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n f. (creicc) buying in ? : fri hinnchreic a orba do neoch nach dena a gaire, O'C. 2167 (< Eg. 88, fo. 5 (6)a ). la hinncreic a norbu do neoch nach dena a ngaire, ib. (in a passage entitled `do druthaib ┐ meraib ┐ dasachtaibh' the purport of which seems to be that the relatives of an idiot who do not undertake his maintenance (gaire) must buy in his land, the payment going to those relatives who do maintain him).

? inchride :

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Forms: n-incridiu, aincridiu

n ba i n-ómun ba i n-incridiu (in n-incride v.l.) | gudem Críst `whether in fear or in hurt let us pray to Christ,' Ériu i 195 § 10. ? Read aincridiu.


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n (cróes) entrails : asoilgg a béolu coa inairddriuch combo ecna a inchræs 'he opened his mouth, [so wide] that his inward parts were visible' TBC2 396 , Celtica x 143 . sreṅgais in n-ól don fidba chnáma comtar inécnaig a inchróes 'he drew his cheek back from his jawbone so that his internal organs were seen' Táin 2276 , Celtica x 143 .


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Forms: hian- cruth

n [o, m.] (crod) gear, equipment, furniture: inchruth noe gl. aplustre, Sg. 132b1 . amal tegdais foratochar (leg. foratabar ?, Ed.) deglí anechtair ┐ is fás a inchrud ammedón `its gear is wanting within,' Tur. 14. co cach inchruth a thige inna áttaib córaib, Críth Gabl. 173. cell co n-a hincrod `a church with its internal property,' Laws v 222.2 = hian- cruth, O'C. 1233 (< H 3. 18, p. 495 ).

inchuilg ? :

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ind gach scíath frithbuird druim ar druim | i.¤ scíath i.¤ ḟogfuind, IGT Decl. ex. 405.


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v i (< ind-com-di-saig-) asks, requests: inchuind- gid a hainm forsan indsi asks that the island might be named after her, BB 40a23 .


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Forms: inchuitbiud

n mockery, derision: ho inchuitbiud gl. inrisione, Ml. 44c8 . An artificial formation modelled on the Latin. Cf. cuitbiud.


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[n u, m.] (cumscugud) transposition, inter- changing: do dúaichnigud na focul tría dígbail ┐ tria tór- mach ┐ tria inchumscugud do dénam intib (i.e. by transposing the letters of words), LU 443 (ACC Comm.).


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x see in-fét.


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Forms: incoisce, incosaig, inchoissig, inchosaich, inchoisig, inchoisget, inchoisged, inchoisc, incoisc, incoisce, in- coississed, inchoissised, in-coisis, inchoisc, incoissegar, in- choisechar, incoisgedar, inchoisciter, inchoisecht, inrochosecht, incoiscthi, inchoiscid, incoiscid, inchoiscidh, -edh, ioncoisg, incoiscithur, hincoiscedh

v (in(d)-com-sech) indic. pres. s. 2 incoisce, Laws iv 108. 1 Comm. 3 incosaig, Sg. 208a9 . inchoissig (rel.), Ml. 59a7 . inchosaich, TBC² 623. ní inchoisig , Sg. 9a16 . pl. 3 ní inchoisget , Sg. 202b3 . impf. s 3 inchoisged, 9a16 . ipv. s. 2 inchoisc, Trip.² 1140. incoisc, LU 4864. subj. pres. s. 3 ? incoisce, Laws iv 144.1 Comm. subj. past. s. 3 in- coississed, Ml. 24c22 . rel. inchoissised, Wb. 2c7 . Ml. 56a13 . fut. s. 2 in-coisis, Bürgschaft 28 § 76b . pret. s. 3 ro inchoisc , Trip.² 1186. Pass. pres. s. incoissegar, Ml. 127d14 . in- choisechar, Sg. 198a3 . pl. incoisgedar, 29a2 . inchoisciter, PH 3066. pret. s. inchoisecht, Ml. 16c10 . inrochosecht, Ériu iii 142.233 . Part. pl. incoiscthi, Ml. 49a7 . Later declined as an i- verb, inchoiscid: indic. pres. s. 3 incoiscid, LB 251a3 . subj. past s. 3 co ro inchoiscidh (leg. -edh), RC xlvi 228.9 . pret. s. 3 ro ioncoisg , Leb. Gab. 10.15 . Pass. indic. pres. s. incoiscithur, Laws ii 154.5 Comm. pret. s. ro hincoiscedh , TTebe 3589 .

(a) signifies, indicates, points out: conrobad inna chorp ní inchoissised tóbe uitiorum `so that there might be in his body something to signify ...,' Wb. 2c7 . a cétna n-etargnae in- choisechar per ille `the first cognition which is signified,' Sg. 198a3 . áram inchosaig dede `the number that signifies a pair of things,' 71a2 . suin do ṡlund ind úildetad inchoisget, 45b1 . dind intliucht inchoisget, 53a10 . incoissegar deacht ┐ doinacht críst tris in loc inna aisndísen, Ml. 127d14 . son in- choissised longud, 56a13 . is ed inchosaig a frecndarcus `it is that which indicates His presence,' 116d3 . atcoisged amal bid hi frecndairc nobeth `he used to point out him as though he were present,' 24c15 . is tremfeidligud suthin inchosig per- maneo non sic maneo, 21d4 . ro inchoisc Pátraic dó altóir chlochtha ... fo talmain `indicavit,' Trip.² 1042. ro inchoisc Pátraic dóib cosmailius in luicc cona méur ó chill Garat, 1186 . incoiscsiu damsa ced leth atá Emain, LU 4864. crích íncoisce ail adrada `a district which a stone of worship marks,' Laws iv 142.16 Comm. crich insin nad incoiscet nach comarda ┐ nad cuindrighther senchaide, O'C. 33 ( H. 3. 18, p. 13 ). gillfai ┐ in-coisis `dass du Unterpfand stellen und anzeigen (aussagen) wirst,' Bürgschaft 28 § 76b . is ed inchoisciter dúin-ne triasin ernaigti thrédai do-roine Ísu ..., PH 3066. conadh ime rofaid Dia an lucaist co ro inchoiscidh (leg. -edh) do ... that he might show him, RC xlvi 228.9 . ised inchoisces qāil ind ḟocail as locusta .i. loco sta , ZCP xii 370.12 . issed inrochosecht tre sodain (sic leg., Ed.) sladi muintire Coirpri what was signified was, Ériu iii 142.233 .

(b) teaches: incoiscithur do marcuighecht `he is taught horsemanship,' Laws ii 154.5 Comm. is amne íncoisce doib scor ann `thou instructest them', iv 108.1 Comm. as eadh ro ioncoisg-side doib, long do dhenamh, Leb. Gab. 10.15 . cia ro incoisc dhuit sin olse mo druidh ol in righ who thus instructed you?, BB 210b30 .


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v (in(d)-com-la) completes: incomalltar óg-ime dia mis `the perfect fence is completed ...,' Laws iv 70.20 (glossed : .i. comlanaigther in íme comlan do toractain a forbu ín mís, ib. y).