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adj (inchomartha) o, ā outstanding, significant: co Carraic n-oirdeirc n-iondchomarthaigh n-Eogain, MR 104.6 . hioliomat na n-écht n-ionnchomhartach, FM v 1278.11 .


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n authority ? : cach comsa a coinnrech .i. inti bis in nincomus is coir a coinnrech ┐ coscc neich bís fo mám ┐ fo rechtge, O'C. 833 (< H 3. 18, p. 381b ). (Plummer, MS. notes, suggests: adj innincomus ` capable of controlling?').


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v ā `upholds' : indarpaid in génntligecht eolas ┐ incongbaid aneolas, PH 721.


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Forms: ionchosg

n o, m. vn. of in-coisig.


(a) act of signifying, indicating, denoting: do i.¤ nad tuicset filii israel rúna `to signify ...,' Wb. 15a29 . do i.¤ óencheillae `to signify a single conception,' Sg. 27b3 . do i.¤ uau apud latinos `to denote vau,' 7b20 . psalma do incosc morolusa, Hib. Min. 294. i[s] sail scribt[h]ar ig incosc na forbaide sin `it is `s' that is written to denote that accent,' Auraic. 1563. roscrib na briathra so ... do i.¤ ┐ do foillsigud in tasta spirdalta fil dona noemaib, RC xlvi 233.21 . fogabar crepido hic i.¤ crich no cenfotha `marking out,' Lib. Hymn. i 66 gl. 2 .

(b) indication, sign, signification; instruction: ionchosg .i. munadh no teagasg, O'Cl. not inchoisc `a note of signifi- cation,' Sg. 3b17 . inna n-anmman inchoisc ceníuil `of the nouns which signify family,' 28b4 . incosc do ealathun g[nath- acha] `instruction in the usual sciences' (viz. what is due from a fosterfather to the son of an aire), Laws ii 154.3 . fir as caindell incoisc hi suithghernsa set `a proof which is a candle of demonstration, on the path of good lordship (?),' BCrólige § 58. trí indchoisc ordain do duine .i. sodelb, sáire, sulbaire, Triads 254. ro fer fros cruaidh cloichnechta ... ina íncosc cruais ┐ duire in maic ro gen ann as an indica- tion of the hardness and sternness, IT ii2 96.7 (Alex.). iar na guin a n-i.¤ a choscair `zum Zeichen seines Sieges,' Alex. 791. meid ┐ inni ┐ i.¤ `quantity, quality and meaning,' Auraic. 673. dogní mo ghnuis i.¤ mo cheneoil my face shows my race, LB 279a45 . etargoire n-inchoisc hi persaind : unnse (.i. in fer), unnsi (.i. in ben) onnar (.i. i[n] nem) : etargoire in inchoisc persainni, me faden, tu faden, he faden, sinni fadesin inflection for the indication of person?, Auraic. 647 - 50 . is e int i.¤ co fester coich indsci `that is the denotation, that it might be known of what innsce it is,' 1905 . ionchosg ` instruction, doctrine ,' O'R.

(c) a wink, glance, sign: inchosc .i. in silliud no in fechain donither a focus, ut est cin sula do silliud ┐ inchosc .i. i foccus ┐ tairderc ... .i. in smétiud, O'Dav. 1141.

II As a grammatical term, the accusative case: in fer a i.¤ uathaid, inna firu a i.¤ ilair `its accusative sing. ... its accu- sative pl.,' Auraic. 1773. reim as ┐ ind malle, ut est, in fer .i. a ainmniugud ┐ a i.¤ ann malle `its nominative and its accusative are there together,' 799 .


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[n i, m.] (inchosc) a teacher, an instructor: a Iosa, a ionchosgdhaidh na bhfaidedh, Parrth. Anma 286.7 .

? inchráid

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adj (3 in- + crád): gnúse uli | inchráda do chredbad (MS. gnuse ul-. incrada docredb-) 'all faces withering in guilt (?)' Stud. Celt. xxiv/xxv 67.22 .

1 inchrechad

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Forms: inchrechad, increchad, inchrechaid

n o, m. [earlier u,m.] vn. of inchrechaid. n s. int inchrechad , Goid.² 101.40 . increchad, O'C. 589 (< H 3. 18, p. 290 ). g s. ind inchrechaid , Met. Dinds. iii 58.58 .

(a) a reproach, rebuke, criticism; the act of reproaching, finding fault: doroacht int inchrechadsin co Colum Cille `that reproof reached C. C.,' Goid.² 101.40 . is he so increchad na ndesmerecht-sa `the criticism of these examples,' RC xx 152.8 (ACC pref.). ro seich cucut m'inchrecad amal tenid, LL 187a2 . d'increchad na n-ainfhiren ┐ na n-écraib- dech, PH 70. mór riam egla ind inchrechaid the fear of reproach, Met. Dinds. iii 58.58 . iarrammaid oirbsi gan ar n-increachadh trid `we entreat of you not to reproach us therefor,' CS 2.8 . d'inchreachadh ┐ do grennughadh in droch-spiruit `to rebuke and provoke ...,' Fl. Earls 138.27 . occá mídhemhain ┐ occa increachadh do thaisccéladh for a airdhibh `to examine and criticise him,' FM v 1864.5 . ní do inchrechadh na duaine remhsgríobhtha `not by way of finding fault with ...,' Geneal. Tracts i 85.1 .

(b) Hence, an injustice, a fault: increchad sin, ar Mac Catan, inní do-bérad in ben da deoin da fir, díre do íc ria and ... no doná cena, is focul atá fuirre ┐ ni hincrechad, Stud. in E. Ir. Law 69 n. 2 , transltd. `ein Tadel,' 70.17 . increachad (sic leg.) ar mac ca[r]thaighe in leth dire do beth don mnai ina setuibhsi budein cuna tidnucal da fir da deoin, Laws ii 402.25 Comm. is e increchad na cedfada sa the fault in this opinion is this ..., O'C. 589 (< H 3. 18, p. 290 ).

2 inchrechad

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n [o, m.] (cf. 1 crech, Contrib.) prey, ravaging: ni scuirionn an tincreachadh `the prey departeth not,' Nahum iii 1. ? To this : gleaning ? : inchreachadh .i. dioghlaim no glanadh, O'Cl.


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Forms: inchrechad

v ā reproves, rebukes, criticises, finds fault with: intan ro increch hé `when she reproved him,' Fél. 150.40 . dicunt alii cuma trian coirpdire ... acht increchait-ailii innsin others criticise that, O'C. 595 (< H 3. 18, p. 293 ). acht chena increchthair sin `is objected to,' RC xx 150.21 (ACC Comm.). co nu-s-increch-som he for a emilte leis `rebuked him for his slowness,' PH 4132. increchais epscop Soichill inni Diarmait, BNnÉ 37.z . na hincrechadh nech mé gé ra innisius reamham écc E. `let no one criticise me,' TFrag. 226.16 . mar rugadh Criosd do latha[i]r Phiolaid ┐ mar do hinchrechadh a bheat[h]a ... his life was arraigned, Parrth. Anma 409.7 . Vn. inchrechad.


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n f. (creicc) buying in ? : fri hinnchreic a orba do neoch nach dena a gaire, O'C. 2167 (< Eg. 88, fo. 5 (6)a ). la hinncreic a norbu do neoch nach dena a ngaire, ib. (in a passage entitled `do druthaib ┐ meraib ┐ dasachtaibh' the purport of which seems to be that the relatives of an idiot who do not undertake his maintenance (gaire) must buy in his land, the payment going to those relatives who do maintain him).

? inchride :

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Forms: n-incridiu, aincridiu

n ba i n-ómun ba i n-incridiu (in n-incride v.l.) | gudem Críst `whether in fear or in hurt let us pray to Christ,' Ériu i 195 § 10. ? Read aincridiu.