici , O'C. 2536 (< Eg. 88, fo. 44d ). rel. idnaices, PH 4004. pl. 3 muna iodhlaicit , BNnÉ 259.27 . pass. s. idnaigther, RC xxiv 180.12 . iodlaict[h]er, ZCP viii 223 § 18. pl. idlaicter, Lism. L. 2813. subj. pres. s. 3 dia n-inaice , O'C. 2536 (< Eg. 88, fo. 44d ). pass. s. innlaicther, Comp. Con C. 108.4 . sec. fut. s. 1 nocha n-iodhlaicfinn , DDána 69 § 3. pret. s. 3 ro indlaic , Cog. 132.21 . ro iodhnaic , TFrag. 212.5 . ro iodhlaic , FM iv 818.5 . pl. 3 ro idhnaicset , Lism. L. 1926. ro iodhnaiceatar , MR 282.3 . pass. s. da idnaicthea , TBC 3595. co ro hidnaicthea , Aen. 2676. gur inliged , O'Gr. Cat. 9a25 (= ro cuireadh slán, FM iii 282.10 ). pl. ro hiodhnaicthi , FM ii 936.11 .

bestows, conveys, escorts, delivers: co ro idnacht amal lemnacht `sodass es ausgeteilt wurde wie frische Milch,' Snedgus u. Mac R. 9 § 6. atraracht Ionathan ard ... cor idnacht Dauid ... uad co óen na fidbaide, SR 6083. nach cora i n-idhnastar mainib .i. nocha coir idhnacal maíne inn contracts in which goods are delivered ..., Laws iv 268.18 dia ninaice amach é ... is inann ┐ nach idhlaici, O'C. 2536 (< Eg. 88, fo. 44d ). cach lúib ┐ cach lossa ... ra idnaicthea comraind ... díb dar ath siar d'Ḟir diad, TBC 3591. co ro laad in cend issin fairrge co ro idnacht cech tond fri araile co toracht int inad út, LL 166a11 . in fer ronidnacht the man whom he conveyed, 285a19 . in sét idnaices na firénu co hindlessa na bethad the path that conveys, PH 4004. ar cid bās dobera for cethra iss coitchend dōib, cid dia cinn idnusta a ffīacha is dīlus dō, ZCP viii 104.6 . idhnaicidh ... an cenn dochum a cholla amhail ro gheall, RC xxiv 62 n. 7 . innlaicther misi lat sul thuit[ios] tú féin a taisi bury me? (through confusion with *ad-anich), Comp. Con C. 108.4 . ro anaicset ┐ ro idhnaicset uatha asin crich ... [é], Lism. L. 1926. an t-iasocht fhuaras do nimh | nocha n-iodhlaicfinn idir I would not deliver it up, DDána 69 § 3. ro hiodhnaicthi iomlán iatt co fiora Mumhan `they were conveyed in safety,' FM ii 936.11 .


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x see 2 dar, RIA Dict. Fasc. I.