2 inchrechad

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n [o, m.] (cf. 1 crech, Contrib.) prey, ravaging: ni scuirionn an tincreachadh `the prey departeth not,' Nahum iii 1. ? To this : gleaning ? : inchreachadh .i. dioghlaim no glanadh, O'Cl.


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Forms: inchrechad

v ā reproves, rebukes, criticises, finds fault with: intan ro increch hé `when she reproved him,' Fél. 150.40 . dicunt alii cuma trian coirpdire ... acht increchait-ailii innsin others criticise that, O'C. 595 (< H 3. 18, p. 293 ). acht chena increchthair sin `is objected to,' RC xx 150.21 (ACC Comm.). co nu-s-increch-som he for a emilte leis `rebuked him for his slowness,' PH 4132. increchais epscop Soichill inni Diarmait, BNnÉ 37.z . na hincrechadh nech mé gé ra innisius reamham écc E. `let no one criticise me,' TFrag. 226.16 . mar rugadh Criosd do latha[i]r Phiolaid ┐ mar do hinchrechadh a bheat[h]a ... his life was arraigned, Parrth. Anma 409.7 . Vn. inchrechad.


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n f. (creicc) buying in ? : fri hinnchreic a orba do neoch nach dena a gaire, O'C. 2167 (< Eg. 88, fo. 5 (6)a ). la hinncreic a norbu do neoch nach dena a ngaire, ib. (in a passage entitled `do druthaib ┐ meraib ┐ dasachtaibh' the purport of which seems to be that the relatives of an idiot who do not undertake his maintenance (gaire) must buy in his land, the payment going to those relatives who do maintain him).

? inchride :

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Forms: n-incridiu, aincridiu

n ba i n-ómun ba i n-incridiu (in n-incride v.l.) | gudem Críst `whether in fear or in hurt let us pray to Christ,' Ériu i 195 § 10. ? Read aincridiu.


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n (cróes) entrails : asoilgg a béolu coa inairddriuch combo ecna a inchræs 'he opened his mouth, [so wide] that his inward parts were visible' TBC2 396 , Celtica x 143 . sreṅgais in n-ól don fidba chnáma comtar inécnaig a inchróes 'he drew his cheek back from his jawbone so that his internal organs were seen' Táin 2276 , Celtica x 143 .


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Forms: hian- cruth

n [o, m.] (crod) gear, equipment, furniture: inchruth noe gl. aplustre, Sg. 132b1 . amal tegdais foratochar (leg. foratabar ?, Ed.) deglí anechtair ┐ is fás a inchrud ammedón `its gear is wanting within,' Tur. 14. co cach inchruth a thige inna áttaib córaib, Críth Gabl. 173. cell co n-a hincrod `a church with its internal property,' Laws v 222.2 = hian- cruth, O'C. 1233 (< H 3. 18, p. 495 ).

inchuilg ? :

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ind gach scíath frithbuird druim ar druim | i.¤ scíath i.¤ ḟogfuind, IGT Decl. ex. 405.


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v i (< ind-com-di-saig-) asks, requests: inchuind- gid a hainm forsan indsi asks that the island might be named after her, BB 40a23 .


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Forms: inchuitbiud

n mockery, derision: ho inchuitbiud gl. inrisione, Ml. 44c8 . An artificial formation modelled on the Latin. Cf. cuitbiud.


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[n u, m.] (cumscugud) transposition, inter- changing: do dúaichnigud na focul tría dígbail ┐ tria tór- mach ┐ tria inchumscugud do dénam intib (i.e. by transposing the letters of words), LU 443 (ACC Comm.).


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x see in-fét.