inchuilg ? :

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ind gach scíath frithbuird druim ar druim | i.¤ scíath i.¤ ḟogfuind, IGT Decl. ex. 405.


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v i (< ind-com-di-saig-) asks, requests: inchuind- gid a hainm forsan indsi asks that the island might be named after her, BB 40a23 .


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Forms: inchuitbiud

n mockery, derision: ho inchuitbiud gl. inrisione, Ml. 44c8 . An artificial formation modelled on the Latin. Cf. cuitbiud.


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[n u, m.] (cumscugud) transposition, inter- changing: do dúaichnigud na focul tría dígbail ┐ tria tór- mach ┐ tria inchumscugud do dénam intib (i.e. by transposing the letters of words), LU 443 (ACC Comm.).


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x see in-fét.


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Forms: incoisce, incosaig, inchoissig, inchosaich, inchoisig, inchoisget, inchoisged, inchoisc, incoisc, incoisce, in- coississed, inchoissised, in-coisis, inchoisc, incoissegar, in- choisechar, incoisgedar, inchoisciter, inchoisecht, inrochosecht, incoiscthi, inchoiscid, incoiscid, inchoiscidh, -edh, ioncoisg, incoiscithur, hincoiscedh

v (in(d)-com-sech) indic. pres. s. 2 incoisce, Laws iv 108. 1 Comm. 3 incosaig, Sg. 208a9 . inchoissig (rel.), Ml. 59a7 . inchosaich, TBC² 623. ní inchoisig , Sg. 9a16 . pl. 3 ní inchoisget , Sg. 202b3 . impf. s 3 inchoisged, 9a16 . ipv. s. 2 inchoisc, Trip.² 1140. incoisc, LU 4864. subj. pres. s. 3 ? incoisce, Laws iv 144.1 Comm. subj. past. s. 3 in- coississed, Ml. 24c22 . rel. inchoissised, Wb. 2c7 . Ml. 56a13 . fut. s. 2 in-coisis, Bürgschaft 28 § 76b . pret. s. 3 ro inchoisc , Trip.² 1186. Pass. pres. s. incoissegar, Ml. 127d14 . in- choisechar, Sg. 198a3 . pl. incoisgedar, 29a2 . inchoisciter, PH 3066. pret. s. inchoisecht, Ml. 16c10 . inrochosecht, Ériu iii 142.233 . Part. pl. incoiscthi, Ml. 49a7 . Later declined as an i- verb, inchoiscid: indic. pres. s. 3 incoiscid, LB 251a3 . subj. past s. 3 co ro inchoiscidh (leg. -edh), RC xlvi 228.9 . pret. s. 3 ro ioncoisg , Leb. Gab. 10.15 . Pass. indic. pres. s. incoiscithur, Laws ii 154.5 Comm. pret. s. ro hincoiscedh , TTebe 3589 .

(a) signifies, indicates, points out: conrobad inna chorp ní inchoissised tóbe uitiorum `so that there might be in his body something to signify ...,' Wb. 2c7 . a cétna n-etargnae in- choisechar per ille `the first cognition which is signified,' Sg. 198a3 . áram inchosaig dede `the number that signifies a pair of things,' 71a2 . suin do ṡlund ind úildetad inchoisget, 45b1 . dind intliucht inchoisget, 53a10 . incoissegar deacht ┐ doinacht críst tris in loc inna aisndísen, Ml. 127d14 . son in- choissised longud, 56a13 . is ed inchosaig a frecndarcus `it is that which indicates His presence,' 116d3 . atcoisged amal bid hi frecndairc nobeth `he used to point out him as though he were present,' 24c15 . is tremfeidligud suthin inchosig per- maneo non sic maneo, 21d4 . ro inchoisc Pátraic dó altóir chlochtha ... fo talmain `indicavit,' Trip.² 1042. ro inchoisc Pátraic dóib cosmailius in luicc cona méur ó chill Garat, 1186 . incoiscsiu damsa ced leth atá Emain, LU 4864. crích íncoisce ail adrada `a district which a stone of worship marks,' Laws iv 142.16 Comm. crich insin nad incoiscet nach comarda ┐ nad cuindrighther senchaide, O'C. 33 ( H. 3. 18, p. 13 ). gillfai ┐ in-coisis `dass du Unterpfand stellen und anzeigen (aussagen) wirst,' Bürgschaft 28 § 76b . is ed inchoisciter dúin-ne triasin ernaigti thrédai do-roine Ísu ..., PH 3066. conadh ime rofaid Dia an lucaist co ro inchoiscidh (leg. -edh) do ... that he might show him, RC xlvi 228.9 . ised inchoisces qāil ind ḟocail as locusta .i. loco sta , ZCP xii 370.12 . issed inrochosecht tre sodain (sic leg., Ed.) sladi muintire Coirpri what was signified was, Ériu iii 142.233 .

(b) teaches: incoiscithur do marcuighecht `he is taught horsemanship,' Laws ii 154.5 Comm. is amne íncoisce doib scor ann `thou instructest them', iv 108.1 Comm. as eadh ro ioncoisg-side doib, long do dhenamh, Leb. Gab. 10.15 . cia ro incoisc dhuit sin olse mo druidh ol in righ who thus instructed you?, BB 210b30 .


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v (in(d)-com-la) completes: incomalltar óg-ime dia mis `the perfect fence is completed ...,' Laws iv 70.20 (glossed : .i. comlanaigther in íme comlan do toractain a forbu ín mís, ib. y).


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Forms: -increnat, -increnar, -écriae

v indic. pres. pl. 3 -increnat, Triads 155. pass. s. -increnar, O'C. 1757 (< 23 Q 6, p. 34b ). subj. pres. s. 2 -écriae, Ériu i 199 § 21.

buys: ní riae, ní écriae trócairi nDé `thou shalt not sell, thou shall not buy God's mercy,' Ériu i 199 § 21. trí fuchachta nad increnat slabrai transltd. `three cohabitations that do not pay a marriage-portion,' Triads 155. ni anfhuighell nad increnar the judgment that is not bought is not a bad judgment ?, O'C. 1757 (< 23 Q 6, p. 34b ). cair co a hincrenar de a finntiudh how is his tribal land bought from him ?, O'D. 2357 (< Rawl. B 506, fo. 41b )= O'C. 405 (< H 3. 18, p. 224b ).


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v see in-fét.


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Forms: in-cuirither, inde-cuirithur, ro adha- cuiristar, dia-n-[e]a- craither, inchurtha, ecor

v indic. pres. s. 3 rel. in-cuirither, ZCP xiv 379 § 43. inde-cuirithur, 374 § 37 . pret. s. 3 rel. ro adha- cuiristar, Laws v 432.8 . Pass. subj. pres. s. dia-n-[e]a- craither, ZCP xiv 379 § 43 = Laws ii 306.2 . Part. inchurtha, Laws ii 66.23 Comm. Vn. ecor.

puts in, brings in, introduces, imposes: used

(a) of intro- ducing stock on to land for the purpose of taking possession, or of bringing in articles as the result of an agreement : ni sai[g] for fine nach [n-]ecur n-inndligtech, in-cuirither [e]cond (u)ina(i) recht `es wendet sie nicht auf die Sippe etwas widerrechtlich Hineingebrachtes das ein `Unvernünf- tiger' in eigener Person hineinbringt,' ZCP xiv 379 § 43 = Laws ii 306.1 . ma dia n-eacairter a hindarba `if it be put in (unlawfully) let it be driven out,' ib. 8 Comm. cach cor ... cach follus cunu foltuib in-cuirit(h)ur, a[d]-daimt(h)ur, ZCP xiv 373 § 36 = Laws ii 286.14 .

(b) of (unlawfully) imposing a contract on the fine : dilsi seoit caich inde-cuirithur (indocuirithar, v.l.) indligid `... eines jeden, der solche widerrechtlich hineinbringt,' ZCP xiv 374 § 37 = Laws ii 288.4 . it dilsi seoit caich, inde-coruib cuirithur `der sie mit Verträgen hineinsetzt (-gibt),' ZCP xiv 376 § 39 = Laws ii 290.20 .

(c) of bringing in an adopted son from outside the fine : ni tualuing imfoichida ... inde-cuirithur ainfine, glossed : ada cuiridh sé mac foesum d' ainfine .i. focerd fri flaith n-eachtrunn, Laws ii 284.23 and 286.5 Comm.

Cf. ecor III and ecraid III, RIA Dict. Fasc. II.

1 ind, inn

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Forms: ind, n-ind, ind, ind, ind, hinn, ind, fhionn, ind, enna, n-enna, hinna, eand, indaib, hinnaib, eannaib, n-indib, finnuib, n-ind

n o,n. n s. ind, Ml. 45d19 . Corm. Y 808. cach n-ind , LU 6445. ind mbemmi, TBC 4285. a s. co ind , LU 10847. g s. (? or g p.) ind, RC xiv 242.4 . d s. for hinn , SR 8306. do ind , TBC 676. o fhionn , Keat. iii 1164 . n p. ? ind, Ériu v 238.98 . enna, CCath. 5323. a p. i n-enna , LU 5362. re hinna , TBC p. 233 n. 13 . ? g p. eand, MR 168.24 . d p. assa indaib , Fél. 152.19 . for hinnaib , SR 8265. ós eannaib , MR 198.3 . ara n-indib , TTebe 401 . finnuib, ZCP x 347 § 21. n du. a da n-ind , LU 7227.

end, extremity, tip, point, edge, surface: inn cech barr, Corm. Y 1119 s.v. rind scine. ionn. i.¤ rinn, Leb. Gab. 266 n. 3. ind noc[h] is rind, Laws v 12.y Comm. `ind' ainm gach oirir no gach imil, BNnÉ i 235.30 .

(a) Used of the extremities of the body

(i) the top of the head: lurech dé dum imdegail ota m'ind gom bond, RC ii 113.4 . ba tend in tuargain dobertis ara n-indib ┐ ara n-ochtaib `on their heads and on their bosoms,' TTebe 401 . díreach é o fhionn go bonn, Keat. iii 1164. gúna síoda ó inn go haltaibh `from poll of head to ankle,' Ó Bruad. i 36.6 . co n-accae in ingin ... oc folcud a ind (=a cind, YBL 212a12 ) `washing her head,' (or perh. washing her hands and feet ?), RC xiv 242.4 .

(ii) In pl., the extremities of the hands and feet, the extremities in general ; sg. the tip: robadar sreba fola assa indaib `out of his fingers,' Fél. 152.19 . lāmand .i. lām-ind .i. ind na lāime ēidigthir dī, Corm. Y 808. lūirech Dē fam balluib | ōm mulluch gom finnuib, ZCP x 347 § 21. dobretha roth n-urchair di ... do ind a oenláime, TBC 676. lámanda do shechedaib tarb im lámaib na mmíled ┐ íalla a hinnaib a mér (describing the caestus), LL 223a3 . cach mball ┐ cach n-alt ┐ cach n-ind ┐ cach n-áge de o mulluch co talmain, LU 6445. ó ind a mullaig co hind a meoir, LB 142b z. is dath snechta corp co ind, LU 10847. is beg nar comrancadar ind a mer ┐ a cos, Ériu v 238.98 . timpán 'ga tadall d'aigthib ocus d'formnadaib eand ocus ingen na suad `of the finger-tips and nails ...,' MR 168.24 . o innaib a traiged co remhar a sliasat, CCath. 4663. ar inn a gualann `to the tip of his shoulder,' St. Ercuil 190. for indaib t' abrat, Corm. Y 726.

(iii) the tongue: ind .i. tenga. ut est imdeguil co n-ind Aithirni arm `protection with the tongue was Atherne's weapon,' O'Dav. 1084. ind .i. tenga no ind .i. urlabra ut est targud aurduirn fri Athirne cona ind ... .i. cona urlabra nemhnig `guiding his fist against Athirne with his tongue .i. with his virulent utterance,' 1088 = fria hAthairne ionn, Ériu xiii 21.25 .

(iv) of the eyes, pl. the points (cf. 1 rind) : an féccadh ... forgruamdha do bert cach for aroile díbh d'ionnaibh a rosc rinn-radharcach, FM v 1614.12 .

(b) the point of a weapon or rod: cresaigthiseom in gaí co comraiged a dá n-ind, BDD² 850. atchessa ... siride folai fordergi ... a hindaib cholg ndét ngéramnas, Alex. 21. gia ra thiasmáis i ndib carptib ánd itte co araile iar n-idnaib na n-arm (ar iondaibh, ar ionnaibh, v.ll.), TBC 5864. cingis Cuchulaind co mbái for ind uachtarach in bera, 1948 . co cet[h]eora traigedh ... o ta a urdorn co a ind `from its haft to its point' (of a sword), CCath. 5244. co luptais a n-enna `till their ends bent' (of rods), 5323 . ind ind (leg. i n-ind) fleisce, Anecd. i 55 § 36.

(c) the top (of a tree), the summit (of a hill) : cotnoccaib in t-usci súas co mboí i n-indaib crand, LU 5519. cāin cach caill ō inn co clār, Four Songs 10 § 10 . snigid snechta ... d'innaib craeb a caillid chuan, SG 366.23 . corbo chonair letartha cach n-ulind ┐ cach n-ind ┐ cach n-aird ┐ cach n-aircind don charput sin, LU 6403. a n-indib cnoc ┐ carrac, Acall. 3513. do ind gach aird ┐ do tulmhoing gacha tulchi, Buile Ṡ. 114 § 57 . co hinn ┐ co hardmullach in tsleibhi, St. Ercuil 636.

(d) In general top, end, point, edge: metaph. ind inna iarfaichtho (gl. sub inquissitionis scemate) the point of the question, Ml. 45d19 . delidin .i. deliugud ō ind .i. ō deud a separation from the end, Corm. Y 448. indrosc .i. ind- ārosc .i. ārosc dā ind brēithre, 747 . ind a elle 'n-a oil `the top of his thong in his cheek,' Laws v 80.1 . cislir rann fil for crū ? Nī hansa. A .iii. ranna .i. rann ō bon cétamus ┐ rann ō inn ┐ rand armedōn, Ériu i 214.15 . Ériu uli o ind co fond ` from top to bottom ,' Thr. Hom. 44.20 . for hinnaib na lasra sin, SR 8265. ba samalta lem re hinna righratha ... in carbad rampart , TBC p. 233 n. 13 .

? In sense of fate: in olc lat ind do thigerna ... a corp do beith fa conaib, TTebe 3979 (MSS. id, leg. [a]ided ?).

Folld. by gen. of substantive in sense of something that is slight, the least degree of anything: enechgris a n-indaib ind foghla. Is cubaidh īarom ind inn-alaill .i. ind érco i n-ind foghla, Corm. Y 533. transltd. `das enech-gris gehört zum Geringsten von Schädigung. So ziemt sich ein Geringstes fürs andere, nämlich Geringstes von Busszahlung für Geringstes von Schädigung,' Thurn., ZCP xvi 267. (Later, ib. p. 408 , Thurn. would read with Book of Uí Maine : enechgris i n-indaib .i. i n-ind fogla ` enechgrīs gehört zu den geringsten (Dingen), d.h. zum Geringsten von Schädi- gung'). for ind oirggne ... an-ro-saig bó 'co etrud for ingilt, ro-saigh in bech oc tecclamad a thoraid ( Laws iv 164.6 ) `auf das Geringste von Plünderung ...,' ib. an cúiceadh liaigh ... ni rainic acht inn mbeme é, TBC p. 609 n. 6 (Stowe). mas hind póice thucais dam ... ind tadaill duit hi Temraig transltd. `since hasty the kiss thou hast given me ... thou shalt have a hasty visit to Tara,' Ériu iv 102.3 .

(e) edge (of a territory, etc.), surface ? (of water, etc.) : i neich doberar a ind in uisci for ind in bera `of the thing which is taken from the surface of the water on the top of a spear,' Laws v 478.7 - 8 Comm. mod nad resed corr in tṡúil anaill do ind a gruade the surface of his cheek ? (of an eye deeply set), RC xiv 404.6 . tir linde .i. bhis i n-ind in ena [.i.] in uisci at the edge of the water, Laws i 140.16 Comm. co treib no ind ín feraind `to the ... end of the land,' iv 22.23 Comm. i n-inn iarthair inse Ghrég, O'Gr. Cat. 454.30.

(f) Of time end, extremity: o sin amach co hind a forbarta when they have done growing, O'C. 671 (< H 3. 18, p. 328b ). (in cheville) clu co hind, Rawl. 116a30 .

In prep. phrase, cu ind to: ro hindlaiced chu ind a sida (dochum, v.l.), Acall. 5719. tangadur tri meic Buidb co Cormac (cu inn righ Érenn v.l.), 2726 n. ro léicthea ... in cú chu ind Find, 6198 . lá do chur ... cuind na sé seacht- maine, O'Gr. Cat. 313.y . cuir seachtmhain ... cuind gach én nuimreach, ib. 1 .

Compds. ¤cael slender-pointed: na mergedha ... inncaela eirblecha, CCath. 4928. ¤ḟoda having long points: nōi mberu indfodai findcuild, Aisl. MC 117.23 .